What game mechanics would you like to see in boundless


Simply put what game mechanic would you like to see in the game. If you see someone posted something you want in the game give it a :heart:


Auto sort for all grouped stacked items maybe I dnt want my cake touching my :cut_of_meat:. Or stone that is so close to the same color but they are not so when you dnt realize you ran out of one color and it switched to the other color now you have to break a thousand blocks because it’s the wrong color. And yes before you ask I’m too lazy to sort it by hand before I start building.


instances. maybe a door at the center of a titan where a group needs to go through and only gets one life (or must be revived). At the end of the instances should be tools/bows that have boons on them that are higher level than what you can forge through manual crafting.


Some block interactivity.

a possibility to make switches to toggle lamps, leds, presure plates for doors, sensores maybe.

must not be redstone like but anything anyhow more interactive would be cool for games, parcours and such.


Moving water, and a water wheel, so I can charge my spark generator without shoving coal or peat into it and killing our digital ozone.
Or wind turbines. For the same thing.

  1. Economy Fix
  2. Autosort.
  3. Moving blocks
  4. Redstone… err Sparkstone
  5. An official modding API
  6. A way to find shops (maybe related to 4)
  7. Minecarts / railroad.
  8. Dungeons
  9. Farming


I’ve given a lot of though, and I have to say my top elements are,

  1. PvP planets. Right now, there is no need for the best of the best forged armor etc. This provides a huge sink for people to use consumables and weapons, which would drive additional work to crafters and mixologists.

  2. A recycler. Make it possible to recycle items into a chance to get other items. For example, recycle 10 trophies to get a chance at a new trophy, or a compressed biofuel. This creates sinks for all of the items that aren’t getting used right now (which I think was intended to be handled by vital essence but isn’t very effective right now).

  3. Spawnable augments which can not be crafted, but which can be attached to weapons and tools to provide new and interesting quirks or boons. These would be destroyed when the tool runs out, but maybe they could be recharged by spark (which gives another use for spark as well).

  4. A craftable ball. One person can drop the ball in an area, then you can kick it around. Think Fortnite soccer ball.

  5. Land transit. This is hard, but to be completely honest, portals, while fun, skip a lot of sightseeing by definition. You can cross the entire universe and only see a portal seekers building. Good on the PS guys for being so complete, but at the same time, there should be an intermediary form of travel which encourages people to create the infrastructure required to travel between settlements and use that form of travel. Imagine a monorail with a rail block, where you place the rail mount block on the rail and anything attached to it within a small size becomes a train car, powered by a spark generator.


A monorail style hovering cart would be very Boundless. Far superior to those Minecraft carts with their silly wheels.


Perhaps can set lights and switches to the same code which will connect them together.


more enemy types
more element types or crossbreeds


Tameable mobs for transport.


I want sound dampening and amplifying blocks. I also want a music player with throwable glow sticks that explode into fireworks. That way I can have my bizarre disco parties on the water front with loud techno beats blaring through everyone’s speakers. Sandstorm anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:


Roadrunner races.
Could even further it to include the other mobs as well.


Craftable armor



This. All of it. Sandstorm included. :heart:


Subplots / subzones with purchase and rental mechanics.


Ultra rare drops and blocks that are actually ultra rare. I’m talking 1 piece among 1000 diamonds, or 500 high tier kills. It would be a good day to find just one, and with it you could craft crazy things, like jetpacks, or different extremely powerful weapons, or the drops themselves could be equipped for stat boosts or special abilities.


Tame roadrunners with grass seed saddle them and ride them around the maps i would love this.


Could even expand it further and have to make a “jockey” toon that has to be the smallest scale in size during creation


Hear me out.

I’d like machines, power coils, furnaces to all decay to the point of non repair.

This doesn’t mean you can’t repair them for a while, but eventually, like all of our tools they would simply need to be replaced. Maybe you could melt them down for a few base materials to make new ones etc.

Adding this would cause a constant need for new machines etc, thus helping the economy and so forth.

I haven’t thought it all the way through, but just off the top of my head it sounds like it could get things moving again.