What are your plans for themed cities on sovereign and/or creative?

Also list if your city is open for people to join, if you’re selectively recruiting, or if it has a closed builder list

@stretchious I’ve been wondering too haha

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I’m currently planning to make a survival build for my main world based on the Magic The Gathering plane of Ravnica.

Build inspiration pics below:


If people wanna join I mean feel free, but I’ve tried recruiting folks several times in the past with no luck so I’m doubting this would be any different :rofl:.

What I am doing is creating a kind of alliance with some other folks who are looking to be somewhat more exclusive/shut out from the rest of the public universe. So if anyone is looking to get one or more sovereigns and wants a chill group of people to be in an alliance with while avoiding the drama from the main worlds, feel free to send me a message. Already have a couple :smiley: .


Creative or surv

Added, thanks. Just like I forget PS4 exists I forget Creative exists. In my mind the game is only survival for only PC :rofl: :rofl:. I kid, I kid…kind of :sweat_smile:


I’m thinking for my 1st priority for rental - T6 Toxic Sovereign - maybe doing an underground city, since it will be a mining planet. Maybe even continue with the Fallout vault theme krollbar and I had started on Gyosha. But not certain… even if above ground though, which the first might be, I figure I’ll allow people to ask to plot, and just set some guidelines on where to plot, maybe just a region or two, and number of plots. However, doubting anybody except maybe one friend will be wanting to build with me there, lol.

If I can comfortably afford two, second I’m thinking may be a creative where I open it up to any who want to play with one, set a plot limit of (currently thinking) no more than 100 plots in length or width, maybe 150. No theme, just whatever. Just let it fill up with cool builds. Can always remove anybody who breaks the rules. I guess if I have just one portal in, I could put the rules on a big sign right in front of it. Unlike the Sovereign world I’ll have, I think there will be demand for some space on a creative world, so easier to not require people to ask, hopefully wouldn’t become a huge problem, hate to have to repo anybody’s place. :wink:


I really hope blueprints comes soon so even if repo’d people can just pop their build up elsewhere.

Themes I want to see:

Future city
Cave city
Tree city / hobbit burrows
Dwarven city
Japanese/Chinese/asian city
Video game land


IF I get a sovereign planet, I’ll aim to make it an RPG world map. ruins, temples, city… lot of terraforming and places connected with roads (the good kind of roads :smiley: ) , and cave passages. Lore-wise divided into 2 main factions: nature magic and steampunk tech. I’ll make some convenient mining / farming locations and a hunting shrines network for others to use, but only the precious me will be allowed to plot there.


Creative, initially open for visitors only but I’d be open to inviting folks to plot by request.

I want the planet to tell a story over time, so the first build will be a kind of industrial center that goes from the surface down to the planet’s core. Roughly a 15x15x15 cube. This will be the “core” from which all of the other projects spring.

After that, some surface monuments. A few very large statues (faces about 2x2 plots) and a surrounding temple complex.

If I can get some cliffs/canyons like the ones that occur on Alnitans, I’d like to build a city into the cliff faces, along with the accompanying decorative… stuff, whatever that’ll be.

The planet is going to be built on a couple of levels overall, so there will be an underground section as well as an above-ground one, and they’ll meet in a few places here and there. Looking to create some “faux nature” in some of the caverns to mimic above-ground vegetation and water flow.

… AND, at some point, I’d like to make a monstrosity similar to the fabled Kowloon Walled City. Cleaner, prettier, but claustrophobic and chaotic.


Can I change my answer? My new answer is cry. Like ugly cry. Because if I’m on a sovereign it means sovereigns are finally out.


If I ever get one and can choose the biomes.

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Would only allow friends to build on it


Yes hopefully they will allow biome selection so you can have a desert planet with a few rivers.


my plan is to have no world :smiley:

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This is going to be a loong thread plastered with my city plans.



I’m gonna be making a combination of the above on Planet Brown :blush::blush:

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