What do you wish you knew/had when you started?

What are some things you wish you knew when you first started playing Boundless? If you were to have your home in a community centered on educating and helping new players what would you like to see? What are some tool knowledge and or crafting knowledge that you would have loved to realize sooner?

This is for the creation of NewOrtian - A Paradise for new Boundless players!
Any suggestions are appreciated!


A guide on where to find every plant. I remember having missions that needed me to find high tier mushrooms but I had no idea where to find them.

Also the newbie market thing I’m trying to create, we may be able to cooperate on that one?


where is the market located?
I would be happy to cooperate!

I have not built it yet. I was looking for a design and I finally got it lol. I’ll start building it in the next few days if it’s ok I can use an spot near the player centre or we can hook it up with a portal once it’s finished :smiley:

  • You can use crafting tables as storage. Good to bridge the time before you have a more easy access to glue.
  • You don’t need locks to protect storage and machines in your beacon, everything is protected by default.
  • Alloy Tools are not worth it. Stick to Iron and go straight to gems later.
  • 4-5 Points in Vitality early on can save you a lot of tears and trivialize the starting mobs.
  • Create a dedicated alt just for crafting.
  • Compact all your fuel before using it.
  • Masscraft saves up to 30% mats.
  • Masscraft all your rocks for free xp on the side.
  • Use all the exploits as long as they are available.

A Grapple Lol I didn’t start using a Grapple til 6 months after release lol


I hate to say it, but me too. Just like how I missed Bomb Mining…

How to warp home. <— I had to teach several players that…

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At least tell them AoE exists, even if you’re not giving them tools
Teach them to put a point in caustic and access TNT too
Agility increases run speed

I disagree about gem tools, titanium are quite good. Gold and silver hammers are a waste of gold and silver though.

Don’t tell them about bomb mining they’ll just be sad


How to make coin. I struggled for a while trying to figure out how to afford portals to get to other planets. I didn’t hear about hubs for a month or two. I would find someone else’s portal and sneak in, thinking I was not supposed to.



I would love for your shop to be in our town!


I once fell in one of those dumb deep holes and I was stuck there. Some one came and helped me dig a stair up.

Also I used to kill myself every time to go home.

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+1 for warp home. I still have map marks for portal hubs on T6. Warped there to return home until discovered legalized cheat with sanctuary :slight_smile:
And another legalized cheat - sanctuary “climb” by logging off in 2 boxes height space. Helps to get out of caves or to climb sheer mountains.


My first day I spent 2 hours figuring out how to dig myself out of a hole. “digging up” was a new idea to me and I never played a voxel/building game before.

I felt like such an idiot when I remembered I could have used the sanctum to get out :rofl:


Also teach newbies if they get stuck between a portal and a wall due to lag, to go back to sanctum and bump the warp. I’ve had to help people before with that.

The person was shouting “help” over chat


I Normally Ran in Circles between portals till it lagged me out lol


Only a couple of things from me.

  • Use the knowledge tab / search (though I don’t think search was not there when I started) as it has a lot of the answers for where to find things and what items are used in the creation of other items… and what machines are used to make them.

  • Don’t “hold to learn” the tips for no air, world regeneration (placing items outside of a beacon) and negative status effect. Having the actual pop-up for those (and a few others) is very handy and makes sure you don’t miss the other indications. If you already “learned” them and want to have the popups again, the No Air tip can be found in the General section of the knowledge tips tab, the World Regen can be found in the Worlds section of tips and the Negative Status Effects is in the Status Effects section. Just select “show tip on HUD” to have the popup again.





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Most things worked well for me when I started except 2 things that I would have loved to know back then:

  • The Resources tab!
  • That Atlas exists

It took me several hours to find silver and gold. First searched wrong planets and when I got info of right planet of course looked at the wrong location which turned out as a blank spot.


I remember spending hours and hours and hours searching for gold in order to make a warp augment, way back in the day. I didn’t know about the elevation/terrain rules for metal/gem spawns, which would have been super helpful.