What level are you?

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And here’s one even further back. No telling what his level is now…


If the update pushes as it is in testing, it won’t be the same. But no way to know for sure.

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I’m pretty sure they would still end up with more points per sheet than you have now, even though it wouldn’t be ‘maxed out’. I think the skill points and xp to level for 1-50 are the same on test, right?

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Me & my Puny lvl Boop


Lol I am about the same as you.

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Combined im way past 1000.

On my main character not sure if i hit 1000. I know im around it :wink: but forget to check the number to many times.

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9000 is so 2021
2022 be all…

plus 9 other toons with a few hundred levels between them (leveling before the 5 skill pages came along)


@catfud That’s hardcore! :clap:

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The how of it is what’s confusing me…

Did Dev-HQ tell you what the reward for hitting level 25,000 is ??? :+1:

it’s pants…no literally a pair of pants :scream:

please, lay back, relax, and tell me why the how makes you feel confused.


Do you have machines running 24/7 churning out product and xp? Or have you killed that many mobs?

As a casual player (20-30 hours/week) it’s mind boggling.

My highest is like 70 or so. That’s my hunter and it’s all mob kills for the most part

mining, crafting (coils, which when crafting from raw materials produces a hefty amount of xp after which then selling them which produced a hefty amount of money to keep funding the mining etc) and building.
All this plus the magic ingredient of time…lots of time playing the game.



I wish there was a measurement for community contributions. That would be fun.


Maybe the footfall income achievements could be used to measure that sort of?


Dunno what this means…


I know right, I, for one, definitely need a life.
People should spend more time on the forums making endless posts going back and forth on game etc minutia :wink:


Totally not directed at anyone but me. I have a crazy number of hours in the game, and I haven’t been playing as long as most people.

I do appreciate you noting that my posts are endless back and forth minutia though.

I’ll make sure to not comment or try to encourage discussion around the game anymore.