What to do if your Forum Title is wrong

Badges for backers have been granted, and forum Titles set to the name of the badge (unless you already had a Title, in which case you can select to use the badge name as your new Title in your Profile Preferences).

If you don’t have the correct badge and title:

If you find you don’t have the correct Badge/Title please email support@playboundless.com either;-

  1. from the email address you used when backing on oortonline.com (so we know you’re the actual backer), or

  2. in the case of Steam backers, from the email address you used when creating your Oort Online username (so we know you’re the owner of that username)

sending us your forum username and correct backer level. We’ll then be able to investigate why there’s been a problem granting your title and correct it as soon as possible.

Why is my title wrong?

  1. If you used a different email address to purchase Oort Online on oortonline.com and to register your game account - then we might not have been able to correctly link up your status. Please contact us.

  2. If you have been given a key by a Pioneer, Master or Oortian we might not have been able to correclty link up your status. Please have the original purchaser contact us.

well. i bought the master pack and i have the wayfarer title. totally telling the truth… cough cough

nah thanks for the titles, its nice to finally get them there.


k, so I bought master but didnt get mah title. I can’t send email because I dont have internet so can I please just get my title here and now?


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I put in a topic before reading this, but my title says “Adventurer.” I was never an Adventurer as I upgraded from Explorer to Wayfarer two weeks ago. If you need any more info to confirm this, I can email it to you.

Excellent! Thanks Simon!

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Can you upgrade and get the discount that you already paid?


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