🔶 What are the top 3 things you'd like to see in Boundless?

  1. A tutorial town like Minecraft that anybody can travel to for free. This would also contain a practice area you can enter - an instanced “creative mode” that you can’t take anything out of or earn exp in but can try out anything you like, including a hunting area.
  2. Random chests that spawn and despawn every few hours, can spawn anywhere, maybe 20 on the surface and a few hundred below the surface at any one time. No way to see them except to actually spot them (or mine into the underground ones) and they contain significant coin rewards, maybe 10k, or special items.
  3. Clothing


FISHING would be cool


This pushes it past three, but there is one more thing I have to add- more types of furniture. My house looks a little empty, would like some more pieces of decorative furniture, like beds, dressers, wall pictures, and such.


My top 3 would be:

  1. Stickers for the walls :slight_smile: so cool !
  2. Titans/Dungeons
  3. Pets! (even if I could just catch a cuddletrunk and just have it stand there like a mesh block!)


simply put:

Clothes/armor to wear
Water to place
Level 6+ lush worlds



1.) better coin flow, if you don’t forge or hunt you don’t have money…
2.) a use that will make build material(rock, refined rock)more valued rather than something worth less than the effort to drop it.
3.) a tool that is relatively cheap and can be used for tier 1-4 gathering.(for lvl 20-35)


I would love to see more machines in boundless like a machine that could have a motor that uses water to power it like a water wheel or even a powered flying board like in the film treasure planet but instead of it being powered by a machine maybe it is powered by the daylight and could help traverse the planet’s but only at day.


I would like to see

  • Moving blocks (ie pistons, rotating) with Levers and pressure plates to trigger
  • Clothing/Armor
  • More variety of weaponry (swords, bows, guns)


Yes please. Can you please wrap it up for me. I’ll take it.

I really like the idea of craftable mechanic mounts that you need to fuel.
Could as well use different materials and be tiered from lame to awesome.
Could start as purely ground based, then water and ground, then hovering, then gliding … flying is op. :yum:


Dragon pets


It changes daily and probably more that 50! But 3 that I would say the most are;

  1. Fishing!!; this would cover marine life as well

  2. Larger inventory on character or via backpack or moveable cart

  3. More lighting options (solar lights, motion lights etc)


Yeap. But i doubt we having those.
I would like a turtle mount .
Wildstar (the game) had some cool mounts back in the days. They actually had hoverboards too.


I know! I didn’t get far into the game, lv 16 or something, but that was my favorite part by far!

(That’s me. Enjoying hoverboards more then playing the actual game. :joy:)

((My character also has ears and a tail * cough * cough * :wink:))


instanced fights like maybe 1-6 man raids.
a real story mode with dungeons every now and then plus you can make expansions with the stories
less holes on the planet surfaces. these planets are like swiss cheese…


+1 to larger inventory. after the gear food and brews i have like a row and a half for loot

  1. more content (dungeon’s, treasure hunting) just someting more to do then mindless building

2.smarter mob AI

has it stands right now metor hunting is stupid easy we dont even really need tank towers anymore just someting to hang form and all ground mobs become useless and cuttles dont pose any real threat. going to throw a crazy idea out there has a example of how to spice things up

do someting like up hopper block damage so they can destroy most blocks that hunt towers are made off cuttles could then toss the hoppers up to the hunters dmging them and takeing out the grapple line

  1. lore

right now i have no idea who im playing has why im doing what im doing or who the “elders”(i think that is what the dead race are called) are and what happened to them


PVP would be nice


I’d love some type of giveable chest or gift box so we can give gifts & mystery prizes etc for events.

Chests in general for decor.

Shop stands that have built in signs so you can just click on the stand to buy items.

Warp type blocks for decor that can be chiseled & placed as many as we want together.

Also a Rainbow gleam🤗

Glass in diff colors maybe by the color of sand used to create it. Also glass that could be chiseled & is seamless🤗

More plants & flowers for decor like see weed for water. Lily pads, tulips, flower bushes. Flowered trees, more types of cacti,
dragon flies & butterflies, & non aggressive bees that would spawn by plants.

Blocks of fire to create fire places etc.

Working machines that look like stoves & fridges for further base room building.
Working furniture that we can use mainly chairs & tables.

More furniture & clothes/outfits in general🤗

Just a few off top of my head lol. I see many more already added.

This game is amazing & cant wait to see what the future updates hold.
Thank you Devs & Wonderstruck &
Yabo to everyone :medal_military::hugs:


I would like to see:
Totem that you can forge enchant that allows you to place a block in the holder like revives, and/or items into atlas. The totem then can color change block clicked on to what is in the totem.

meteor tracking item.

near buy storage sorting controller system.


:+1: meteor tracking!! Good thinking