What should be sold for Cubits, and what shouldn't?


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Okay I have well and truly given this argument all of the answers it asked for, laters!


The entire purpose of this thread was to share our opinions on cash shop features we feel could be added to help monetize the game, to ensure Boundless is continued to be developed for many years to come.

So… yes, this argument that’s occurred is because people did not believe Inventory Expanders and Crafting Time reducers would risk a P2W controversy. I’m debating that claim, and instead asserting that I feel because it’s a Sandbox MMO with a heavy focus on player trade, the Cash Shop should be careful about what it offers so as to not give those who engage in Market Warfare an unfair advantage.


All comes down to balance. Plain and simple. I trust the devs to figure out what works and then adapt as needed. Not difficult.


This thread has become silly. @MinerDiggerMan doesnt own or play the game. He hasn’t seen how the game plays and doesn’t seem to believe anything that we have given him. Even though everything here has already been explained and debated elsewhere.

Let him stir an empty pot. I’m out of this silliness. I’ll see you all at pre-release.


the entire point of it was to shoot everyone down when they don’t agree… look at your many many replies where you refuse to listen!


The developers have said that when a certain percentage of a planet is plotted or we have a certain number of players additional planets will be produced. Plot away, the more crowded one planet gets, the more planets will appear.


complex issues are complex. Not sure what to tell ya bud.

I think I’ve been saying that the whole time. If there was no benefit, people wouldn’t buy it. Not sure why that’s hard to prove.


Though this is a little tricky to parse, I think there are some things that arguably provide such little benefit they can be considered inconsequential, like costumes, clothing, hats, and things like that.

Would you agree with that?

Cash shop? wait what?

idd all you get for $3k is 200% plots (202 on 2 however many on 50 etc) and as stated here and by devs… plot away because more worlds will be added every time one becomes crowded…

The get to BUILD/live on dev world… they get all the founder items + artwork + soundtrack…

The do not get

  • free skills
  • free skill sets
  • free level 50s
  • free character slots
  • free epic weapon of firey death

yours is a moot point @MinerDiggerMan


What do you think my point is, btw?


they get a heavy advantage as you keep saying… which they dont


I’ve never said that once. This is why the argument goes in circles. You’re arguing against an argument that doesn’t exist, an argument I’ve never made.

I’m not sure if that’s called a “Straw man” or now, but basically, this entire time you’ve been arguing a position I don’t have, and have not made.


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not in the OP but you turned it into that :wink: im done with you and i think as most are


Show me where I said it provides “a heavy advantage” or implied that, and I’ll concede you were right.


thats one already now yeild


Where in that do I say I’m arguing these things give a heavy advantage? I’m serious.


I see yet another thread discussing the same thing in a different vein being thrashed over and over and over.

I see little point of multiple threads asking “but what if the sky falls on our heads”

We’ve had several responses from the developers on this matter to say that they want a fair system that is clearly not play to win and it’s not a direction they ever want to go in. Nuff said


Cash shop? wait what?