What is your Boundless Player Status?

Don’t play as much.
Most of the time I’m just running around dropping goodies to players in different Hub areas

Game Is Getting Boring.

“Not Renewing Gleam Membership and Sovereign Worlds”

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For me its a mixture of things why I’m currently not that active. But my time will come again ^.^


Sorry its boring for ya. If you are dropping goodies though … let me know!! hah

On a serious note, I am not sure what would make it fun again for you, I guess maybe taking a break. One of the great and not-so-great things in some games I have played was a server wipe, now I am not saying I want a server wipe at all, but what it allowed me to do was start over from scratch. I have even done this purposely in some games and just started over playing with nothing.

Maybe starting over on alt could bring some fun for you. Maybe doing it with a few friends or something. Just throwing that out there… seems to have been fun for the Permadeath group so far.

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Dropping C at all lol

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Im interested To play… Usually i just end up running around In circles… Sure its cool To see New stuff and all but atm thats all boundless currently gives me.

I have project that ive been keeping In my head For a while… Since launch To be exact… Maybe i will some day start it.

Feelings really are mixed… As i really like the game but on the other hand i miss the first day of launch… Everyone running around like headless chickens… Everyone working together To transform wilderness To a village Or whatever.

My final nail In the coffin When i Lost interest was really the fall of old aquatopia embassy (beckon). @Xaldafax and @Wschichl is rebuilding it currently To make it better i guess.

I Lost so many good friends along the road… And wondering Where they all go

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Current status: Wish I played more, but can’t (play often) due to a busy schedule = 80%
Also: waiting for updates/info on direction = 20%


New job
Hopefully new home

No time to play
(Fuel portals)


I feel ya and have been there with numerous games. Sometimes for me it takes a friend buying a copy of whatever game I am losing interest in … or just finding a new group to run with. Sorry you lost friends and it is VERY disheartening to see something turn to ash or a friend leaving the game.

If you need someone to build with let me know. Pretty just a friend and I… I’d be glad to run with more people :slight_smile:

See all I have is my husband and 2 cats. The kids rarely come over as one works 2 jobs and in a fresh relationship, my other is a rising star working full time, attending school full time, writes, and produces a track a week.

Anyway my humblebrag.

I use to be on here 60 to hours a week but I’m pulling back as I watch others have Boundless burnout.

After July I will only be on in the mornings/afternoons 3 to 4 days a week Fridays will be gaming night maybe Saturday depending on the weather.

The 6 months after Roylln has surgery the gods only know how much gaming we will be doing as the first 3 weeks he is bed to couch to the John to bed.


The red rabbit today

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I hear ya on the burnout. I have been slightly worried about the burnout myself. I have been playing an insane amount of hours. I have so many projects though so I don’t think I will pull back much at least until my concrete shop, my brick shop, and some welcome centers on my sovereigns are up and running. On top of that, we have a guild base we (two of us) were attempting to complete and my long term goal of finishing my color storage… which I need tons of rock, wood, gleam for … and then I plan to turn part of it into a shop for colors for everyone.

It’s a race for me really…I’d love to do some work with multiple people, but no offers on that yet. :frowning:

Recruiting for cookie squad? Trailer looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing gameplay this weekend.


I want to play but I don’t have the motivation I’ve been playing Pokemon snap, child of light and Hades.

And right now I’m getting my clown makeup ready for E3


I dont plan on leaving anytime soon ive been here to long to leave and i really do love the game only wish i had better internet so i didn’t have to deal with as many issues i deal with to play the game but even with almost unplayable internet i endure lol

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Haven’t been on in ages, I think about 8-9 months. Ever just need to walk away from something? I was getting evermore frustrated by the game.

  1. The idea of color rarity is absurd to me and not very enjoyable. If their was a ton (15-20) exos at any time - a bunch of low tier and 1-3 high tier, with widely assorted colors to choose from - it would be OK. But the way it was when I last played you’d come up with a build idea to find out that only once last year there was an exo with something kinda close but not exactly what you wanted and people were selling it for 25k/SS. Sovereign planets helped that but there are still rares forms what I can see on forums.

  2. Storage was improving due to chests and the such but sorting out items became the slowest process in playing the game. It was faster to dump all your stuff into chest on a single plot beacon then reclaim everything than it was to manually sort through the resources I’d gather in a single mining session.

