🔶 What are the top 3 things you'd like to see in Boundless?


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What are the top three features, items, functions, changes, etc that you’d like to see in Boundless?

It can be changes to the forge system, new type of planet, a new skill, PVP, markets/currency, NPCs, QoL improvements, etc. Maybe a feature you liked from another game? Is there something you feel like the game is missing? What would make you recommend this game to your family/friends? If you’re a content creator, what would BL need for you to add it to your stream?

  1. More equipment, ie wearables.
  2. The incoming T7/8 + titans.
  3. More things to do with your claimed lands, ie farming.

Can’t wait… :smiley:


An actual rule set for the definition of griefing. And/or a person or couple to actually look into it.

CONTENT! Not QoL for new people, but content for people that are quiting the game daily.
(Titans, Farming, Dungeons/Dungeon planets, more blocks for economy)

The economy back to being something worth having a store for.
(STOP buffing plants and plant drops. Make some things hard to get. That creates a market for gatherers)


My top three things would currently be.

3 More types of glass.
2 Decorative wall hangings.
1 Switches, buttons, and leavers.

  1. make it easier to get coin, or more ways to get coin for the people that are constantly broke

  2. more colours. a better variety. perhaps a line of code that prevents new worlds from having duplicate colours of each item.

  3. something that i can farm to make other areas of the game easier or less stressful.
    for example in minecraft (sorry to compare but its the only other game that has captivated my attention for more than a month) i had an automatic farm for every resource that had to do with villager trading. including farming villagers themselves. I had everything I needed and was constantly doing upgrades and design tweaks and decorating. it kept me busy until I found boundless.


All related to allowing player to build content along with their buildings.

  1. Conditionals - answer a yes/no question and different things happen, step in a certain place and a door opens, push a lever are certain way and something happens, etc
  2. Screenshots and line drawings placed on in-game panels. Screenshots for art contests, guild memories, etc. Line drawings for treasure maps and ancient runes which need to be deciphered.
  3. Government organizations and wearables for roleplay, feudal with king, queen and court, outlaw rebels, ancient aliens, etc.

  1. Some sort of pipesystem for transferring items to/from storage and machines.

  2. Dungeons/titans.

  3. Katana.

  1. Trains / elevators, and other stuff that would make more interactive builds so that players could make more interesting content to each other.
  2. Search, better recipe management and some other updates to UI for example color map on character creator.
  3. Character creator update (visual) and customization, current system is OK but more customization would be more than welcome.

  1. More options for glass. Being able to chisel it, and maybe have decorative glass, or glass panels.
  2. A step farther than the Mass crafting for building blocks like decorative, refined and stones.
  3. Also, we need more players. And we need to keep the ones we have. So there should be a publicity campaign, or a sale for the game to invite people. Maybe a free trial on ps4. I don’t know. Maybe IA settlements meant to help newer players. As for the keeping the players, there should be a more steady incoming of new content. Maybe 1 new thing each week. Of keep doing special events…

  1. changed to how skill points work/how many per lvl/what is needed, etc. Not 100%sure on what specifically to suggest, but I’ve never been fond of it, and starting out that top level is unclear, and later seems not enough.
    That is probably a heavy discussion change.

  2. things to collect and work for besides “OMG all the colooors!!!” of leaves or wood. Or gleam. Plants are a close collectable, but I specifically mean something that can be shown off. Like pets. Hats. Cosmetic items that can either be crafted, or monster drops (maybe they ate the poor sod wearing your new dapper hat). Heck, maybe even unlockable races can be gotten through future dungeon/exploration instances this way?

  3. actual activities to keep players busy, like games, or interactive things. I enjoy building. But there’s literally dozens of microsteps that take hours or even days before I can do what I originally wanted. Adhd minds just give up and go play something more engaging.
    I’m this sense, maybe a NON-lethal version of PvP would be a good choice. Like wildstock bronco riding, roadrunner roping, laser tag, races, etc.

The ones that scream at me the most are the activities and collectables.

  1. Level 7/8 Planets
  2. Titans
  3. Darkmatter/Blink/Rift Gear


PvP, which isn’t going to happen in this game.


I want to see more more diverse things. I want the worlds to feel like there is a lot of unknown things to explore and find. When I dig down into the ground I would like to run in to different types of monsters that would not be found on the overworld and various Environments and underground biomes that are more complex then just simple caves. The element of surprise and mystery seems to be lacking in this game.


T7 and T8 worlds. which contain more unique things not found anywhere else. and I mean more then just a few extra ores.


I would like to see footfall become much much much less influential and there be other things, ACTIVE things, as the main way to generate coin into the game. footfall is an cancerous system in my book and is not healthy for the game if it remains as being the only way and the main way to generate coin.

I’m going to add a 4th item because it isn’t really anything the devs can do as its on the players to make it happen, so I don’t feel it fits for the above list.

I would like to see Role-playing events.

  1. Pants, clothes, armor, shields, wearable things you make in game.
  2. NPCs who provide active ways to make money, like give quests, ask us to make stuff for them, or buy stuff from us.
  3. Vehicles, or mounts to travel with.


