What Da Bleep Do We Know About Farming?




That is awesome news


hmm might end up decorating with the non-prestige plants so I do not have to worry about them dying and then having to replant them every so often. Sounds like this could become a second job if you have too many of them.


You said “remain ready to harvest forever”. And if you harvest them? Will that kill it or will they regenerate and be harvestable again and again?


I bet we have to regrow them once they are harvested. Till the soil, find a seed, plant a seed, water and wait for them to grow again. But would be interested to see if you get a response. I wonder where the initial seeds come from.


I’m guessing we will need to extract the seeds from various plants, grass seeds, and drops that we already have and others will come from exoplanets.


Hmm I would be concerned about exo planets being a source as they can really limit someplayers ability to gather them, but I would agree with the other portion of your comment. I am hoping once you do plant something, when you harvest is, you get one or more seeds that you can plant again. Maybe you can harvest for a seed or harvest for the end product? Or you get both seeds and end product?


I was wondering how a hanging crop would work if the crops required direct overhead light. Since they have a support over them the only way to have done it would require them to hang from glass. With this I am hoping they can hang from anything as long as they have a way for sunlight to hit them from the side.


Possibly requires poles or beams(?) as they don’t take up a full block and should still allow sunlight through. Or maybe a half chiseled block will do. Really looking forward to getting my hands on all of this - it’s going to change the game completely!


Or maybe artificial light, like lanterns.

I think everyone who minted their growth may regret doing it though.

Seeds will probably drop from existing plants, new wild plants, or maybe from grass. Maybe they’ll have a chance to be found when you dig certain things (tangle, growth, thorns, corruption, or growth?)


I’m just guessing but when they do the update on it I would think that the plants would just show up. When we gather them we would get the fruit and one or two seeds randomly. Same as when we harvest berries from trees, we don’t get a berry from every bunch of leaves (or foliage) and so not every fruit or whatever it will be called with have seeds.

The vining ones would probably need the poles to climb on, like regular climbing vines that are put on trellis for climbing flowers or veggies such as pole beans. One of my favorite green beans, Tenn Green pods, yummmm.

Just as a lot of video games have you plant and grow crops, each plants will provide along with the food item one to two seeds. If we have the berry vine and it give us five fruit on each vine, one could be a seed.

What I want to know is can we collect a plant from a level 5 planet and grow it on a level 2 planet or do we have to create a farm on that planet? That will be a pain. For making dyes, I am thinking (lousy memory) that we will have to grow it there to be used as a dye, are all plants able to be used as a dye, and could we bring soil from that planet, or does it have to have that atmosphere, not just that soil?


It might be a combination of environment, atmosphere, and the like. There will probably new “Tints” too so you can apply it to the plants.

Does this mean new foods and maybe new forging ingredients too?


Hopefully we can collect the plants/seeds :sunflower::wilted_flower: from wherever they appear & bring them back to our base to farm/grow them (like you can in MC, Creativerse, RS, Terraria, etc).

It seems like the combustion fuel one is different though. Perhaps we’ll get the fraction core from a new creature or dungeon? Maybe it comes from T8 planets? Also…combustion+fuel=needed for a vehicle? :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Jet packs have been hinted/joked about after all!


From what I understood you could move things around across planets but would have to do certain things. But, that might have changed some. I do know that atmosphere and sunlight types can matter especially in relation to colors… but then again I haven’t had a full update on final design so I would put a 50/50 on that answer.

Overall, though, I would expect that if it was advanced stuff you aren’t going to get away with moving down the chain to a lower planet to take advantage of things. I would expect that things like that are not in the design.


Very true. I’ve played games where certain crops could only be placed in certain biomes :+1: I think it’s good to have some items/abilities that are harder to do/obtain. It helps spread the fun factor to all players, not just new ones or just to the vets.

Hmmm. This might entice more people to trade with one another. Player A has a farm/base on a T6 & buys/trades/sells to player B on a T1 planet and vise versa.


Establish trade routes and partners!! Fun!!!


Maybe the titans will pay special attention and like to raid these farms so we have to protect them!! … uggh I’m getting lost in dream land again!!! :scream:


I think what might make the combustion fuel different is that it will need access to lava versus water. If we can place lava sources then it might not matter what planet they are on. However, it might be easier to plant them on a planet with lava already on it. If the cores are coming out with farming, then I doubt they will come from a new creature or dungeon as the next creature (Hunter) seems to be a little ways off yet and hopefully we are getting farming soon. I would hope they are not restricted to higher level exo planets as that again does put lower level players at a disadvantage.


True, but I was curious because the initial item/seed/drop shown was a core instead of a seed or a plant like the others were :woman_shrugging:


…and the end product is called a combustion particle instead of a grown plant.

(don’t smoosh my hopes lol)