What turns you off playing Boundless?

The only problem I have with truclear glass cuz I already killed myself stubbing my toe on signs in the mall and I think the last thing we need is invisible walls everywhere


It is a little cumbersome. I had to place a block first for each placement I wanted and then place the sign module and remove the blocks. Like everything, it can take a bit of experimentation. :nerd_face:

I agree that they should not be everywhere, but they do look nice if you can a good aesthetic going. :wink:

Making the ice see through might be an easy solution

more thing that turn me off…

This crappy gleambow event. It’s not fun chasing these stupid meteors across lakes just to get there while it ends, or get there and all the people with their brews have already taken everything worth a ■■■■. Then another one pops and it’s across the lake… Even these events are grindy with no reward. “I finally made it to a meteor I can get gleam! Oh it’s made of mud…”

All the holes on the planet. I am ALWAYS FALLING DOWN A HOLE. Why do devs think this is enjoyable? It’s not enjoyable, it’s annoying as hell.

then there’s the centraforge. OMG I almost quit yesterday from this ■■■■ and if I didn’t pay for GC the night before I would have. I get a boon I dont like so I remove it. The game puts it right back on. WTF am I wasting boon removal just to get the exact same boon?? I wasted 1000 vigor on one craft and it gave me the same boon back each time. then I used a boon removal three times in a row and it just left the ■■■■ boon on my craft. You get my middle finger for that devs… If I dont want the boon and I remove it then take it off the list!! Dont force it down my throat like you dont give a ■■■■ about my time. It’s not fun or easy to get those stupid horn trophies to waste on boon removal for it to NOT WORK!! slap in the face, ty devs

the controller setting that changes what you have equipped is pretty damn awful too. If I click my button why the hell do you think I want to change my gear to something else?? I have been killed numerous times because my gun changes to a hammer or something else using a controller. Can’t you make this optional and let me turn it off??

Oy vey I swear I rage more than smile at this game. I like building and that’s why i play but this game has no content. I build and nobody visits because few play. I craft but nobody buys because everybody can make the exact same stuff. There’s nothing to do. I am back to where i was when I started and everyone talked me into staying.

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Can’t do anything about your other concerns, but maybe this will help with forging:

I couldn’t really get my head around it at first, but this really helps.

Just take your time, try to be patient, follow the guide and it will get easier.

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I’m laughing so hard. WITH you, not at you. Happens to me so many times. It definitely sucks. :sweat_smile:


I’ve found it easier to go to planets that dont have much people on the, bring a group of people that you trust wont take everything(preferably to a tier six world they have the longest timers, but the roughest terrain, and bring a good grapple and up your agility points it will help with speed) and if you need help I can try when I get on later. :slight_smile:

A lack of variation… I clocked in about 600 hours into the game and now im feeling a little lost… I know that this game is far from finished but in its current form ive run out of things to do. I could continue to do the same repetitive tasks many of which I enjoy, just not over and over so many times. The combat feels very stale compared to almost any other game I play, this is what I feel brings me down when completing those repetitive tasks. I would be a lot more excited gathering surface resources if the experience varied more every time I went out (different monsters mostly). Variation goes for items in the game as well… 2 classes of combat weapons? No craftable wearables?

A game that centers itself heavily on the economy NEEDS to have more variety of items to sell, I broke into the market by sheer force, opening several shops all around the worlds, mainly by groups of new player, why go to a mall when im selling what you need right in your settlement? Everybody sells just about the same items, many other items that could be sold have such a high cap that its almost not worth buying them with coin, you just buy the raw ingredients instead (im talking about forging and high end deco blocks).

I know that I have far from explored all the worlds but… I feel like ive seen everything the game already has to offer. Different places, same monsters, same items, same feel, and it gets a little bit tiring. This is my biggest concern for exoworlds… please make these feel VERY different…

PS: I know you guys are a super small dev team and the work you do is awesome, these are just my candid feelings.


One last turn off is repairing power coils. Sinking skills into spanners and making 6 gem spanners feels like a colossal waste. Plus the forged boon to hit 3x3 plain doesn’t work.

