Long term game funding

One of the big problems some Buy to Play MMO games run into is that their only income is the sales of the game and as servers cost money to run and people need a salary to survive the income doesn’t always stretch enough to actually keep the game going.

So an obvious solution to this would be to sell something else, for example merchandise:

And of course in-game purchases, but as the community clearly have stated we don’t won’t shortcuts so what do you think would be OK for Wonderstruck to sell in the game?


Well not that i disagree with you, but this is hardly a discussion more like a fact, you could ask what other stuff people would be willing to buy, i have already stated that i would like merchandise.

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Vanity, in a way, special patterns/manuals on a shop that would cost a irl currency that would allow you to craft that armor/weapon with any type of material(the stats of the armor/weapon would depend of the material used) tho the skin would be of the one you bought with irl money.


Isn’t that basically the same?

ah. i would imagine the question at the end of the post, thats generally the case, my bad.

also my favorite cash shop model is like selzyr’s. i call it ‘‘Pay 2 Skin’’ (which i think is bloody genius) but it is basically what dota 2 and league does.


also i guess i’ll write up a thread on a companion system, it is going to be a late developement feature ofc, but also a nice way of getting vanity and event items into the game without being overpowered

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Fixed i am just gonna post the ideas from before here:

As @TheBirne said they could sell extra character slots:

Or they could sell cosmetic pets, items and armor.

true, but Dota 2 and LoL got a huge problem with me, its called, being a huge rip off Warchasers.

and no matter how much people could complain that “oh but that way people couldn’t check if player A is on Tier 1 or 2 since he’s using a skin!” well bind some patterns to a certain Tier level.

Pay 2 Skin would be a great model for Oort, and I can see my self spending some coin on the game if it goes down that road.

. _.’ just wanted to see how the races/character models progress is going tho.

We’ve talked about world/server rental: private world you control access to, $/pm


Cosmetic Pets (better: New ones next to those allready available ingame) or other cosmetic stuff like skins for armor, furniture or items are okay, but I would love if every new skin is available ingame for all people. The option for buying such skins can be added if the game had run for a long time and new entering players are getting rare (if the other options are not enough anymore (and yeah, that may take years :wink: ))

You do know that both are based of an old WC3 mod called dota right? namely dota allstars which emerged from a really crude unpolished version of the original dota which originated from an SC1 custom map called Aoen of strife.

I’d like the usual:

  • selling makeover scrolls that make you look a little more different than the rest of the players with default appearances.

  • gashapon system for rare skins/anything cosmetic.

and just because:

  • Fireworks! we can use them as an SOS signal, locate enemies, or just pretty lights.

What would people say to a cashshop if there is no pay 2 win? kinda like GW2.

selling stuff like Rename tokens, face change tokens, gender swap tokens, Recreate character tokens, (maybe race token but i think they would affect the chars more than usual)?

all of the stuff that says ‘‘well i kinda regret my decisions, and would like to change it.’’

and then skins, companions, whatever.

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Just because im a huge fan of DotA 2, I hope you understand there is no rip off factor for this game as you can play EVERYTHING without paying. Sure there are arguments about the most recent yearbeast event, but that was kinda stupid and not as pay2win as others made it seem.

speaking of that players would be able to connect to their private world the exact same as a public one and move between them unhindered through portals, right?

i think he meant ripoff as in gamedesign from a wc3 custom map called warchasers, and not in terms of money.

I saw that too. I think it is a great idea.

I was curious if the rented world space would be completely private instances, or if they would be bound to the Oort universe. There might be a lot of extra value if the rented worlds could be connected to the Oort universe via portals for the players with membership to both Oort and the rented worlds. However, it could be exploited if not planned carefully.

Edit: ignore this posts as there are too many exploits

looks at what @Ben edited

Oops :blush:

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If there’s anything I know about games it’s that cosmetics and other non gameplay influencing things can sell like wildfire. Dota, Tf2, CS:GO to name a few. especially if we have steam connection for the game, cosmetic things would sell very well. There should be a way of earning those things for free, just much harder. A community market might also be cool because that way you can get those items to circulate and give everyone a small slice of the profits.

As far as future merchandise goes, we need to wait for more features to come out, then we the players can play the game and slowly the community will recognize certain things as representative of Oort.

From there the devs will have something to sell because it’s iconic at that point.

Right now, in this current stage of development, most people only see it as a Minecraft clone.

We speak of the Titans like an unseen prophecy because they don’t exist yet, and portals/warps lead us to more minecraft worlds.

But when they finally come out with races that’ll be the first step in selling physical products, like a plush toy or a poster of something that exists.