What turns you off playing Boundless?

Cheers, yeah … Ironically videos are pretty much text in visual form here … but definitely better if one has a vague idea and just wants to dip in for tid-bits.

I use videos as last resort when trying to figure our MS 365 stuff in real life.

Also what is the website to buy a world

Unknown why it was removed from the in-game menu.


Thank you so much


Very perceptive after 2 months of play, as those may very well be the top 5 things that sometimes annoy me after 2 years. Maybe not exos for me though as I rarely go to them.

Agreed, it should be more of a puzzle than a gamble. I think there are many opportunities in this game for minigame-style tasks. Minecraft’s original crafting table comes to mind. Anybody remember when it was in beta and you had to figure out how to craft everything using intuition? That was a lot of fun. My brother and I would celebrate every time we discovered a new recipe.

I really just avoid forging due to the mats but do make my own transform and undo chisels and would love if they came up with some kind of mental challenge instead.


well, the forge simulator kinda explains why you still get dura with 5 glow gums… (77.3%~89.5% chance depending on what you’re forging) and while I did find RNG in the actual ingame forging slightly more forgiving than what the simulator throws at me, I do agree it can be just utter bs at times.

And that is also why I buy my slingbows instead of forging them. 16 boons total, RNG bs at it’s finest…


What turns you off playing Boundless?
Exos that appear just at the end of the weekend so us mugs who have to go to work early Monday morning can come back to scraps.


In a fair world, approximately 1/3 of exos should appear around your bed time, 1/3 around time to work, and 1/3 around time to relax and play.

This also means these exos should be common enough that you don’t have to wait 6 weeks for an exo in a compatible time slot.

But I’ve expressed this in this thread before.


Shouldn’t it be 1/4 though? Since there are 4 regions for servers

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I was referring to a person’s typical division of their day into three eight hour segments. Does the exo appear during sleep time, work time, or free time? 1/3 chance of each, if they are evenly distributed.

Because there are approximately 24 time zones represented across the 4 regions, and because people work day/swing/night shift in all parts of the world, I wouldn’t really consider region in this too much, myself.


Ohhhh yes makes sense lol sorry

I miss the times when we had exos all the time.

There was always at least one exo up if not more.


Too bad that shows up on the forums but not the main game page. Actually, there is no mention of Sovereign or Creative worlds on the main page. It seems like a missed opportunity.

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There used to be a link from in-game, but it broke in the first update after sovs came out.

There is a button on https://playboundless.com/#moment-collaborate-main that should tell you about the feature, but not only is it broken, but it also doesn’t know that the feature was added, and consequently wouldn’t link to the store either.
I have a gallery of the features page here: Boundless Features Page

I actually really like enchanting in MC

Oh god, the only way I can stand MC forging is by making a ton of single-enchantment books and then levelling them up by combining them and then putting them onto the tool. yech.

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MC enchanting is definitely a slot machine, but it actually gives player a decent amount of control.
The guaranteed enchant changes every time anything is enchanted by the player, and a bad guarantee for an item type can be a decent or even good guarantee on other item types (e.g. unbreaking 3 pickaxe? try checking a bow, maybe it’s power 4). It’s fairly cheap as well, only taking 3 level and 3 lapis per lv30 enchantment, so the RNG is kinda justified.
On top of that, anvil allows the player to combine enchantments (and repair enchanted items), which means you can perfect your item with enough resources, and the final product will last a long time (until you hit anvil modification limit).
It’s more RNG than boundless forging, but it’s much cheaper, and if you’re unlucky you can always spend more resources to perfect your item. Not to mention, the enchantment itself guarantees that it’s at least decent/usable (worst case is lvl 3 enchantments), contrast that to boundless with some boons being practically useless.

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Please create a new post in General or Off-topic for discussions. This is for turn-offs and grievances only.


A bit turned off from playing my main character lately, since I started playing co-operatively with my partner.

And likewise I don’t feel like playing if he’s not on, since then I feel I might be getting too much done on my own. I also don’t actually really want to level up an alt very much beyond a certain point, as I’d rather just get the experience on my main, who already has the bulk of my plot count.

