What turns you off playing Boundless?

i met him, an awesome guy and so lovely and helpful to the community!


And a solo player who is one of the most established and most capable people I’ve ever met

Before sovereigns, this was one of my few gripes about Boundless, blocking off large chunks of what were then much more scarce resources. More than once I ended up cussing out loud after running into massive areas of blocked off hotspot on Malurialakrib.

Part of the reason I did what I did with my own sovereigns off Alcyon… and I’m not the only one who has done that for sure. If there is a certain permanent planet resource someone is looking for, if you ask, one of us probably has a freely accessible spot we’ve opened for it that is likely better than what you’ll find on the permanents even. :slight_smile:


thats the reason people plot in city’s for footfall
they did change some rules to prevent unbuild terrain but you stick gemblocks underground and avoid the same block rule and you golden

I know you kind of clarified this somewhat, but I have never been a huge guild kind of guy in other games minus say a few larger MMORPG games.

I play solo mostly and while I thought I needed to be in a big guild to accomplish anything I have totally found it’s not necessary at all. I have been on many hunts (nearly 3-4 a week some with 20+ people), I have established a large base, numerous shops and I have a lot of projects going (more than I will ever admit too).

That being said I don’t think you need to be in a big guild at all and while sure they control hubs (I wouldn’t call them trade routes) you could very well bypass the hubs if it better suits you and your playstyle. I feel the hubs are just a convenience for the most part. They don’t have to provide them and really some of the larger ones like TNT aren’t an easy thing to maintain. For me personally, even if I joined a large guild I would still play pretty independently. I like to accomplish things on my own … and I think a lot of people in the game are similar.

I also am not sure if everyone in a large guild is rich, I would imagine they are not and I also am not sure what amount is defined as rich in this game but I can get to 10 million in a couple of days fairly easily and have done it a few times, my problem is I spend it quick as I want to put the money back in to the economy.

To your point it takes a lot of time … and even if you are in a large guild it is still going to take a lot of time. I could see how that isn’t for a lot of people.

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Key phrases:

unless you learn to do everything yourself

I just don’t have the time to do so

Can anyone spot the impasse?


The way I read it is u can’t do solo without learning everything because it’s almost impossible to learning everything and on top of that I don’t have time

the way i see it

that seems the biggest problem or else it would have been achievable

boundless takes away a lot of time for sure


I never realized you were a solo player. Congratulations! You have done amazing things in the game and proven it is possible.

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thank you kindly, but it comes at a cost of using up time but yeah i solo mine and farm i dont do hunts or have ‘‘farms myself’’ my source of income comes from pure hardcore mining and farming and then buy whatever is needed to maintain, im also working very efficient when it comes to hub maintaining not to open to many portals that lead kind of to the same direction, thats where most people get in trouble, its better to open to 1 that has the least blinksecs and also to another hub or portal area

but now that i have my girlfriend with me since last month she helps me now when it comes to regen farming so thats at least less work haha

also here’s a little update on time lol



Not sure where to post this, if a mod knows a better spot, feel free to move it!

So I saw this article this morn, amd immediately thought of @bucfanpaka and others who have touted the need for more advertisement and support for Boundless. We all knew some of the limitations of console, many being policy-related, not technical limitations. I had no idea it was quite THIS bad tho, poor devs :roll_eyes:

Forbes: Dev Details Sony’s Frustrating Rules For Discounts And Promotion On PlayStation.


Boundless was promoted by Sony because that is how I found it. It was featured on a PS4 main page a couple years ago. But yeah not much since then.

all these updates turn me off cant take it anymore


So what kind of bass ackwards damage control was in charge of deleting this video from YouTube? :joy:

The same video is on the Playstation store; the character models sold me. I especially like official screenshot #3 featuring the groundbasher…

Are games with intentionally broken trophies is a no-go on PSN? ■■■■, if I knew I’d be an awkward, ballsnaked, stone-like creature… I probably wouldn’t have purchased the game in the first place.

This is some big mac in the bag ■■■■, and I’ve had my fill. Who should I lodge a formal complaint with to get my money back? Sony? :thinking:


@tarranth What yt channel was this trailer from?

It is worse if you got to play with the models from the trailer for a year or more and then got them taken away.


Ye… Modernizing aint always better…

Example minecraft.


I wish I could remember. It was the first one I saw back in the day (June 5th, 2019) that initially drew me in.
The video had been up for nearly 3 years…but as soon as I linked it to here, it was taken down. I find that strange…

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I can only imagine so. :man_shrugging:t2:


I could refer this with counter strike… Especially transform from 1.6 To source. Block graphics vs smoother ones.

Took me many years until i tried source cause i played 1. 5 and 1.6 so long.

I have been on a Boundless break for about a couple of months or so. What would definitely bring me back in a hurry would be customizable textured blocks. Boundless is a beautiful game but variety is the spice of life. So I guess modding is my futile request.:joy: