What if fall damage only did %dmg? Unable to kill

If the most damage a fall could do is like 90% hp then no matter how many times a builder fell they wouldn’t die.

Would that be an improvement?

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IMO if it can’t kill you there’s no reason for fall damage at all.

Yeah, I am personally ok with it killing me… if I fall from a decent height. What annoys me, and I assume others, it the massive % hit you take to health (especially if you have a lot of it) just by doing something as mundane as running off 1 step.


Ugh if I had an Oort shard for every time a step or a jump from 2 blocks high have killed me I would run a portal network all by myself


Then I would be immortal :frowning:

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But see there’s still the critters that can finish you off before you regen health. Then also the people who forgot they had a pesky quirk when at low health will be more likely to see it as well. That is if people still have quirks on their items.

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jumping 2 blocks down from a refined meta rock deals 1 damage per hit. lol

There’s other things that could kill you at low hp, like enemies, lava, water, meteors, environmental damage.

The point is to make it easier for builders.

Yes but it will also affect hunters, explorers, miners, gatherers, etc…

There is currently a builders buff to help with this in certain beacons. If this was to be implemented it with helping builders specifically in mind it would need to be something like a beacon feature I suppose.

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Sometimes it’ll do more though. I think your velocity plays into it a lot

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Seems like a decent idea then. Would people really object to reduced fall damage while in a beacon I wonder… would that be too weird or confusing for new players?

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It definitely does.

If you move fast enough horizontally, you can die by slamming into a wall.
Trust me, I’ve done it before.

A lot.

It turns out Destiny 2 fall damage works the same way, which I guess makes both games more realistic in terms of the “I shouldn’t slam into a wall at 75m/s if I want to have bones” factor.

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Having some kind of fall immunity within your own plots might be nice. I would love to just jump down np without having to switch to a grapple every time.


I’ve asked for this numerous times. Plenty of other games that don’t kill you after falling from great heights. Some games take you to 1 hp at the lowest and some games don’t have fall dmg at all. And they’re definitely way more combat/exploration intensive than boundless.


What about a defense item but it makes your attack power useless like construction outfit and we add a grapple that works as a fall savety you attach it to an ankor and go to work when you fall you lift yourself back up


That’d be nice. A passive tether system? Maybe as an epic that also reduced attack?

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I think this is a good place to suggest scaffolding again. I’ve never played Minecraft but I have seen the scaffolding blocks in videos. You build whatever you need to support yourself while building but when you break it the whole thing breaks. I think something like this would fit perfectly in boundless and also prevent many fall deaths while building.

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Are these suggestion in addition to the skill you can get to reduce the damage on falling and the guild buff? cause i dont use either of those and with high health you can fall from pretty far up…

I mentioned this because I’ve seen multiple people complain about fall damage still for builders.

Building Safety Helix - "The Buff Machine for Guilds who like to Build and Build high. When active reduces Falling Damage whilst also increasing Block Placement range for Guild or Faction Members. "

It calls out builders and fall damage together, the very thing being asked to change…:thinking:

So its important for clarification because if people are simply not using the skill and not using the guild buff but still complaining about damage it kinda makes there point moot.

I guess really some one should ask:

  • Do you invest in the fall damage reduction skill?
  • Do you invest in vitality to increase your health pool to help buffer the amount of damage you can take?
  • Do you have a guild/faction that can provide the builder safety buff that helps mitigate the fall damage?
  • With the above is fall damage still too much?
  • Are any of the mitigating factors too expensive or simply not worthwhile?

These are all important points that a developer would need to know versus “fall damage sucks remove it”.