What Da Bleep Do We Know About Farming?


I was just thinking if it took an extreme excess amount of growth for what may be needed, maybe to even make the seeds. If that’s the case, everyone would be running the potential of losing out on a lot of money if they could have sold this new product or minted it for something worth even more.

If you’re happy with your decision (and with the quantity you’re dealing with, it’s probably not an issue), then even more power to you!


No you’re right. I can’t remember who the convo was with, I think @Mayumichi, the way you gather shimmers definitely impacts if you place value in growth.

You’re right, my playstyle, growth could go up to a market value of 500c per and I’d still be fine minting it all because of the rate in which I churn through it. For others who seldom touch growth, it’d be a problem.


… Is it strange that I know it was with them and remember reading through that conversation too…

I spend WAY too much time on these forums. :sweat_smile:

Though, it’s also possible the color of blocks will be important for dyeing too, so we may need growth from different places.


Does this mean we can use glass for enclosing our gardens.


I remember to harness all colors of the, we have to grow in the different atmospheres.


it’s been like 2 days so it would be worse if you didn’t :slight_smile:


Trade routes would be a great idea considering. The atmospheres or planet types to harness dyes, right now there are 17 planet types not including exoplanets. So if I plot 20 plots in each atmospheres that is 340 plots. But what about biomes, if certain things need to grow in certain areas of the planet then the calculations are crazy. So yes trade routes within each planet, a farmer union hub maybe.


Oortfucius say…one cannot know farming until one knows oneself.

Now eat the cookie.


I enjoy the conversations on this forum. For the most part as long as people don’t try to parse the words to figure out if it’s a mean post, I usually learn a lot from others perspectives and it sometimes shapes my efficiency for the better.


So combustion fuel source to give us an alternative to spark generator. Honestly I probably won’t be on much even after farming comes out I’m waiting for a large amount of content to establish itself but in the mean time I’m on the forums all the time.