What is the best way to make money?

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Like the Topic says, what’s the best way to make some quick cash? Feel free to share a few ways! Everyone tell me their favorites

100,000 coins per hour is a pretty good plae. All you need is a hammer and bam. Another way to earn cash is through hunting.

Hunting is usually the quickest way to make coin. There’s always someone needing Oort. You can also gauge what gathering items are in high demand and fill request baskets


With the gleam what do you do? Chryo it or sell it? Putting in shops doesn’t work and I haven’t found anyone who buys large quantities of gleam, especially ones that can be farmed easily.

Personally I don’t like hunting but I’ll check it out

@DJDancecraft can share his secret


Based off his profile I assume hunts lol


Mining and selling gems , gathering and selling bitter / sweet / spicy beans, reactive/ glowing lamella all make really decent amount of money

Okay, do you have any farms for Lamella?

alright, fine.
hunting, selling hunt drops, and selling oort

oh, and also events like dodge bombs. lots of dodge bombs. they really help

also selling atlases

standing around 6.3 million around the time im writing this.


New rental planets are covered in resources. Its never been easier. Use the butt app. Look through what u want to collect see if its worth it.


What do you recommend?

6.3M?! Ok big shot! So, how do you hunt efficiently then?

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use platforms and dig holes under the spawners to make it more efficient and get more drops faster

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Noted. Tysm

also do a bunch of spreading the word to get as many players as possible. even if someone isnt shooting stuff them being there increases the meteor size/loot


You can refine the gleam and chryso it, or you can sell it. If you need access to a fully coiled minter let me know.

100k per hour is no longer the best place to get gleam since it’s a T5 world, you should find a T1 world to farm :slight_smile: you can use a hammer with less damage and hence more durability and speed.


Yeah, I need a maxed chrysominter please

What’s your in-game name and location?

BlurryBlue220 and I’m on Sorissi