What did you do in Boundless today?

Im with you…I could never get myself to sell the rare stuff…Greatfull for all the fellow player’s who are kind enough to help out!! It’s always appreciated so much!!
I plan to keep the Kakarot Network open and to Expand…
I Also plan to update all the regeneration Farms.

If Any has any suggestions…for the hub or the regeneration farms please let me know id like to help out anyway I can, To make it a better experience for everyone!!!

Im still learning some…Just Bare with me everyone. Ill be as Boundless as i can be!


I go on hunts for the thrill of the chase and the kill. I could care less about the drops. So I have no issue selling or giving away oort. I keep enough to maintain my portals for a couple of months and sell the rest.


Sold the primo meat. lol.

Interacted with the Oortians I saw along the way.


I removed an entire mountain today and expanded my area to accommodate 2 more shops and a hub.

I also sorted through about 5 mil gleam and now I’m starting to sort through my rock. The pain of reclaiming everything continues.


Slowly coming along, I may have to remove one more mountain …we shall see.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Had a couple beverages at the Aqua Lounge last night.


Making molehills out of mountains


Took in the view of the Dragon Circ hub from the top of the Dare devil feat tower. =)


Hi SWProzee1 could me and woofy speak to u in private please? :slight_smile:

I filled a lot of baskets at various places and made 1 million coin.


Finally sorting out my kindling farm, was all set to seed as i was not using the shreds, but putting it all to 100% seed 35% crop, not sure the 5% seeds was worth it considering some of the exo’s…


Hey all. Can anyone help me out?..looking to buy a few helix coils. :smiley:

I am finally getting around to tending to my front lawn. I spent some time doing that.

A few months ago I got rid of the skull sculpture that looked like Mr. Potato Head. Replacing it with a fountain. :rofl:

That is a tomorrow project. Hopefully.


Bought some forged slingbows in anticipation of the Gizmo Hunt tomorrow at 5 pm CST. Sold some stuff to various request basket.

Found a place that’s buying Ancient Tech Remnant for 9c each. It’s NE of the DragonsLair Hub at 495N, 960 E, Alt 65. They have about 10 requests baskets.

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ran around looking for forged shovels. Didn’t find what I was looking for, so visited Hypnos and admired some carriages


@SeleneRati on Zoidberg still has several forged shovels :wink:

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I suspect no one is still forging T1 stuff (Lep & Soju were the best for those) so was planning on looking for higher tier today, will go check their shop out :slight_smile:

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Spent a lot of time sorting, bombing, and replotting. Now I got more space for activities… underground. :smiley: I love my bombs.


So yesterday I decided to work on my under the bounce house project, worked on mining and bombing it for 10 ish hours… and while I was bombing some little stuff. I miss judged the flat rock to be a slanted rock and throw that bomb saw it bounce then tried to grapple the bomb in reaction of it was about to hit my wall… :boom:
It was to late… BIG hole size of Texas and there weren’t my white patterned concrete. So after I did that. I did what any good boundless citizen would do… I had words with my bombs, and the wall, and myself, and went to bed :joy:

On the plus side. Almost half way done clearing out the underneath the bounce house. :face_holding_back_tears: