What is your Boundless Player Status?

With all the activity on the forums, I have noticed a good number of people commenting on the forums while also stating they aren’t active anymore or play very little. While I know life can get busy (I have a wife, 2 kids, a full-time job, other games) so I understand how life can get busy and stressful.

I figured I’d throw a quick poll out there and see what others would consider their Boundless status. Please feel free to elaborate or give details too!

  • Boundless Forever! I play Boundless as often as possible!
  • Wish I played more, but can’t due to a busy schedule.
  • Not playing, but waiting on the next update.
  • Don’t care to play, I’m bored or just have no desire to play.
  • Don’t care to play, to much grind.

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I burned out pretty hard. All of the friends I had made quit pretty much at once and everything just felt repetitive. I’d go on a hunt, maybe hit an exo, mine for a few hours, stare at my screen wondering what I was doing with my life. Then my son started kindergarten remotely this year so my time went to monitoring him because otherwise he doesn’t behave or do his classwork. I pay for gleam club for my beacons because I spent 2 weeks chiseling that damn tree, but I do also log in to fill my son’s beacons and I try to keep my portals fueled (my mom provides the oort as she’s still playing) but every time I log in my heart hurts because I know it just won’t satisfy me if I resume playing but I also can’t let it go.


Beth and I have 2 young sons, one is autistic and has extra needs, the other is a 3 year old drama queen. We still make time for the Boundless community whenever we can. Daily. These are our people, our friends <3

Brown Town will remain in game until we physically can no longer be there!


Torn between choices 1 and 2 - I do still play a lot, but there is other stuff now eating more and more into the time I put into it. However, I never see giving it up as long as it is there, the addictive loop of collecting/mining/hunting then selling is about the most relaxing thing I’ve found in gaming. :slight_smile: Very healing!


I play almost 24/7 but ima take short break to play Scarlet Nexus on release then be back boop


I have been there with many games @diannetea and I am sorry you are there now with Boundless. It’s good to see you still around and play from time to time though. I wish there was something I could do to the game more fun for you.

I tend to play a game until I can’t play it anymore… meaning I can at times burn myself out. Currently I play mostly alone and at times wish I played more in a group environment.

If there is anything I could do though to make the game fun for ya… just ask. :slight_smile:

@Spoodle and @Bethlehem I too have an autistic son and a son that feels he is the next big game streamer at 11 yrs old. I know the challenges that is takes to raise a special needs child and commend you on that and keeping up with the game and Brown Town like you do.

@BabyCookie I see you all the time. At the Gleambow hunt, DK Mall …all over :slight_smile:


Not all the player base is in the forum. If you pay attention we are like the same 20 or 40 people every time lol.


Oh, I know … I mentioned to several players in-game if they have questions to check the forums … and then get questioned where that is.

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Thank you! Ours is a master gamer too, and sometimes acts like he’s already a li’l streamer!

Yeah, we take breaks every now and then - family comes first - but we’re never away for long, and boundless will always be our home away from reality <3


We go to theme parks like religiously… so we tend to stay pretty busy.


Wait are you really telling me not every one is on the forum :pleading_face: Why?

Back on topic
Play as much as i can… taking breaks here and there of course by choice and not by choice ( like :eyes: screaming, head :boom: at times both…).
But play as much as i can love boundless…


Cancel my last comment Battlefield 2042 was announced I’m be playing Boundless til release me go back to Hardcore Killer mwahahaha


Even when im on a break from boundless i still play boundless, at minimum 6hrs/week going to 2 hunts and running 1 hunt, plus what ever time it takes to clear out the reclaim beacons…

currently paying for gleam club and 3 small sov planets… i will probably let one of those sovs go as i think we have a better sapphire planet.


I will always have a need for a building game. I started with FPS games back in the day… playing multiplayer throughout the Quake series, playing Unreal Tournament, CoD, Battlefield. Halo… you name it I probably played it and still play a few here and there.

Boundless is a lot more relaxed for me and luckily it gives me the ability to jump on and off of it or go AFK… one thing I could only do between matches in FPS games.


I played battlefield on a professional level going to tournaments in house and over seas loved the game but always liked Modern Warfare or Future Warfare never liked WWII days so I didn’t play most recent ones.
boundless was good deterrent I still play when release but not as much


CoD Mobile, of all games, has been eating into some of my evening Boundless time, but “Let’s build” and “Let’s shoot stuff” are very different itches to scratch.


@BabyCookie @Rydralain

I think that playing a couple games keeps you from burning out. I tend to rely on several games and different genres. I try to play an FPS when I just want to shoot something and more faster-paced (CoD, Apex, Valorant, etc.), I have always had an MMORPG somewhere on my computer (that’s been FFXIV lately), I also have a few mobile games I play here and there. I do play Fortnite with my son at times, but he has graduated from Dad to friends… so I am thankful for that.


Yep, different games for different moods. :slight_smile: Different types of games meet different psychological needs better. Boundless does scratch a lot of itches, but sometimes I just want to fire up something like a Saints Row game and go on a full-on Evil Paka rampage. :smiling_imp: Good to mix things up a bit! :wink:

Edit for CSB: Driving like a maniac in one of the Just Cause games (great for rampages), running people over, hitting things, ect. Didn’t realize my husband was watching. Hear deadpanned from behind me suddenly - “I hope you don’t drive our car like that!”


Sheesh … I will be looking over my shoulder from now on when I visit any of your planets @bucfanpaka


“Nevermind, it’s just a cuttletrunk”


I like any regular gamer I hit a certain point in the game then I move on
before Boundless I also played FFXIV my goal was to Hit max cap on gil which I did now I play boundless boop which I love to play don’t really know my goal yet but. Yea it’s good to play other games to avoid burnong out boop