1. System Rework & Rebalance

Right now i feel this game is not very easy for new players to play, and the gap between new players to experienced players is a little be too harsh ( Around the points when new players ready to craft their first power coils and forge) . However, once new players become experienced players, everything become extremely easy, i mean its way to easy to break the entire economic by causing a serious deflation of pricing. This issue make everything lose their value, grind and business hosting become somehow pointless at the moment.

The reason why end game play becomes that crazy easy is because of forge system. I already mentioned many times before about the forge system. Yes, this system is fun, but it make everything extremely hard to balance. If devs make the tools become extremely hard to forge, then entire system become worthless to invest the time to involve. But if it is way too easy, the current market is the best example. Also if they make the system way too complicated to learn and play, it will only increase the gap between new players and experienced players as well. (I think even without forge, the gap already huge enough. Gem / power coils…etc) .
Thats back to the gap between new players to experienced players. Technically there are 2 major gap. 1. First gem & power coils 2. Forge . Let’s forget about asking new players to buy it on market first. Without forge tools, it’s a little be too harsh for gem gathering, i think most experienced players will agree with that. In alpha, we have aoe effect on diamond hammer, so its the tools for new players to evolve to experienced players. They can use it to get their first income plus the healthy economic, the gap between new players and experienced players is not that huge during the alpha time. Why i think this is matter is because i know a lot of new players quit before they finish their first power coils, and most of them leave the game before they get their first gems. The next gap is the forge system, because the system is way too complicated, you need to prepare a lot of things before you can forge a use-able tool. (Max power, a lot of characters, knowledge of forging, a lot of materials… etc) Its really way too complicated. Boundless is a game, not a job in real life. Investing time to these kind of things will make a lot of new players want to quit. I know some players really enjoy about this, but i can say that most people will only feel its really grindy and complicated.

As result, my suggestion in this part is to make the game more for human, not too unique. When devs design the content, they need to think about what’s their majority of market, and what’s majority of people will be enjoy. Creative is always necessary, but on the other hand, it has to be the creative that majority of people can understand about it.

2. New contents

Player made Dungeon, Titan (world boss in other game), pets, armor those thing can be a good system for devs to continuous increase the new contents to the game. Those things i mention is more like a frame or system instead of items. Once you have those frame setup, it will be very easy to continuous adding new thing to those system. Please, don’t design a system that you can never add things to it. The best examples in current patch are forge system, skill tree system ( At least since the release, what we get so far is only modifying the recipe instead of adding new recipes)

3. COC and Punishment update

As I mention many times, i was one of the victims. I personally met 6 different torlls since the release day.
All of them have very creative ways to troll others. To be honest its extremely annoying and hopeless when we experienced these ■■■■. Boundless is the game require a lot of interaction between players to players ( I believe this what devs want the game looks like) . However, Boundless also a community build up with Internet. It means people don’t need to respond to their behavior. Without the harsh rules and punishment setup, its just a nightmare for every healthy players in the community. I think this is the thing devs need to think about it. So far, the coc is not strong enough to limited those trolls, but take out our ability to handle the issue by ourself. I know devs already spend a lot of time tried to solve the issue case by case, but its just too slow and not very efficient. I very appreciate how devs use their time to help us when we have trouble. However, as a customer and player who was active in the game, i value the result and gaming experience more than everything.

Basically my suggestion cover 3 part. First part is to create a stable community and the motive for new players to stay in the game. Second part is for devs to solve the end game content’s problems. Last part is for devs to create more peaceful and enjoyable community for players.

  1. Mass crafting 1-click option for 30 stacks.

  2. Row boats.

  3. Player controlled drones for getting good screenshots.

  1. Craftable wearables. Clothes, hats, masks, armor.
  2. H2H weapons.
  3. A way to repair coils without them having to be accessible. Repair one coil, repair them all, like spark generators.
  4. Something…somthing…portals. Something that makes them easier to maintain cost-wise. Maybe give noobs (not alts) one free portal for one month or a 75% discount on you accounts first or only portal. If you close it you still get a discount on you next. If you have multiple, the discount automaticly applies to your smallest one.

  1. Craftable armor (feet, legs, chest, back, arms, hands, head)
    2.mounts to tame breed and raise from egg to adult
    3.get rid of rng in forging add magic enchantments instead


For myself they would be in this order.

  1. Rentable planets however not rushed due to it seeming like that is what is priority.
    It’s not and they need to be deployed properly or the system will be bug ridden and possibly fail.

  2. More craftables like clothes or armor.
    Maybe some masks and some other static decorations.
    The event ones are nice but limited.

  3. Some sort of arbitration for disputes that isn’t always disrupting the devs and what they do.
    A community manager or two could go a really long way.


Scratch everything I said and replace it with consistently stable servers. Finata is just terrible right now. 17 players should not make a server unstable.

  1. Farming
  2. New planets ( new colours)
  3. Old gem tools back