What turns you off playing Boundless?

Yeah okay. It could possibly be the companies lying to us but speed test is saying we’re good. I dunno.

Do you mean a person names Havok or one named Havok40k. I doubt Havok40k. There has been some progress by the developers to limit interaction with people that are doing things like that. You can currently at least mute them.

There is a lot of points along the chain that could be where it is at. Finding exactly where is what I know how to do. :slight_smile:

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The Ubernoob sits and begins to write notes. He then looks at you as if you knew the secrets of the universe. Wide-eyed and excited he simply says, " go on… ".


I can send aqua discord tonight then ya can ask questions all you like we got great group off fast replyers :slight_smile:

Go watch the first video in this post when Atlas’ were released on testing.

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Death penalty needs to be re-vamped

Every time i get excited (find a diving board someone made, a new critter i haven’t seen before, see if i can leap off this mountainside and land in that lake) I remember I may loose 25% of everything I just spent hours making and I bail.

The death penalty is keeping me from having any emergent fun. That is not good.

Then you have a skill to remove this penalty.

So what I see as a player is: I have to choose to spend ~150 skill points to click the “enable fun” button in the options (skills) menu.

– An Alternative –
Asherons call had a good one. 5% life penalty per death, stackable up to 50%.

As you earn XP the penalty fades away. ( never consumes any earned XP, just say at level 20, every 100xp you earned removed 1% penalty )

They did skills too, but you can probably just get by with a damage modifier or whatever.

– Benefits –
That way we can take a death or two to have some FUN. Or be surprised, or try something new.

You could even key event-rewards drop rates based on this % loss.
Die a couple times but you’re kickin butt and earn your penalty back down, you get full reward still.
Die a bunch and you’re not helping much, you take a nice reward loss, and still carry home a penalty.

If you’re trying to prevent people from solo’ing something, why? The reward for the time spent isn’t that great, especially by yourself.


The fact that I spent most of Sunday mining diamonds and only ended up with 79. To be fair though I learned slot in the forums and my new mining methods are going to make life so much easier. Anyone know how many diamonds generally are in an area. I always thought it was maybe 6 blocks and you needed to mine far away to find more. Before I learned of new methods it frustrated me that I was only getting 1 diamond at a time from each block. I was told luck doesn’t affect the diamonds because it is a tier 2 planet? I thought it seemed harsh but my mining method was a bit rough so it makes sense now.

If you’re looking in cave systems, mining rate can vary quite a bit. Diamonds are on tier 2 and I’ve rarely if ever had 2 drop from a single ore.

If you’re strip mining in solid rock, your rate of mining in a hotspot approaches a direct relation to the number of blocks displaced as time goes on. Using iron tools I maxed about 20 diamonds an hour, switching to gem tools I went to 160 diamonds in 2h in the same area… So no solid numbers but more is better


20 diamonds in an hour dwarfs my mining yesterday haha. I’m going to have the 81 other gems I need for sure now. Thought it was going to take forever.

not having a way to farm spicy beans. or the plants that drop it. i have spent an hour running around looking for a little spiky thing growing in other spiky things to no avail. that is what is turning me off a bit. would be nice if you could make a farm plot that you could grow the plants in. though i know that sounds dangerously minecrafty.


Mmmmmm, farming <3

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Did you do a search in the forums on how to find it? There are a few posts that help. Many areas near deserts on starting planets have them. Plus if I remember right trees leaves drop them sometimes. You might want to put one in an atlas and go to the areas highlighted… I might have my beans switched but use the atlas.

`you can toss m in an atlas? didn’t even know that was a thing (i am a bit of a nooblet at this game still). had a poke around the wiki but that’s not a lot of help. searching the forum only gave me some peeps that were selling m. though google gave me a few nice mexican recipies i will be trying out soon.
i had a ton of those plants about starting off, but after bashing m into the ground with my warpiestick i haven’t seen any so far. haven’t seen m drop from trees so far.


No worries at all! The devs have mentioned interest in adding farming post release! You can find the discussion on the Trello page.

this is killing me
is the bug that happens when you step on a flower or so
it happen while you do things you don’t want/expect to get interrupted, in the wild, like solo exploring, hunting and other full-immersive play moment. it really hurts :cry: as going back to sanctuum doesn’t help, most of the time you have to quit and that interrupts everything… and maybe you just don’t want to relog, i mean, it breaks the immersion and the feeling

edit: happened already 3 times in the last 30 mins
edit2: 4 times
edit 3: 5 times
but the space gleam lantern it’s wonderfull xD


happened now for the 6th times :cry:

for killing me i meant killing my willing to play (but it seems i keep going on xD)

it’s the one for wich you just get bumped up/down and can’t do anything

Do you have a location for us to check out? Is it a certain plant? Do you have the ledge climb skill unlocked?

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ledge climb skill: yes, but this has never happened in situations where it could be triggered

flower: don’t know, i m on now, i can try to replicate it