🔶 What are the top 3 things you'd like to see in Boundless?

  1. Farming would be my pick, however another group combat activity like Titans or dungeons would be, imho, the greater good to help give players focus when reaching the “end game” and to also liven the economy by providing an extra drain on goods.

  2. Ladders / climbable surfaces via chiseling

  3. Boats / potions / foods / equipables for faster water navigation and underwater breathing

  1. Two colored blocks, where for example bricks tiles take color from clay and grout from ash.
  2. Exploring surprice stuff.
  3. Please let me spawn where i die…

And looking forward to all other new stuff.

Else i am happy. :slight_smile:


Forgot about this. This shoulda been my #1 heh

  1. Rental planets where we can restrict who can beacon but players can still come explore and gather. No rush on this, when it is ready.

  2. A machine to mass type change rock and wood blocks. This would be big for builders.

  3. This game to really take off eventually. Thousands of players and hundreds of planets.

  4. Lots of new content, but everyone has already suggested most of it.

  1. Giant raid/ boss battle. (Ie. giant cuttletrunk that poops out mobs of different level small cuttletrunks. Found on t7 planet Cuttle).
  2. Armour that can be forged
  3. T7 planets

Other small things that I’ve mentioned before that would help the game.

Extra slot in portals for more oortshards
2 more slots in the centraforge
Make the centraforge animation shorter.

  1. Craftable and forgeable armor.
  2. More creatures and group events (raid,dungeons…)
  3. Centraforge rework - sorry to be negative but, I have gotten to where I despise forging. It is just too random.


For those that are/do leave. It would be a good idea to have some sort of storage for them and their stuff.
Their plots and buildings can expire and waste away but should they ever return, at the moment they will come back to nothing.
A storage option where items are kept for their return would be an advantage.
If someone leaves at the moment, what is there for them to come back to. Their initial thought will be ’ oh god I need to grind it all again ’ and likely not come back.
I’ve no idea about playerbase trends but it reads like quite a large amount of players have moved on. Any storage now of course will not benefit those , just thinking for the more near term leavers who will hopefully one day return.

As I am not playing too much myself, I am being a little selfish with my suggestion idea and should I not play for months , I know i will never return if I have to grind everything again.

  1. RPG-ish loot farming loop of some kind. Bonus points if it involves crafting somehow.
  2. A more interesting take on mining than strip mining (heavily bias most resource spawns to cave walls?)
  3. Procedural dungeons scattered around worlds (and of course, those floating dungeons we’re drooling over)


Some have started making alts and placing all their stuff into the alts inventory


Can’t believe I forgot this before:

  1. Pants


Some kind of vehicle, I’d love boats especially, but also rideable Wildstock would be cool.


This. +1000 oortians


I would like a lot of things, but in this moment:

  1. Farming/Fishing
  2. Ladders/Functional Decorations
  3. New Shop Stands for better display

(Bonus: Craftable armor, melee[swords, sabers, katanas], gem fists, gem melee and armor, T7+T8)

  1. A lot less grind. My wife and I both work 50+ hrs a week and cant stand working in “the game” Crafting times need to be lessened dramatically.

  2. Way more content in general. This is my third and final time on these forums I’ve said this. There simply is not enough to do. Card trading games, items for games in general, dungeons, actual loot (armor, jewelry etc), electricity or some other form of power for doors/lights/elevators, functional blocks (hoppers/sorters, pistons, whatever else you want), more decorations, more reasons to BUILD BUILDINGS, bosses, more mobs in general, different ways to get coin, different coin sinks, vehicles, boats, trains, planes, WHATEVER. There is so much content wise that can be done in a voxel MMO. There’s not enough to do and what little we have takes way too long to do. See point #1 as well.

  3. Rework the skill system to be more streamlined - meaning, make it clearer to everyone that if you want to be a miner, skills X, Y, Z and W are your best options. If you want to be a builder, you need the combo of A, B, C to be the most efficient. Hunter? Skills G, H, I and J are what you should strive for. I’m not talking limitations either. If you’re a builder, you should pick A, B, C but if you have enough points, it’s all good to choose H as well.

Those are my top three, but if you add all that up it’s really my top 20. :wink:


Farming has been announced :slight_smile:


I would like to see a way to use excess skill points, maybe use them to buy a core stat boost like i mentioned in another post 50 Sp for a 0.2% stat boost and or protection like armour and resistance


I would like more building blocks
Movable gear like moving parts
HOUSE DECOR furniture lamps tables chairs barstools chests ect…

  1. Extra skills and skill pages (actually I’d like to see a complete skills rework, which ties in with 2)

  2. Craftable, forge-able armour, different thing can be forged in, but the main thing I’d like to see is elemental protection being in our armour.

I’ll expand on this a little:

10 armour slots; head, chest (could be front or all round), back (or cape or backpack with extra inventory slots), kilt/trousers/pants, right and left arm, each leg, each foot.

Allusive extra defensive protection, but other traits can be forged on, which would be cumulative, eg I could forge 1 point of caustic protection into 5 prices, and would give me level 5 protection. Other things like speed or strength etc could be forged on, each giving a slightly different appearance, giving many combinations on trip and appearances.

  1. Trophy items. Every breakable/killable thing in game has a miniscule chance of dropping a trophy item, and each block type has a certain number of different trophy items depending on the abundance of the block. Once you collect a full set they can be crated together to make a little peaceable trophy, can be to just show off, or have a very tiny benefit to the citizen or plot its in.

  1. Pants (Tho functional & dyeable, I do grow weary of my diaper at times…)

  2. Gleam Swords (New combat style, whaa?)

  3. Hover Boards (Simple transportation technology in a fantasy universe that doesn’t require a scientific explanation!)

A decent pair of pants, custom color crystalline glow blades and a sweet hover board to help traverse the landscape and I’d be all set. Being able to do tricks on said board would be a welcome bonus. :yum:


Gleambow racing???