What if you could trade GC with ingame coin/items?


Not even the slightest and tiniest bit. But that’s okay I guess. We’re just having a discussion. :slight_smile:

Ideas like this work better when we already have more players, however, a lot of ideas that people have come up with to grow the game and posted them on these forums do. So it’s kind of a catch 22.

Firstly the issue of getting people to buy the game in the first place needs to be fixed. Solution could be to lower the price tag to $20 USD, down from $40. More people can afford that and that means more players and more potential GC purchases and more of a lot of other things, like word of mouth advertising.

Another thing that needs to be fixed is having content that retains players and keeps moving the goal post further out for them. Being able to make your own dungeon can do that sense none of the other content has been able to. But while fixing player retention, the devs also need to incredibly improve new player experience so those players can get to those player retention hooks and motivate them to log in multiple times a week and play.

So I guess I kind of explained what my solution would be backwards.

Fix new player experience first. Then player retention. Then lower price tag of the game.

I strongly believe that these three things would increase the game’s population, bring higher consistent revenue in to Wonderstruck to finance improvements across the entire game, and actually put Boundless on the map as a viable product to purchase and recommend to people.


What would be a reason not to implement this feature on top of all the fixes you suggest?


Being able to setup things for optimal success. I am not entirely against the idea, I just don’t think it would even be worth the effort to implement at the current state of the game. Maybe 100k player base is a bit high before implementing ideas like this, but perhaps the moment the devs and existing players see an extremely noticeable up swing in new players that are sticking around and the concurrent player base growing each week and month, then perhaps it would be a good idea to implement it.

It’s a lot like preparing a meal for your family. You’re going to cook certain parts of the meal first before others if you want everything to come out alright and done at the same time. I don’t see how that would be any different with Boundless.


This has to be the most longwinded way to say you are at least okay with my suggestion haha.

What makes it a bad idea?


I am okay with a lot of ideas. Just not the timing.

I should really remember to make that a lot more clear. lol


Either less income for the devs or if someone still needs to buy it, gets an in-game token they can trade to give to other players then this is a way to get coin for irl money. I do hope I don’t need to explain why that is a bad idea?


someting to keep in mind is the games esrb rateing the devs are trying to pull in the younger players so its not a really invalid point to aim things like that for them

true but its not like it would hurt the game eather the devs make the money anyway if people buy GC for them selfs or to sell

eve online has been doing this same model for ages and it works out fine for them in fact thats a thing i love about the game i only have to pay for a month or 2 to get up to the level of playing the game for free


I actually wouldn’t mind an explanation of how it would be bad for Boundless. Runescape has had it for the past few years and it seems to work fine. Although different games, I would say the game targets the same age group, and this feature wouldn’t create coin out of nowhere. Players would have to decide its value and decide the economy around it.


Why would one gather things when they can just simply buy coins and then buy the items? Etc.

And this topic has been covered before:


That is why the manually refuel beacon options exists with different tiers of fuel.

GC is to support the developers so it needs to stay as a paid feature with real cash that cannot be created or generated via in game things. We do not have the player numbers to support any solution that isn’t linked to real funds right now.

If you are asking for a market like where Plex is bought and sold, then that is a different thing. People still buy plex with real cash but it can be sold to others in game for game funds. Is that what you are asking for? If so you should change the topic or adjust your original post to clarify.


That is not quite how the feature works, though. My irl money would be purchasing coins/items from a player, not a cash shop quantity


If IRL money gets you a GC in-game token you can trade in-game for ANYTHING you want then yes, it IS how it will work…


But the link you cited was a player wanting to purchase coins out of the Exchange shop, so… no, actually.


Pay RL money for cubits, use cubits to get coin.

If a player doesn’t have enough coin when your idea gets implemented and he has oodles of RL money to spend he simply buys a few of those GC tokens and trades them for coin.

In both cases you start by paying RL money and end up with coin…

So yes, actually…


Your source wanted the coin out of the cash shop, and this feature’s coin comes from what is generated by the players. I also agree that coins straight out of the cash shop would be bad.

What is the reason not to do it? You think it hurts the economy for players to buy up the existing pool of coin? Do you think maybe not enough items are entering the market if players don’t gather?


in order for that to work tho someone with the coin would have to be willing to buy the GC token for the price the seller wants coin is not getting automaticy put in the persons pocket so its no diff if they use that IRL cash to buy plots to clam a rare resource and sell that.


The difference is that you mostly need a subscription to play eve, and the Plex pays for 30 days. Gleam club isn’t as desirable or important to gameplay, so whilst I’m sure you’d have lots of players willing to exchange RL cash for coin (which is basically the idea) the problem is that I don’t believe anyone would be that interested in buying GC for coin.


I like OSRS too :wink:
OSRS has a large player base. Besides all of the things there are to do in the game, there are some huge differences between it and BL (which is totally fine).

They offer F2P, which brings/brought in a lot of players. It allows noobs to login, learn how to play the game, access to some skills, access to some areas of the map, some PVM, and a small inventory.

A F2P player can sell things in the General Exhange (market where players buy/sell their things) & get coin drops and use that in-game coin to buy a subscription Bond. This bond is the exact same as the subscription bond that can be purchased with IRL $.

Players that want to get a bond right away, can pay a small IRL $ fee.

Most players that start out as F2P, get a good taste for the game and decide to get a bond. They want access to all of the other map areas, larger inventory, more monsters, more treasure maps, etc. Most players feel that it’s worth it.
If you don’t get another bond, you don’t lose your items. They are there for you, the next time you get a Bond.

Trove uses a similar model…F2P with the option of buying a subscription. If you don’t pay for your subscription, you don’t lose any items.

Letting people try the game via F2P allows them to learn it & check it out…and to convince themselves, their S.O. or their parents to buy it :wink::sunglasses:


+1 this is a great idea. It’s a great way for people to trade time for money and vice versa. Now the fun part: how much is one month of GC worth in items/coin?


Due to there being very little way to generate coin, because footfall is really the only way to get it, I don’t think to many people can even afford this if they put it in.

I feel this is an invalid idea for this game at this time, if someone who wants to try to go down the route of only buying this token/whatever-you-want-to-call-it with out using IRL money at all, they will have a very very hard time if not impossible, trying to sustain this way of playing, unless they are a marketing person at the core. and are very good and buying and selling.

Plex in EVE is quite costly.
WoW Tokens are quite costly.

I played both games and in both games the trend was the same, The prices on them go up and up and up.

If and when the devs fix how coin generation works and add correct and better ways to earn coin, then this model would be more understandable. But right now it feels like something that very very few people can sustain doing.

Then there is the P2W aspect which I refuse to pound the rubble about. So you can debate that bit among yourselves if you choose to do so.