What kind of new Blocks, would you like to see?

There are hidden ideas out there somewhere. What Block would you like to see in a Voxel game?

ie. Mud Block - Objects sink slowly, water type block. Quicksand behavior. (example)

Quick Compilation List (see CaptainJack92a, below, for updates):

  1. Road Block: Fast Travel blocks.
  2. Noteblock: Journals, Noteblock. Blocks to record text and won’t be destroyed.
  3. Mud Block: Block that lets you slowly sink through it. Quicksand.
  4. Pillow Block: Soft landing, no damage when landing on it.
  5. Glass Block: Colored, windows.
  6. Creepy Block: Creepy looking blocks, made of bones and moss.
  7. Straw Block: Roofing for huts.
  8. Stalagtites & Stalactites Block: Block edges to create pointed rocks, cavern type.
  9. Jade Block: Shiny blocks, Bloodstone, marble, pink marble, polished granite.
  10. Snow Block: Soft block, leaves footprints possibly.
  11. Gleam Block: Multi- colors for gleam blocks.
  12. Rope Block: Rope or chains for hanging things or climbing.
  13. Breakable Block: Blocks that break when you step on them.
  14. Spike Block: Damage dealing spiked blocks.
  15. Ice Block: Slippery block, can’t grapple them.
  16. Mesage Block: A block that activates a message on to your HUD, stating zone, msg, warning.
  17. Banner Block: A custom block, that will allow players to make a Logo, custom texture, ie red sox logo, guild logo.
  18. River Block: A water block (water physics) that has a movement assigned to it, able to make rivers.
  19. Crystal Block: Has a light changing effect. Crystal caves, etc…
  20. Rotor Block: Block that spins in place, ie a windmill rotor.
  21. Dummy Block: A stationary player block. A dummy block, it is used to hold a cool set of armor. A Mannequin.

A pickaxe that can break things faster.


10/10, would mine fast


A type of noteblock.


Notebooks and journals. Items that you can write into and hold onto, or leave in chests or other areas for others to read or have.

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Hmmm something seems wrong here:

Some kind of road block that works to increase people who walks on it speed would be awesome.


Oh, I totally overlooked that after reading the other replies. Uhm… I’ll have to think about that one.

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  • A pillow block to stop falling without damage (and without flying forth through bumping)
  • colored glass (may be we can mix pigments with the sand while Crafting them.
  • blocks made of flesh and/or bones for creepy dungeons ;D
  • reet or straw blocks for nice roofs (for huts made of flesh and bones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
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the ‘‘creepy blocks’’ would be too gory for this game i think, bones, maybe, flesh, no.

also im pretty sure the wool blocks made you take 0 damage didnt they?

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yeah, flesh would be to muchy sorry :wink:

blocks of wool? … did I missed something? ^^

the white ones, i think they call them mold now.

hmmm, I have to check that … just for my grapple park (in the moment totaly built with rubber blocks ;D )

Don’t know if this would be a block or not but in caverns and caves you could get stalagmites, and stalactites and after a while stalactites may fall and block off area, so the map would actively be changed by nature, and stalagtites may form in areas which have water on surface.

OOoo…Stags and Stals! Yah, that would be sweet!
Defintiely would build some creepy atmospheres in caverns…wow. Shame that wasn’t in the original code.
I’m going to try to make some fake ones…(fake: meaning non blueprints)

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Jade blocks, white and/or pink marble, granite (polished) for monument building.

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Snow, maybe in a similar way to the Minecraft snow where it’s a thin layer.

Depending on what kind of technology they want to be available, some kind of conveyor belt.


orange colored gleam, white colored gleam, fences, mineable resources, upgraded picks and shovels (for real clearing stone is murdering me)

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There will be different color gleam for each world. It will be awesome! I am so ready for the orange gleam.

ehhh… source? you should say ‘‘if there were different color gleam for every world it would be awesome’’ if it isnt a fact :smiley:

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A dev told me in game. I think it was @james I can’t remember.