🔶 What are the top 3 things you'd like to see in Boundless?


A server wipe and relaunch of the game without all the gameplay elements that encourage griefing.

  1. Kittens
  2. Clothing (especially protective clothing, maybe forgable trousers)
  3. Mechanisms

Mechanism that auto-close doors to keep the kittens in would be ideal.

  1. More interactive decorations so we can build puzzle rooms
  2. More content where I can interact with other players asynchronously
  3. Some aspect of character progression tied to time spent doing a task

  1. Stable servers
  2. Farming System
  3. Much more blocks to build.


1, 2, & 3… more friends. The community makes this game.


I and many others would quit the game!

Not only will I lose every single thing I ‘worked’ for in the past months it also means there’s a possibility they will do this again in a few months time. No thank you…


Even if u got refunded all your materials and skills and all that in some bank in the sanctum?

  1. Someone said above - having the old tools back. I’d love to have an option for this.

  2. Craftable armour, with durability so when it takes X amount of damage it breaks. These could be forgeable too, so we could add specific resistances. Imagine adding *fall damage, you could create a set of builders armour !

  3. Controllable weather and other effects.


That has to be some mighty big storage tho :wink:


I love many of the above ideas, but my numbers 1 to 3 would be:
new content, new content, new content

Farming, Special Worlds and T7+ works for me :slight_smile:

Also would really like craftable items that players can use to create more interactive builds which then allows our own content creation.

Also more block colours, more planets in general.

But also, I would like to have more craftable consumables that aren’t all that easy to make, so not everyone is willing to make them themselves is my point, so people can sell them and gives us more things to sell.

And yes, of course, more ways than one to get coin.

Ok, more than 3 I suppose. I find them all very important tho, but I do hope that new content is next on the list for once, even if it’s just one of them!

Oh yeah, before I forget: all the smiley codes working on signs!
Not so much for the smileys themselves, but more for:
:arrow_backward: :boundless::oort_a::oort_apost::back::heavy_check_mark:

just to give a selection that might be useful and fun! oh and add all the in-game item icons as smiley codes then too!


Myself included … too much time invested for another wipe, I don’t think I have it in me to start my build again.

Even then. The build I am currently working on had a 3-4 plot deep 11x11 hole dug into the ground before any real building began. Luckily a few stalwart guildies dug out the vast majority of it, but I don’t think we’d do so again. I haven’t gotten this build out of my system yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic…

  1. More craftable building content (decorative blocks, stickers, ladders etc.)
  2. More craftable wearable content (various clothing types - doesn’t have to be forgeable, but would be cool if it were).
  3. Some form of mechanisms or controls that add ingenuity to builds without lagging out the servers (auto door opener/closer, fans to push players in a certain direction etc.)

(I didn’t say farming or hunters as these are already in the pipeline anyway).


If you got to keep all your stuff then the only thing a wipe would do is get rid of your builds. :face_with_monocle:


Okay so, these kinds of posts have become a dime a dozen on the forums lately. Which is fine cause you guys have some pretty awesome ideas! Like seriously ingenious! But, myself personally, am getting tired of the “I want, I want” posts. For some dang reason, I still read most of them anyways just for ideas. Haha! That said, top 3 things? Not necessarily in any specific order.

  1. For the forums to chill out a bit. The last couple updates since guilds, has brought some pretty nasty bickering between players. Quite frankly, I’m sick of reading a really interesting post, then before I finish reading all of them, it turns to an argument that goes wayyyy off topic. Like, seriously?

2 & 3: Nothing else. I’m a very patient man and have zero problems waiting for updates/bug fixes. I know the devs are working their butts off for us day after day, after day, but yet, people still want everything yesterday. I have a lot of respect for them for doing everything in game and still finding time come on the forums to read these posts and respond.

Oh and before I forget, @majorvex, thank you for everything you do for the guild, mall, and us shop owners!!! Especially thankful for your hard work keeping the helix and buffs going! You truly are an amazing individual!

What can I/we help you with? (Maybe start a separate topic or PM me?)


My top 3:

  1. Better ways to earn coin through activity. We have the daily quest but it’s a paltry 100c per day.
  2. Search options for the crafting and knowledge windows. Or at least a ‘pinned’ tab to save frequently used recipes to
  3. Email notifications when your beacons or portals are running low


1 - eliminate the forge and go back to the early access version of the gem tools.

2 - stop the developers from over complicating the recipes or having items that can take days to mass craft. I already have a job and boundless is supposed to be fun not a job.

3 - more variety of colors on the planets. I do not think we need planets to spawn the same colors for the same exact type of rock or timber.


You know, when I found out that there were only 256 possible colours in the game for anything I was kinda bummed out. I get it, all the blocks info needs to be send back and forth to/from the servers so changing it from 1 byte to 2 will make the amount of data increase by a lot.

What I wish the devs would look into tho is if it is possible to perhaps use some bits of other data that aren’t used. I have no idea of how the internal data structures look, I also have no idea if they already do such things, but for instance, say that there’s something in there telling the server/game that it’s a rock (instead of wood, etc.), and that there’s a whole byte reserved to represent if it’s sedi, meta or igneus, then it means there’s quite a few bits of that byte right there that might be added to the colour number…

But, this would mean a big overhaul which I don’t see happening, tho, one can dream of many, many more colours!


Before I posted this, I thought: cringe…not another one of those posts, but I want the info…
I wanted to see what the top 3 things were for people. There were a few things that I was wondering if people would mention, if they could only say 3 things. I’m surprised that those things have been listed by several people. I wanted to know how important they were.


I think they might need more manual input into the planet generation or tweak the algorithm to look at what already exists on other planets. Do not let it select colors that are already there. I am disappointed that with 256 colors possible and 48 planets we should have 144 colors of rock and we have far less.


Yes, that too, of course, more variation, but there comes a time (at least I do hope so!) when we have all 256 rock colours and then no more new ones, ever. I wish that number was higher, is all!

  1. content. not played for a few weeks now as bored of moving blocks around and killing same mobs over and over and over and over etc again
  2. remove death penalty which was always dumb and the snow effect.
  3. remove some of the grind - game has turned in to a full time job now. Crafting ingredients are endless and require note taking!!! so you get all of the mats

Sorry but loved the game and played every day since release but nothing is moving forward. No mobs, no content [cannot consider the events content as it’s purely stuff we do anyway with a label on it] , ingredients get dafter and grind gets more real. I looked at some of the games I had sat there and not played and found they offered some fun and variety.