Long term game funding


Concept art always look good on T-shirts and poster. :slight_smile:

But yeah we don’ really have much more than that.


i would rather have them as posters than t-shirts.


If they where T-shirts only parts of the picture should be used, for example a close up of the mining group, the adventure party or the portal.


actually the other way around, first map to appear was called Warchasers a0.0.1, that map was the ground base(after being patched) to the mod called DoTa, its true that SC1 had a map called Aoen of Strife but the its not connected to how the foundations of Warchasers were set.

I’m a Blizzard fan/gamer since I can remember(Lost Vikings) so I’m sure of what I’m talking about, still, LoL/Dota style games aren’t my type, tho I do enjoy the level of customization I stated on the post above.


this is what I was referring too, the reason why DoTa, and etc came to the topic.


Please keep to the topic given in the main post :slight_smile: It helps keeping the forum nice and tidy.


sorry bout that then.

(tho these forums are surprisingly “calm”, a good thing I must say.)


I have a daughter going on 16 and I have supported her game habit since around 7. The only thing she ever asks me for are companions and mounts. She spends a lot of time on initial avatar creation, but seems uninterested in outfits.


So paying for skins to weapon, tools, armor and mounts are a solution most people agree with? :slight_smile:


as long as its not p2w i dont care either way.


I believe most will agree with this. Anyway, Ben pretty much said it is not on the radar for now. I just would like as much confidence as possible that the game will meet the funding goals to have a proper chance in this competitive market. I am sure most share this opinion. We are part of team Oort!


I’ve thought a lot about this and we’ve also had many requests about private worlds (specifically from families who want to play in a safer and protected MMO environment).

From an older post:

We’re planning to offer 3 levels:

  1. Official Oort Online MMO: These worlds make up the MMO that everyone can play in.
  1. Private Oort Online Worlds: Player created private (and semi private) worlds. We will host these for you and run the vanilla Oort Online game logic. You craft and sculpt the world. You control access. Your world. Your rules.
  1. Independent Servers. Modders and server hosts can deploy their own instances of the Oort servers. You can mod these. Privately host them. (But they will obviously be disconnected from the main MMO.)

The Private Oort Online Worlds will come in 2 flavours:

  1. Worlds complying with the rules of the MMO: This means that the world was created respecting the standard distribution of resources throughout the world. They don’t break the economy of the game. They can be connected by portals to the main MMO. Think of them as a beacon that protects the entire world exclusively for you.

  2. Worlds beyond the rules of the MMO: This means that the world can be anything, allowing mountains made of diamond, and trees made of glass, etc. These worlds would break the economy of the game, and so can’t be connected to the main MMO.

We’ve asked the backers a few questions explicitly trying to understand how they want to play the game, answers include:

So to answer @Tahru’s original question:


[This isn’t final - because we still need to resolve the challenge of supporting both types of private worlds. Doable, just not done yet as we’re focused on the main MMO.]

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Awesome! Thanks james, that was much more thought out. :smile:


Also, and most importantly, the cost of running the MMO and hence the affordability of a flat fee for the game (supplemented by private hosting and additional in-game purchase) is carefully considered.

Remember when we explained why the Oort worlds are deliberately topologically flat beyond the standard generated region? This is explicitly because the servers are configured for running the MMO not generating worlds. Running an Oort world requires very different spec servers to generating worlds. We’re extremely targeted and lean on the server hosting explicitly to control and drive down a single value: the cost of a player per month.

This cost / player / month is the value we track and defines how affordable the MMO is to run in the long term.

Question Appeal - Community questions for the next devlog update - WIKI post

If you used real life money to pay for weapons, tools, armor or even out fits wouldn’t that make it more like a p2w

and also doing so would allow player so use cash to get something nice then sell it for millions which would damage the economy of Oort eventually and players could use that income to boost there character


*Vanity Tools, weapons, armor and pets then.

I thought that was pretty clear.


also most games make these items non tradeable, but seriously? outfits are p2w?


We do not intend to include any p2w purchases. We’ll share more details in the future - please make sure they’re all balanced / fair / non-p2w propositions. Help us keep the game honest.

Et tu, Brute?

He read my post as actual weapons and tools and not vanity items/skins


well yeah that would be p2w.