What should be sold for Cubits, and what shouldn't?


How much money they spent is irrelevant. I’ll win out right against people who have Oortian. I know I will. I’ll get beat by people who only spent $40. I am okay with that. Competing with other people in this game doesn’t come down to who spent more money. It’s about who is more intelligent with the limited resources they have available to them and having them stretch as far as possible.


I’m just trying to understand what you think the person with $10k sunk into the game is getting with their money spent. Because I think you might have a disconnect somewhere.

There are no inventory boosters (and you don’t need them with this game’s awesome smart-stack system, I’ve mined for hours and not filled even half!) and there are no craft speed boosters (well there are, but not from the in-game shop)

I’ve already explained in great detail how more plots does not help you make more money - a small convenient shop makes just as much money as a hulking behemoth that looks nicer. Because shop stands are still shop stands, regardless of the “prettiness” that surrounds them

And cubits can’t be traded for in-game resources in any way so… what do you gain, exactly?

Explain that to me and we can have a good conversation


cough if both are predicting inventory then the inventory would be sitting there anyway cough

Man does anyone else feel like they’re catching a cold?


you are just not understanding anything about the game mechanics at all @MinerDiggerMan do i need to bring up the fact in another post you SWARE you don’t even own the game and are waiting until release?

Stop commenting on things you do not know or understand (especially negatively which highly suggests your a troll)


I will repeat this as many times as it takes.

Person A has Oortian and 10,000$ dollars and access to a Cash Shop.

Person B has the 40$ base game.

Both people have equal skill.

Does Person A have an advantage in the Market/Trading win-condition over Person B?

Yes. Undeniably.


Lol I mean, I hope this theoretical person does exist

I want him to make up tons of stuff and sell it really cheap - I will buy out his stock and sell for 20% more while he’s twiddling his thumbs out of stock. He’ll replenish it - just for me to buy it all out again and sell again for more.

I never complain about free money


NO if they are equal skill where on earth is the advatage coming from???

Ok the live on dev world… they have a lot of COSMETIC items… the have more plots per cubits (2 plots turn into 5) so what… thaere is no skill advantage to anything in this game at all!



Where though? WHAT is the undeniable benefit of spending $10k?


Blockquote You cannot compete against a Whale Trader who has equal knowledge of trading as you.

YES YOU CAN!!! I have competed against Omni for a long time now!!!



There is no advantage to someone with Oortian backer level when it comes to shop stand and request basket sales. Nobody has advantage on them regardless of how much of their personal finances they throw at this game.

That’s your fundamental disconnect and lack of understanding. Thanks for simplifying it more.


my final word before this thread is locked @MinerDiggerMan( @Stretchious etc)

what you are not understanding is you cannot buy skills at all whatsoever end of story! the confusion is you can only unlock skillsets that you don’t have the current level for, but you still need to get the skill points to use that set!!!

that means ZERO advantage!


In the original example, I was talking about the possibility of Inventory Expanders and Crafting Time Reducers.

I said while Inventory Expanders I felt are questionable, if combined with Crafting Time Reducers, these two would give a market advantage to whoever had the money to consistently buy them.

Because this is a Sandbox game, one of the win conditions is Market Control, like in a Civilization-type game, you can win based on Political and Economic influence in the world. It’s an MMO, everything they do and control exerts power and influence.

Having a massive inventory and significantly reduced crafting time would be an advantage to creating a massive trading empire. That’s undeniable.

Would you rather have a 20 slot inventory, or a 100 slot inventory? You’d want 100 slots, right? The reason you’d want 100 slots is because It’s better, and because it’s better, that implies it provides benefit over only having 20 slots.

These were only two examples of a much larger post that people have seemed to ignore in their quest to somehow prove to me a massively increased inventory and crafting time reductions somehow offers zero advantage over other players attempting to exert market influence in the game…


yes, but it doesn’t matter


Uhm both Sly and I are normal basic backers and

are two of the most well known and dare I say household names for shopping in the game…
We have compeated with Omni for a long time now with no issues and we will continue to compeat against omni after release for years to come! Omni has to level his character the same as us and he has the same limited number of hours in a day to do things as we do… His money has no ability to get him ahead of us… Being a Shop Keeper is basically hardwork time and determination… Its not pay to win…


200% bonus plots won’t indirectly make their market expansion easier? Not even 1% easier? Because that 1% easier time they’d have at the starting line is an advantage only an Oortian gets.

Yes, Oortians have an inherent advantage to Market Share dominance indirectly.

I’m not debating how significant the advantage is, you are. I’m debating whether or not having 200% bonus plots is going to aid someone when building a Market Empire. It’s going to help them.


1% easier doesn’t bother almost everyone


It doesn’t matter. You still have to have the blocks available to build the shop in the first place. You can have 10,000 free plots and it won’t mean jack ■■■■ if you have zero building materials to create the shop in the first place. It won’t mean anything if you have no inventory to bring in and stock the shop. It won’t mean a damn thing if you can’t sustain the inventory of that new shop. All of this applies even to an existing active shop expanding it’s inventory and space.

You really have no idea what you’re talking about.


The physical size of the shop does not help you sell products. Its not an advantage

You can cram your shop into a small area, or sprawl it out over a large one - there’s no advantage to either option.

Some will like the “shopping mall” feeling, others will prefer the compact design saving them a headache of walking all around.

Either way, there’s no advantage.

And if there were more inventory boosters, or crafting time boosters. Maybe it would be an issue? But they don’t exist, so why are we arguing about them?


That’s moving the goal posts again.

With every argument I make you are moving the goal posts.

First you say ‘Well, someone could just play the game more and get an advantage’ when I explained you that two people of identical skill would not be at equal Market Share if one had access to an extended inventory and zero crafting time.

Now, you’re saying, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter if there’s any benefit, because, it’s not a significant benefit’

I’ve never once argued the significance in detail because I’ve been too busy having to prove that yes, 200% bonus plots, expanded inventory, and zero crafting times does in fact provide a benefit to someone.


Moving the goal post your arguement is relying on Hypothetical features that ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE in the game!