What other games you are playing?

I hope this is not a taboo on this forum. I doubt it because the developers are really cool.


  1. what are you playing now?
  2. Is it worth playing?
  3. What do you like about it?
  4. What do you think needs improvement?

1.: a: The Wolf among us … b: Creativerse … c: Heroes of the Storm

2: a: If you like creepy fairy tales: ooooooh yeees :smiley: … b: Well, it’s a nice voxelgame too … c: totaly! I’m flashed

3: a: The atmosphere and the feeling looking a series … b: Nice look and good support for multiplay … c: fast gameplay and good balance

4: a: NOTHING next to a sequell! :stuck_out_tongue: … b: More creative creatures and equip … c: may be more maps

and PS: This week on thursday Pillars of Eternity will be released … and played a LOT by me :game_die::computer:

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1: Cities: Skylines

2: Absolutely.

3: It takes everything good from SimCity, and builds upon it. You want larger cities, micro-managing, a whole heap of traffic control options, one-way roads, masses of city planning, and more? You’ve got it.

4: The UI isn’t brilliant. It’s perfectly functional, but a bit bland to look at. There’s also a few tools I’d like, such as a way to track where my traffic is going to, and where it’s coming from (there’s a mod to do it, but I’d like it to be in the game by default).

(Edit: Fixed the two threes)

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1. BioShock Infinite
2. Yes, so far
3, Immersive atmosphere, great graphics, great gameplay and a story I don’t yet understand (No spoilers please).
4. Nothing

  1. Elder Scrolls Online
  2. Depends. Are you looking for an Elder Scrolls game? Debatable. Are you looking for an MMO? Yes.
  3. I like the plethora of options you have in being a unique character from crafting, to dyeing armor, to dungeoning, to character creation, etc.
  4. Immersiveness and in-depth-ness, to improve upon making it more of an Elder Scrolls game.
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Two threes

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  1. South Park: The stick of truth

  2. Well, not so sure

3, Somewhat Funny, like the turn style game play. Reminds me of Pokemon without the massive variety and cuteness…

  1. Most of the time stupid and obscene, but that is the South Park thing.
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Got quite a few on the go at the moment, I do play quite a lot…

Dragon Age Inquisiton (great)
Battlefield Hardline (meh)
Heroes of the Storm (interesting)
Hearthstone (soul mate)
Ori and the Blind Forest (beautiful)
Sunset Overdrive (fast)


1: I always come back to littlebigplanet.

2: Of course, it’s a land of infinite potential.

3: It’s a land of infinite potential and you can really see things differently, some levels get really crazy.

4: LBP 3 just needs to fix a ton of bugs and broken/unobtainable dlc and multiplayer, which they haven’t made any progress towards since November 2014.

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  1. Shroud of the Avatar

  2. Yes, but watch the wallet as the pledge levels are tempting. It is really a RP game for both old time and hard core gamers. However, It is still very early in development.

  3. More than anything, I like the community in the game. Beyond that the game mechanics are evolving with a lot of detail and potential. It will be hard core, so there will be players being a pain in the butt on purpose as part of the game play. Even behavior most hate in most games will be allowed in this one as vengeance is a core part of the game.

  4. There is a serious lack of attention to game mechanics that have evolved over time in the industry. Everything is a throw back and the phrase “difficult for the sake of being difficult” is aptly thrown around.

This game, lead by the first MMO creator, may end up altering the stagnation MMO’s have today. Or it may fizzle, Only time will tell. It is definitely not for kids though.

… you made me curious … you made me pay … shame on you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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  1. Stonehearth (An alpha game so very much not finished, and yes they lay claim to the name months before Heartstone was announced)

  2. The game by the time lacks quite a few things to actually be worth how much you pay for it but it is fully playable and has some interesting mechanics already. The team supplies us with regular updates and has bi-weekly streams.

  3. The building mechanics are great and has an insane amount of possibilities already at this point in the development process.

  4. Basically everything, as it is an alpha game and there is bugs and stuff.

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Dota 2 - Yes, unless you cant handle people yelling at you. It still the best game out there for PvP. Its more team oriented and there are a few more mechanics than LoL and HotS.

Board Game Simulator - Yes. Play almost any board game with friends online (or card game), whats not to like?

Darkest Dungeon - Pretty neat RPG game, great immersion, just really cool turn based combat strategy game.

CS:GO - for when i feel like getting AWP’d in the face.

Diablo 3: A new season starts soon, I’m excited for that.


Had a couple of fails recently.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot - “Economic PvP” Really great idea and the game play is pretty fun too. The unfortunate part is that it is obviously pay to win, so I quit after an hour or so.

The Reign of Kings - Full loot PVP++, It was not a pretty game. I played for a little while and all was ok until the hackers (yes plural) came. They fly around like gods and drop tons of mobs on you for amusement. Seriously, this game might as well quit now. I have read the hacking problem is prolific.