What Da Bleep Do We Know About Farming?


I do understand and they did call it a core and the only thing to this point that has a core is a hopper. So it makes sense that it could be an animal drop but maybe from an existing animal. Hopefully after you get one, you can get more from growing the plant.

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The end product being called a particle could mean we will harvest the plant and have to process it further like Oort to Oort Shards. who knows. . well the developers do know and should maybe just tell us. pretty please?


Yes. Devs, please with ice cream on top, give us a clue or hint as to what the combustion fuel stuff is for?


If I recall correctly according to the last time we saw the roadmap hunter was before farming.


Based on the last few roadmaps you seem to be right. It looks like the hunter was going to be earlier. I wonder if they have run into issues with it? Maybe I am just thinking the testing being down is related to testing all that is going on with farming. I hope we are not getting our hopes up for nothing.


works with natural water and portable water

plants grow in size

hanging plants also grow in size so i would suggest hanging garden to have at least 3block depth

lava is also needed for irrigation off some plants

same with water

best farming estate is on maryx

we gonna have a watering tool
we gonna have a farming tool

maybe we have choice between harvesting full grown plant and sacrificing for seeds
wrote this for OP read other comments later lol


Just like with art work, some times in gets in earlier or later. Sometimes projects get moved around, restructured.

Who knows, maybe hunter comes in with the farming update as a result of the combustion fuel/plants.


I hope not. That would be terrible. The less I have to leave my build the better.

I also hope it’s self sustaining. I don’t want to be constantly going out to collect new seeds.


It seems some will be decorative and some will be utilitarian. I’ll assume at least one of them requires a certain biome/tier/atmosphere :woman_shrugging:


I like how you just casually slipped that in there. XD


Hopefully they give us a way to simulate biomes. Forcing us to garden on high tier worlds would be insert bad word.


I’d bet money some crops require different atmospheres. They try to diversify where people build, to utilize all biomes. They’ve said that the atmosphere of a planet determines which types of dyes you can make from the plants you grow.

It also makes no sense to make 100% of farming only available to low level users. Even Minecraft has some end-game farming stuff.


You are sapping my enthusiasm, lol.

Part of the reason I’ve been looking forward to this is that it’s something I could do while largely not having to deal with mobs and atmosphere (after initial gathering.)


Just put a few points in atmosphere resistance, and get the stealth skills and you won’t have to worry. Then build a big enclosure so mobs don’t spawn in them.


They would never lock all of the farming behind having to be on certain planets. I would expect that we see a variety of requirements to grown items from simple things like just needing water to advanced things like certain atmosphere…


Taking starberries for example, it might be that the 3 types can only be farmed on the respective “tier” that there found on.

So planting starberries on tier 1-3 planets would yield normal starberrys, tier 4-5 would yield glossy, and tier 6 would yield Juicy.

Or maybe they can be planted on all tiers, but grow faster within these brackets (which would be best imo).

I do hope that, on the flipside, there is some incentive to farming on tier 5/6 given its innate dangers.


hey we gonna need extend our farming project xaldafax :grin:


Makes it a challenge, not every little aspect of the game should be doable as a lower level player…


As far as I understood those initial remarks only the dye farming requires other atmospheres but that also mentioned that one needs perseverance to unlock all possible block colours, ie. it’s not something a casual player will get to do. All other 3 aspects of farming seemed to me to be doable on lower tier planets…


I think that certain plants will require certain things being near to grow best. That might be water, lava, gravel, sand, soil, iron, copper, rock, etc. Maybe the fuel needs lava and to be planted on iron to grow fastest. Maybe the starberries need water foliage and wood (since they hinted they grow from trees). For everything except dyes, I would think the planets would not matter much. Of course it is easier to find lava on the higher tier planets so they might make it easier to be near lava, but if we can create water and lava sources then there are alternatives. I would not think the biomes or atmospheres would matter much as these can vary even between worlds that are the same tier.

I do think the organic farming (things like starberries) will be easiest, Inorganic will be next as it may require lava and that does introduce a certain risk. The prestige farming might actually be the most time intensive as they may require constant maintenance to keep them from dying and replacement on a certain cycle as they die. If you are going for looks versus prestige might be easier to use the non-prestige plants as they can stay in the full grown state indefinitely as long as they are not harvested (but this is another topic). I see the dying as the most complex and depending on how the dye seeds are collected and what it might take to create dyes, this might be where more skills are needed.


I’ve seen this mentioned a few times. I’m not sure why. Why on earth would anyone regret minting it? If you farm for shimmers, growth is one of the most annoying trash items in the world. It fills your space up like foliage does when berry farming or rocks when gem mining.

Literally no difference at all. I’ve sold 10s of thousands of growth to the chrysominter. If growth does become a thing for farming, then we will have an actual market besides the chrysominter and that’s not a thing to regret at all imo. I don’t ever seeing growth becoming some wildly valuable block to sale. That could change of course but given its ease to farm and the fact you get it while farming shimmers I predict we will always have a healthy inventory of growth if it is ever incorporated in to a recipe/function.

Hell I sold 20k growth last night. That was 10k coins for an item I used to just throw out of my inventory because it was taking precious shimmer space.