What’s in demand right now?

When you go shopping what is it your looking for, only asking as I’m going to be opening a shop and I’m in 2 minds on which type
I’ve decided I’m going to do either of these:

• brews/food

•forging ingredients (compound, paste, gum ect)
But Need to find out what type people use.

Any input would be appreciated



Brews and pies will always be winners, I think.

I’ve got a forge ingredient shop, but I’ve had to condense it to sell only what people actually use - there are so many useless forge ingredients out there!


Corrupt 1 and 2
Invig paste 1
Stab paste 2
Protection paste 2
Vigour catalyst 2
All gums
Decon 3
Defect removal 2
Setting resin

That’s what I use (and sell)

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Sounds good and both is always needed! I could use someone who supplies my forgers with ingredients. :slight_smile: so with that business you will for sure find a lot of customers

I got yesterday that shopping list/ingredient list:



for me
i usually shop everything.

but forge mats are one that would be on top .

pure boon 3
fate paste 2

thats about it

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I usually go buy something and then just randomly buy some items from other shops around to spread the coin around.

It really depends on what I am looking for though to initially go looking.

I mean any shop you have these days you really have to undercut everyone in an effort to really sell anything.

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Hopper cores will always be in demand.


A solution I proposed to help differentiate and avoid a race to the bottom

It’s a little off-topic… but would you be interested in opening a shop at the sunset forge market? I’m still searching for pie and brew makers and even if you chose to do the forge ingredients, I have for sure forgers on hand that would appreciate your services. You’re of course free to build a shop wherever you want :slight_smile: so far we are a city and can guarantee footfall of a city, but we’re working on reaching great city.

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Appreciate the offer, I’ve always stuck by ultima.
I’ve got a plot 2nd row out at there new hub so once I’ve got a shop built there I’ll be stocking it so in the meantime I’ll be making everything I need until I find myself a builder to make my shop. I’m awaiting someone to reply but not sure he plays anymore.

Thanks everyone for the input it’s been a great help!

Just need to make a list of the ingredients needed to craft all these and find them in my crazy storage area lol I’m crafting about 20k glass ready then I can get making them.

I’ll be making these for sure, just need to get all the ingredients, need to make a few lists of everything needed and find a shop selling them to get an idea on pricing (with me being out of the game so long I have no idea now)

Shop is now open in Ultima New Hub Eresho.
More stock being made currently and will be added later today/tomorrow

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Will check it out soon- what did you call it

Forge supplies shop?

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I haven’t named it yet, currently its JayJays Shop Coming Soon, ill open a portal to it shortly

Yeah, still making more stuff to complete all forge ingredients but i have most of the main ones i think people use

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