🔶 What are the top 3 things you'd like to see in Boundless?


Cookies, Hug Emote, Water Cubes


in this order
planet aquarius

  1. White rock (not the cold berry as close as it may be)
  2. Chiseled glass (as unlikely as it may be to ever happen it would be amazing)
  3. More smooth blocks like the refined metals


More suggestions:

Sea life - any water based creatures (prelude to fishing?)
Aquariums for the above - decoration and perhaps breeding for mats
Expanded food recipes - incorporating the above


CLEAR GLASS… I hate the lines.


Personalised character models - able, like every other similar game, to alter appearance so you feel a little more unique in the oort universe and not just one of the herd. Different races would be icing on the cake.

blocks - more variety in patterns, colours, finishes. I wanna build and I wanna have more choice in my building materials.

Coin - alternate ways to get more coin from different play styles and up the coin from existing ways.

  1. Wearables or paint that costs Cs not cubits. Im sick of wearing grey rags!!

  2. Different storage methods (Chests perhaps? that allow a large amount of storage but takes up few blocks. You probably wouldn’t be able to see what was in each though unlike the shelves and storage blocks. (never a problem in MC)

  3. Books! after reading someone else’s thread I really think that books and libraries, book shelves etc would be a fantastic addition. letting us share knowledge and experience and will add culture and depth to the community.

  1. Machines that send a signal, color or text when they are done and with what.

  2. Fishing

  3. Flying motors to build flying craft.


Flying motors to build flying craft.


I hope we never get pants. The first thing I do when I get home from work is take my pants off. Why would I want to wear pants in game?!



Well maybe if they ever add pants, they can make an “Auto unequip pants when inside home beacon” option in settings… just for you. :rofl:

Side note, adding pants in-game doesn’t mean you have to wear them if they’re purely cosmetic, after all.

I’d feel the same way if they added shirts, tho, so I understand.



I prefer it when everyone else is pantsless too.


And there it is, haha :100:


Without pants we would definitely hit an 18+ certificate… :neutral_face:


Then how would you know it was there? :thinking:


I’m glad you’re not from the UK !

  1. Mayors need to have more control of their towns. If someone puts the time and effort into turning their settlement into the Capital of their world, they shouldnt have to worry about other players being able to take away from that. If a mayor wants to ALLOW a person to build a shop inside the city that they built there should be a way for the mayor to have some sort of say in what goes on in those plots. Maybe the ability to “flag” or warn a beacon and after say a week if the issue isnt resolved a Moderator can review the beacon and complaint and either let the beacon stay as is, or give control of the beacon to the mayor. OR just skip the moderator step and remove the beacon/blocks if it goes unresolved for like 2+ weeks

  2. Ability to rotate 1 face of a block. Let us smack a block with a spanner or maybe a new tool and rotate the block face we hit 90 degrees same goes for a 2x1 portal.

  3. CLEAR GLASS!!! maybe add a slight tint, a shine or work closer to how sign modules do and keep the lines around the outside edge blocks but make it clear throughout the middle blocks!!


It could be in different colors, or perhaps they could blend together the way signs do? There is no reason to have zillions of lines everywhere.

  1. Cart systems to be able to see entire massive settlements with a nice ride.

  2. Being able to place water and lava.

  3. Pipping systems for massive storage organization and automation to crafting.

  1. Make it easier for newer players to join in on the community.
    (TL:DR- One free on same planet portal for all players, lower the exp need for levels under 50, Blueprints to move builds)
    (Maybe give them one free portal to somewhere on their planet) because if you want to build somewhere but don’t want to just join a random settlement before you even know what it means to do it, it’s going to be a bad time. Also, decreasing the exp need for the early levels could help tremendously, that will help with the grind too because you can kit out different characters so much quicker. Maybe remove the death penalty too except for higher tier planets. Alternatively, allowing people to move everything they’ve build up would be good too. I’m almost too afraid to build something even though I want to simply because I might want to move closer to an actual city since I’m starting to understand the game better.

  2. Have more ways of making money besides just footfall.
    People don’t like footfall, but it’s fine as long as we have other viable ways of getting money too. Maybe a trader from the ancients shows up in the sanctum or something and has some quests. Or even just have it to be like “collect 50 mud” as the daily quest in order to get 500 bonus coins or something.

  3. More Content- Specifically Lore (maybe some ancient dungeons to explore on some higher tier planets), Armor/Environmental Suit so that you don’t have to make a character waste points if you wanted to set up home on a “harsher” planet, outfits or jewelry. Could even put them in the centraforge and maybe give them the environmental effects.