What is 1 million coin worth to you in actual money? Dollars/Euros?

And it’s not allowed, so removed it…

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You just want to sell it or sell it and stop playing?

Um where you going and why was I not notified? lol

Sell it and stop playing

Well that sucks. Was fun going to your places and talking with you.

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no, keep playing :expressionless:


I hope the powers that be will look at this and realize what kind of stress this places upon players that chose to spend their time/$ on this game to build and create something — especially those that create something large that a lot of players use.

It’s one thing to have a fully completed retail game that receives slight tweaks here and there, that doesn’t really alter anything fundamental. Applying beacon/plot changes on current builds in the retail/live version of the game can be considered devastating by players. As bad as a game reset, file corruption/loss, account being hacked etc.

To have to stop playing the game & switch gears into damage control bc the game changed --is really hard on players. That’s why some games make a 2.0, 3.0, etc.

I’ll remove as much as I can, but it will def take away from what I had planned to do. I can totally see the reasoning behind the changes…just once again…hard to deal with when applied to current builds. :woman_shrugging:


Its always overkill with these folks. If they just policed the game with a GM none of these drastic changes need doing.

That would not solve a thing.
There is always some one that loses and no one likes that.

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Inst it against the rules to sell in game currency for real money?


Oh so everyone should lose? oh ok lol

Didn’t they allow a post to stand where someone was selling their old EA keys to the highest cash bidder?

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Not everyone is losing where do you get that from?

There is people not affected by this and people who is.

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Oh i thought your last post was directed at mine if not im sorry.

I wasn’t aware of that, however Im still not sure on this. Selling in game cash might be taking it one step to far as opposed to account upgrades.

In any case if the time in game up until now was enjoyed then they shouldn’t feel the need to “recoup their costs”


They allowed this thread to stay live & it caused problems…some “buyers” possibly were ripped off (not saying Aenea would rip anyone off, just saying most games wouldn’t have allowed that post anywhere on their forums)

@Nightstar title says “accounts” , not extra keys :woman_shrugging:

I didn’t go back and read all that.

IIRC keys are distributable, even salable, that was the point of them.

Account sales are not allowed.

Never seen any word on coin selling.

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Yeah that’s why most games don’t allow selling stuff for irl money. An probably why we feel like this is not allowed here either. But I don’t recall seeing an official statement about this tbh


Yes this was part of the deception/confusion and the difference was discussed in the thread.

Neither is wholly relevant to what Aenea is proposing.

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I was replying to Vansten’s comment.