What happened to the Oort!

Well I noticed that we had a idea of what the Oort are and where,but no one has come up with a back story,so here’s what I think happen to the Oort.
Tell me what you think,add to it if you like!

The Oort where a highly intelligent and peaceful race of humanoids,they settle on distant planets because their home world had died long ago. They never just settle on one planet,because they needed things from multiple planets at all times. If they need gold they’d go to Agabab,if they needed food and water they went to Versatel, for it was the most life filled world. Everything was going well for the thriving race,until they discovered a world filled with giant beast with power beyond any thing they had seen before, they called Titans. They tried to go back throw the portal,but it was to late;Titans burst through the portals,killling Oortians everywhere. The Titans spread throw all the portals the Oortians had created. They rampaged throw the universe killing all the Oort in every world they found them on. Until there where no more Oort to kill,they where gone,on every world,in every universe. The Oort where extinct,never to be seen again.


I’m wondering if the Oort might have made the Titans; perhaps they’re a hint as to why the Oort seem to be extict

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What if something happened to them, like the Oort went too far and saw the edge of the universe. Then went crazy and became the Titans.


I like the idea of them becoming the Titans,but not the edge of the universe,mostly because there is no edge.

How do you know? Have you ever been there? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well the universe is forever!!!
Just like Oort!!
But tell me more about this “Oort are the Titans”

This is my contribution i wrote a long time ago


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I like it,try to take some things you really like and send it to me so I can place it in where ever it fits.

I might should look that up but the universe can’t go on forever if it started somewhere and is still expanding^^

To the story. It was almost established that the Oort destroyed themselves. The only question is how.
Assuming Titans have not evolved naturally. Someone must have made them. Maybe the Oort maybe someone else. But if there was someone else we would find things of them too. (Except the Oort destroyed everything from them) So that seems unlikely.

Now I have 3 theories.

  1. The Oort were destroyed by the titans. (like in G_Sages story)
  2. The Oort were destroyed by something the titans could survive. Before that they were mere servants.
  3. The Oort were not destroyed but might have been on the brink of existence. Maybe they found a way to leave our universe. Going to a higher dimension or another universe, where the threat couldn’t reach them. Who knows.

Maybe they even went back in time with the last energy they had left and the races we can play are in fact the descendants of these Oortian survivors.

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I always based my lore around this

which in my eyes implies that the oort and the titans are heavily tied together, not necessarily saying the oort created them, but from this sentence it seems likely

Given the new information we have that titans will be in titan biomes and will have to be defeated to go up and so on, it might also fit in that there were always titans, or the titans and oort were both in the world at the same time, and that the oort managed to enslave or befriend some of the titans, which in term made them protect the old oort temples no matter what.

Maybe they tamed them like we tamed dogs/wolfs thousands of years ago and then they bred them into what they needed.

big dogs. biiiiiiiiig doggies.

i remember talking about titans in specific some time ago, my biggest question was just what they were, are they natural sort of beast things, are they arcane golem things or are the like mechanical machines, like the dwemer made enemies in skyrim.

Big but veeeery loyal.
At least until you turn your back on them^^

Given the sound samples we got, which could be sounds of titans, machines aren’t that far off I’d say.

Yes,it’s coming together now,the Oort found the Titans, and they found that they where more smart and peaceful than the Oort them selves. But like theories 2 from KuroKuma,they could survive something the Oort could not.
And the Titans swore to protect there ancient ways for as long as they could.

Based on the audio files alone, I’d say they are to SOME degree mechanical. Their roar sounds almost like the rumble of an engine. Like a gas powered lawn mower, but deeper and a bit distorted.

I personally think they would be varied, that titans only describe their size so say that in the beginning there were beast titans, actual creatures, the oorts thought they were marvelous so they built mechanical titans to protect their temples and then another faction of oort made elemental magical titans to protect their stuff, it would ofc be alot more work no doubt, but kinda cool.

to shamelessly self promote i talked alot about it here


i would love to see variety in titans, but i think its a hard balance to find with enough variety but still possible to make, HOWEVER this is off topic, we can discuss it on one of the titan threads if you want.

That would make a lot of since,but I hear the roar not as mechanical,just big. So big it sounds distorted to small ears,plus in the pics we get of the Titans there clearly organic.

Or maybe…
…until the Oort opened a portal to a new world,and they found giant beast. They where terrified,but when the beast started talking and explaining what happened,they saw the truth. They helped the Titan back to full health,but some could not be saved,those who where had to have mechanical parts made for them enabling them to move again.

What killed the Oort?



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