I have 1544.6 hours in this game so it should be obvious I don’t hate it. However, there are things that are starting to turn me off of playing more and more. And up front I have been playing computer games for 40 years. I have been reading the magazines, message boards, forums, etc for just as long. So I am not a complete newb or idiot on the subject of computer games.

First and worst is world design. Never have I heard anybody say they want sadistic world design in a game yet that seems to be the goal in Boundless. Just three worlds as an example are Delta Cancret, Cephonex and Lambliss. DC has way too many areas that are just extremely tall cliffs, a few meters of land and then a steep drop off again. Why? Cephonex has large pits of lava. That should be easy to avoid by try going on a Brown Town hunt. It turns out they aren’t so easy to steer away from. Again, nobody has ever asked for that. And Lambliss - where there are huge seas of lava stopping you from getting from Point A to Point B. If your lucky you can find portals to get between two blocks of land but generally it is hard to find them even if they exist. And even on T1 planets there are holes that drop you down to a point that low level characters end up dying. It’s not a great first impression to be looking for a place to set up your first base and end up dead (or extremely low health) in a deep dark cave.

Second, in games communications are subpar. I finally found out I can edit a text file to keep the last few messages up on my screen for a while. That is not an optimal solution. Players should not have to edit text files themselves. I downloaded the beta and it overwrote my modded file so I have to redo it. That’s annoying. And, well, not showing the chat consistently without a mod is just poor design. Another point - I am in two different guilds. Neither of them use guild chat because they tell you it can take hours for the messages to go through. That should be considered a problem. When you have to rely on third party apps to communicate there is a flaw in the game design. You can’t even access notifications without opening up a specific chat channel then going to Say or Shout and scrolling through to find the Notification. How is this acceptable? In 2021 voice chat should actually be part of the game, though I understand this might be a limitation based on being cross-platform.

Third is interface design. What do all of the little icons for status affects and the like mean? There is no glossary or tooltip for them. I get the little skull is death penalty but the others aren’t necessarily so self-explanatory. I have been frustrated with this and went searching the internet to no avail for someplace that lists the meaning of all of these. Heck, there is nothing that explains the little colored numbers showing the chat messages you can read so that is meaningless until you find somebody who can explain it.

Fourth, another thing I have never heard anybody ask for in this type of game is “grapples”. This relates back to the first point in a way. You wouldn’t need grapples without the horrible world design and you couldn’t do the awful world design without grapples. They go hand in hand. Grapples are great if you have good hand-eye coordination and are young. I am at a point in life where I have to stop and aim carefully to get over a ridge. Often when the cliff is too high I have to just say forget it and skip meeting up with the hunt on top, finding the region on top or whatever else. Limiting parts of the game to only those who can use this tool well is not a way to increase the player base which should be a goal of the devs.

Finally, communications from the devs is just awful. People can make all sorts of excuses for it but at the end of the day if you don’t tell people things like “No - single-player universes is not a way to shut down the main MMO” you are going to just let the speculation spin out of control. If you don’t say “The implementation of chat has problems and we are looking at ways to fix them” it looks like you just don’t care about the problems. If you can’t be bothered to do the slightest bit of marketing, even if it is just a PR blurb sent out to the MMO sites about seasonal events or updating the game website to include sovereign planets it looks like you just don’t care. Are the devs looking at fixing problems or are they just throwing out one idea after another to see what sticks (sovereign planets, melee weapons, solo universes, etc.)? I am all for updates and new things but it is my understanding that there are long time issues that haven’t been addressed. The need to talk about those as well.

So - those are the things I can think of right now turning me off playing Boundless. Time to go in and build some more. smile


This for the main part. Chat is very often hard to read, and there’s no option to keep the chatbox up to fix that. Non-instant chat, so it can take HOURS to reply to somebody asking for help in the questions and help channel. Newbies don’t know that. Ask a question about the game that you can’t figure out in the game after playing for an hour or two, no replies for half an hour. Couple that with the numerous false steam reviews saying the game is dead, they think the same and uninstalls. Not a good thing for this game.

Not enough content. The two main contents in this game is 1. building and 2. interacting with the community. Be somebody like me that doesn’t like building and that’s 70% of the content gone. Really could use new mob types (cough cough hunter cough ground basher cough cough Titans cough) to make hunts more interesting.

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