What happened to the new Hunter Creature?

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I distinctly recall that a month ago updates about the hunter creature were being posted and worked on, but since than Guilds, Global messaging and the new blocks took over the dev spotlight.

I was wondering how long until they get added, and if there Is anything new we can see of their progress?

Now that guilds have released im guessin we’ll hear something soon. Might not be the next big patch, maybe the following one hopefully. :crossed_fingers:

Next patch I think, is the farming patch.

I have a feeling guilds was likely prioritised due to all the feedback about settlement takeovers. Seemed like it was causing a lot of grief for people.


I think you are probably correct even if guilds really does not stop takeovers, but it is also possible the new creature is requiring a new AI as it is supposed to act very differently from the existing ones and that might be taking more time than was planned.

I tend to agree. I suppose i’m just hoping now that that’s been resolved, that the hunter mob is the next thing they work on, would hate to have to wait until after the farming update to see them.

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Good point, it would have just added to the problem if the game was hunting them right along with allowing their settlement identity to be ruined :laughing:

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I think the Hunter is sneaking up on you and will appear when you least expect it.

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Judging by the wording in the roadmap image here Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, New Blocks and more!

Looks like hunter should come before farming. But of course it could be pushed back if needed