What Da Bleep Do We Know About Farming?


The wait is killing me.

There are hints here and there, even some dev art shared.

But the actual functionality - how it grows, cycles of growing and reaping, enviromental needs etc. - are things that make me curious the most.

Any of the dev-talking players know something and can share? Would be great!!
Can any of the devs share some more info? Would be even better!!

I hope myself that there is some variation of what can be grown on different worlds (example: the way certain type of starberries only appear on higher tier worlds, could also apply to starberry based farming -> maybe fertility (output) could be lower on worlds different to their natural habitat).

I certainly would find it interesting if each type of atmosphere was required for different plants to grow. (If, for example, the combustion thingy could only be farmed in volatile atmosphere).

Any thoughts? Or actual facts?


I’d love more info too! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Farming: A new farming system is coming to Boundless with 4 cultivating domains:

  1. Organic farming - everything you’d expect - irrigated with placeable water.
  2. In-organic farming - grow yourself a nice bit of Kindling Mass and Combustion Fraction - irrigated with placeable lava.
  3. Garden Flower farming - to bring some much needed life, colour and prestige to your home.
  4. Dripstone farming - cultivate your own dyes by farming throughout the known worlds. Each world atmosphere will mutate your crop’s tint and with skill and perseverance you’ll open up the full spectrum of building materials.

Oh, and did we say that placeable water and lava will be used for irrigation - or whatever else you can find a use for.


Ah darnit they’re gonna die.


Thanks Major!! I was too lazy to put all the links in one post here haha.


There is also this…


Dont want to spoil anything else, but will say that “direct sunlight” is no longer the rule, and the servers will have full sunlight results available to it now for farming.

Crops that require sunlight will suffer if there is not enough light by growing more slowly, and stop growing at all in full darkness.

Also, some crops may accept, or even require a different kind of light source than sunlight too…ooo

Boundless roadmap



WOW Nice! :joy:


Sooo stoked to hear this. However this totally changes how I’m gonna plan out some farmlands.


I wonder if the “different kind of light source” has something to do with the combustion fuel since it does have a similar color to UV light … :thinking:


Probably the weed plant requiring some purple gleam xD ? Spoil it spoil it no worries. This is the only place in the world where spoilers are welcome :joy:


PLEASE DO NOT LET CROPS DIE!!! That is something other games have and I hated it…


Hey remember when I asked if we could have artificial light sources? Im super pumped now.


I would like to know how the irrigation would be set up. How do we get the water to the plants if you don’t live near water. For me with my base on water it won’t be a problem. For those on a mountain, in the desert, plains were they are not close to water how do they get it there? Will the rain give the plants the water they need also?

How often do we need to water them, how long does it take the seeds to grow?
How many seeds for each plant will be needed?
Soil, if we can’t go to some planets can we bring the soil to our base and put that down and then put the seeds in and they will grow?
Or can they only be grown on that planet, need that atmosphere?
How long will it take them to grow from seed to maturity?

I’m sure others have their own questions, some that I don’t have and would love to get more info. And we all would love to have a idea if there is a guesstimate of when they could share some info.


place-able water and lava comes with the update


thats exactly what I meant saying I’m curious about functional side of things.

I can’t really plan ahead (choice of farm size, soil type, world type etc.) if I don’t know at least some of the details.
That’s why I am not building, plotting anything before I know more.

We won’t know much before it comes to testing, I guess. Unless we get more hints.


From what I understood you had to keep them up but I don’t know if that changed.


the only crops that can “die” are the prestige crops, normal crops (organic or inorganic) will never die.

HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?
HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?
HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?

you mean deco ones? the vine and such? so they need to be constantly watered and have the light source?

and does it mean normal crops will stay in the full grown state forever and can be gathered at any time (such a help to avoid “second job” trauma when one needs to remember to log in in a narrow time window or lose all crops)


the “ornamental oortweed”, “imperial harlequin” and “ancestor’s blade”, as per the art shown they have a “withered” final state, rather than a “fully grown ready to harvest” final state.

yes, the others will just remain “fully grown ready to harvest” forever.

HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?
HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?