What kind of new Blocks, would you like to see?

I’m sure I’ve read that before as well.

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The amount of douchery in this post is insane. Maybe instead of trying to poke and stab you should say, “Is there proof or a source to that information?” It’s shocking to find out some people know stuff that you don’t. Sorry bud, that’s what happens when you rarely play the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Clairvoyance block, a way to stay safe, but let your spirit/ghost/soul explore a small area around you.

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Wasnt meant to be rude, i apologize :smile:

but yeah i dont doubt it since you have no reason for lying, but if you wrote something like ‘‘a dev told me we might get 1 for each world, which is going to be awesome’’ then it sounds better than just kinda stating it.

I don’t know all of the colors, I was just told there will be other colors. So I assume orange since it’s part of the color spectrum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other colors. ofc. they said something like ‘‘LOOK AT THE RAINBOW’’ or something along those lines on twitter some time ago.

but it would be pretty cool if they had a few that was universal for all worlds and then 1 for each world that was unique, but im not sure how hard it is to make such a crystal, so that might be overkill too.

I’m hoping for at least the seven colours of the rainbow.

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There are so many worlds; I can see every world having a different color overwhelming. Each world having a different color inside the parameters of like… 10 colors would work though.

What about the 8th color?


We are doing Discworld references now are we? :smiley:

Gleam already existed in blue and (RARE) yellow varieties until r100. I’ll post the screenshot when I’m home.

Can somebody explain to me precisely what gleam is? cause i honestly cant find it anywhere, just light bringing crystals?

yeah blue light crystals.

yeah i know the crystals ingame, but is that just getting them in another color you want then? cause then i want bloodstone shing in a blood red shine.

Gleam is the word being used for what is basically Minecraft’s Glowstone, except that it can come in a range of colors besides just yellow. The Crystal in game comes in blue or yellow. HERE is the only screen capture I have featuring the yellow gleam, the yellow and blue pylon in the background. Note that this is NOT the lanterns, and after R100 all yellow gleam was changed to blue :cry:
Spoiler, that’s a nice early pic of the city I’m building on Sedatars, updated pics comming in a few weeks.

Different block sizes and shapes (round or semi-round if round would be too complex)

Though not a block, I would love some smarter block-working tools:

  • Filler tool - select starting point and drag until you get the right size box - will fill the resulting box as long as you have enough selected material
  • Cutout tool - same principle as Filler to select an area but would then remove the contents and place in your inventory
    (think of a window maker)
  • Converter tool - think of the old eyedropper tool with paint but instead of swapping colours, you swap out the selected material (don’t like that stone wall? select wood and use the tool to quickly change it to a wood wall
  • Sander or Edger - Sand blocks to alter their shape

Just some ideas :bulb:

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I’d like to see blocks with effects such as

  • Quicksand: If you run carelessly on this block you’ll sink into the sand
  • Swampblock: Same like the Quicksand-Block just for another biome
  • Iceblock: Different from the already implemented one, this can be found on water.
    If you jump on the surface of a frozen lake, it will break.
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It’d be great if there were blocks like ropes and/or chains so we can hang lamps, make suspended bridges, etc. Also colored glass is a GREAT idea, maybe even stained-glass windows? Neat!

I’d also be excited if blocks that you destroyed were not just orange placeholder cubes, that would add a lot of tastyness to the game.


But unlike Minecraft, you should be able to hold multiple keystrokes in one noteblock, that way you don’t need a very open area/a lot of “redstone” material.

A block that breaks when you step on it
A spike block.

Use your imagination as to how they can combine ;3
hint: the spike block is below the breaking-when-you-step-on-it block

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