What if you could trade GC with ingame coin/items?


100% agree. We really need the item/junk cruncher>to>coin machine James spoke of in a previous post.

I play WoW :+1: too. The bonds in OSRS are very expensive if you use in-game coin (usually 3 million +, depending upon the current demand/market price).


It might work well for you but not for everyone. This totally breaks the game for me and might make me quit Boundless. The problem is that with this suggestion, real world currency and in game currency becomes interchangeable. And you can therefore put a real world price on everything in game.

Let’s say 1 month of gleam club is € 5 (can’t find the real rate outside of the game). Now you’ll be able to sell gleam club for… I don’t know, maybe 100’000c. Now, every AE hammer I buy has a price tag of € 0,50 on it. And I for sure will no longer collect my measly 1000c footfall because I won’t spend a minute for 5 cent.


fluff, not that important:

The reason the price of plex and wow tokens getting more expensive is that the in-game currency is inflating all the time due to all the coin generation faucets being pumped to the max and the sinks can’t keep up with all that coin entering the economy. In boundless we’re observing (not confirmed, just the general feeling players have) the opposite, coin is getting more and more valuable and prices of items are plummeting.

The proposed ingame item would probably just lose more and more value until the deflation stops :smiley: Especially since the demand would be lower, it’s not required to play the game as it is in wow and eve.


It’s funny and sad how many ppl just read the title and not the actual suggestion.
And thus don’t get what the thread is about.

(It even says trade and not buy in the title by now.)


It’s ok, I’ll take some blame for that :sweat_smile:


While this might be the case for WoW, I can not speak too much for WoW because I did not do marketing in WoW much at all. EVE on the other hand I have experience with marketing.

I am sure this is not the case for EVE. the ISK sinks in EVE are more then able to keep up with the amount of ISK being made when war is raging. or some other large impact PvP situation happens.

Plex started out being around 360M per Plex. over time, this price gone up and up, At around the time I stopped playing the price of a plex was about 1.2B to 1.4B (1200M to 1400M) And this was the only item in the game that behaved like that (Not counting Limited items, They will obviously go up because no production) , most of the other items stayed around the same price, some of them gone up a little, some of them gone down a little, and other random trends due to the eve market responding to various events in the game. There are some fundamental building materials that have had a general upwards trend over the years but the rate of that trend is extremely slow and small compared to the rate that happens with plex.

If EVE was experiencing a problem with its currency, then the behavior displayed by plex should show in most if not all items. this was not the case, at all. Therefore I claim this disproves the idea of Inflation being the reason for the plex prices to change like that.

I am not an economical expert and therefore I really have no idea why plex prices behave the way they do. and I found it interesting to notice the same trend in two very different games with two very different marketing systems and values. But I am pretty sure, in the case of EVE, it is not because of inflation of the in game currency.

I don’t think this matters too much, if you are trying to object to say that this item would be cheap because it is not required to play, it doesn’t change the fact you are converting IRL money into a game currency, and that is typically a large amount of the in game normal currency.

So even if it was the case that in boundless the item would not see the same trend as seen in EVE and WoW. I am still sure the starting point for the item, would be out of most peoples reach. and the bonuses yielded by GC is not good enough to warrant the effort in most cases because of the way coin generation works in this game

I do not see many people buying this outside of the top 5% or so who are just sitting on piles and piles, or are extremely good at marketing, or recently stolen a good amount from someone else


True, I don’t know the exact ratio of plex vs isk inflation, but isk is inflating, they’re managing it better than some other mmo economies, but it’s happening.
ref 1
ref 2

It’d be interesting to see how the gc-bond behaves in an economy like ours, more data is always nice :slight_smile: It might get cheaper, or not, don’t know. And I agree that it’d be relatively expensive, like it is in all games that have a token like that. I’m just interested in the direction it’d take.


I don’t deny it is Inflating a little bit, over the life span of the game, I deny its effects on plex.

And its notable effects on other items in the game.


I’m learning stuff. Thanks a lot for the perspective on the other games, I mostly just have experience with RS economy!