  3. Chiseling blocks is a little clunky but bearable - the durability on a chisel was a little off putting. Overall I’d like to see that process simplified a bit for larger builds, something along the lines of loading blocks into your chisel and selecting the desired effect/placing them prechiseled.

  4. Not a game issue but a personal one, I often go months without reliable access to internet so it’s hard to get invested into a building game that I cannot play offline. But (fingers crossed) it looks like I will be able to do that soon unless they make you log into the server to verify your account or some BS.

  5. The MMO part of the game is kinda lost on me aside from hunts and shops. It doesn’t feel like an MMO. If they added dungeons or some kind of actual bosses to the game I’d have more fun playing online. It currently feels more like SMP Minecraft than an MMO.

  6. Lack of information flow from devs was frustrating- I cannot speak for how it currently is. But we’d get a lot of silence instead of “this is in the works but it could take several months/years!” I’d rather have bad news than no news. Make up a simple list of future projects, in roughly the order you’d like to introduce them to the game, and add/remove items as needed.

  7. Crafting times are too high for most items. I have somewhere around 30 of each machine with max coils and still wind up waiting days on production. I was in the middle of mass crafting bricks for my basement floor the last time I played. It was gonna take a couple days to process them and I just forgot to come back.

  8. Forging is so convoluted that only a few people wind up doing it and I feel like it’s more of a burden to them than reward to sell hammers.

I am going to give the game another try in the next few days but I don’t see myself sticking around. Gonna renew my gleamclub/planets to support the game financially but I doubt I’ll play. Maybe in a few years after they work some kinks out it will be an enjoyable experience.


Well let me be the first to welcome you back @FlippityFloop … well if you come back.

I can comment on most of your points, but for the most part (I’m new only playing since January this year) it seems that most of your points still hold pretty true. One point I wanted to spotlight… is the fact that … it has never felt like an MMO to me…granted as someone once pointed out to me MMO simply means Massively Multiplayer Online (which of course I knew), but I took it as MMORPG which Boundless isn’t. I’d question the word “Massively” when it comes to Boundless, but that doesn’t mean that can’t happen at some point.

On the rest of your points:

  1. Color rarity is still a thing for the most part. Gleambow colors are especially expensive and they have slowly been unlocking. Of course for me and a lot of people I think everyone hopes for white rock to unlock.

  2. Storage isn’t too bad for me, but the sorting can be rough. I did make a hugely massive (for me) storage for all the colored blocks (i.e. wood, gleam, rock, etc.) In doing that I simply run to the color number and store it. I don’t know of a better system with introducing some sort of sorting machine and pipes/transport tubes like some Minecraft mods and various other games.

  3. Chiseling can be … well time consuming but I am ok with it.

  4. I can’t help ya with this one… if I could give everyone a perfect internet connection … I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  5. Mentioned this above.

  6. The lack of info still persists … not sure on the reasoning.

  7. Crafting does take a bit. I have noticed that I have to craft…go off and do something else for a bit… and come back. It is a little off-putting but I can bear it.

  8. Forging I dabbled in quite bit and learned it fairly well. If you are in it to make money though I think in the end you might not make too much. I do however love a good forger and it to an extent is an art form in a way. I cant say I would want to forge 24/7, but I do find it like a minigame of sorts and can be fun in bursts.

While I am not playing with many people (1 person currently) I would be open to playing with you and maybe can alleviate some of the more “intolerable” tasks for you. Just a thought…

Highly Inactive mostly due to RL stuff. Planning a wedding, looking at houses (What a joke), and lots of unwanted aggro to make me interact with society. Just too much going on to sit and stare at the PC screen and freak out on how I want my plot of land to look especially since my area was force reclaimed :frowning:

For Boundless, I am a miner. I hate building, I don’t enjoy hunts, and the timing of the lucent planets does not work at all with my schedule. So I am just waiting for the Local Universes to come out at this point.

I do miss this as well… There are some fun aspects when each world is brand new and each level feels like a real accomplishment as we all tried to connect the universe.


Wish i could play more but cant due to a bussy schedule. Juggling boundless, starTrekonline and currently risk of rain 2. Btw the trailer for battlefield 2042 looks interesting @BabyCookie i can only hope the game turna out like it or even better. I will likely replace risk of rain 2 with LOSTARK when thats out in the fall.


Hour 2202 … still addicted. :laughing:


Currently idle, all my stores and builds are expired and I’m not sure I’ll start building again.

I only go a few hours a week to earn coins and nothing else.

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