I mentioned some forging gripes here and in a previous post in this thread, why do things exist that don’t function? Would it not make more sense to remove the functionality until it works?
EDIT: I get there are bugs, unintended consequences, etc. I’m referring to the things that have been broken for many months.

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I have no connection issues; amazing that people attribute that to you guys. Literally never rubber band or disconnect unless my own ISP is having an issue.
What turns me off is that there’s no boss opportunities and all the mobs are variations of the same 4 mobs on planets miles away from one another. It makes it boil down to just mining and traveling to mine materials. Just crafting. One of the cool things about Minecraft is that you had another dimension to get to, castles and all new mobs to discover when you got to the netherworld… That’s not including all of the mods that make the game even so much more.
I’m worried that it’s just a grindfest after all.
Makes me sad to think as I realize it. Plus? Stuff is way too hard to craft. I have to go to another planet to get something and even then I can spend a couple hours only to get one piece of gold for example. That’s just ridiculous.
I wish it had that “netherworld” nuance Minecraft had… some boss mobs… when I fall into a cave digging it was a bummer the first time as I realized no mobs were in it. Boring.

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What is the difference between going to another planet to get resources or going to another dimension? Netherwart was a real pain to find the first time.

what turns me off at the moment is the POOR performance from the USW servers this week… 3rd day this week I am getting unplayable connections. I don’t like complaining because I know the Devs put in ALOT of work and I thank them but this server issue is a bit much… Its not from my end from what I have checked… my thing is maybe the server(s) need a good reboot.

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because there are no new mobs on a different planet… hello? did you actually read my post? literally programmed into the game is 4 classes, one for each mob and when you go to different planets the classes are just tweaked. there are only 4 mobs for the entire game. 4… four mobs. Just… 4. Umm… 4.
Aaand? Minecraft has a boss mob… with and without mods Minecraft has a TON of mobs… SO much variation and infinite worlds. To craft a 2nd tier machine I have to hope I can get to lvl 5 or 6 planet to get some amount of gold when I can’t even survive one hit from a tentacle mob.
I love the game I just want it to be better.
I post so that it’s known. If a fanboi wants to cover up the not-so-great parts of the game then he should also look forward to watching it go away as those things that I mention are things that will turn people off. I’m a 46 year old who has played online games since 1995… I have some experience and have played tens-of thousands of hours of games in my life. I don’t state this or that lightly. It’s something I think should be considered.
Try to be objective so that the game benefits.
I’m not tryin to ■■■■ on the game. I wanna see it succeed.

I don’t understand this “poor conection” stuff I think y’all need to install to an SSD drive, upgrade some piece of hardware in your machine or consider your ISP quality honestly. it’s got to be your pc if everyone doesn’t experience what you’re complaining about. No doubt whatsoever from my perspective.

not my pc thats 100% sure… 2x 1tb samsung pro m.2’s 32gb ram and an i7 8700k and 1GB internet speeds and they are fine as well… It has been fine during the day… just hitting the evening for the 3rd time this week that this has happened… and its only the USW planets…

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It is routing issues between your home and the server, which are under neither of our controls, but is controlled by ISPs. Using a VPN generally provides much better connection quality to further away servers as the VPN makes a business out of providing good quality routing whilst ISPs generally just go for whatever is cheapest for them (which causes problems at large distances; particularly across continents).

Using proxy servers (whether yourself like with VPNs or from our side) can also give benefits for routing quality, but is not something we’re directly looking at for the moment as it increases bandwidth costs quite a bit (not an expert here…).

Most games dont involve playing on servers at large geographical distances away, so most games just never hit these issues at all…


it’s you and your setup or isp bro. otherwise, objectively speaking, logically, since not everyone experiences what you do… it’s gotta be your stuff.
Nice pc btw. :wink: goodluck

could be my ISP but when I do a speed test I got 400mb download and 150mb upload but I guess its them connecting to whatever server…

internet speed tests will by default connect to whatever server nearby they have listed with the shortest ping. you have to do a test to the region where the game server is actually hosted (ideally doing a traceroute/ping to the actual gameserver itself, eg: gs-live-usw1.playboundless.com