What turns you off playing Boundless?


wow, I have already read all about this incident, but this image really puts it into the perspective.
That was really insensitive to say the least from that player. It is really mind blowing to me how some people’s mind work (yeah, I read his explanation, didn’t find much sense in it, and with this image even less)

To stay on topic, what really annoys me and I will bring this up forever is that we don’t get notifications about expiring beacons on email!!! Unfortunately some of beacons I was taking care of run out of fuel. I’m glad I at least have images. Build was 4 beacons, 2 of them expired. I’m really sad that that happened.
Really really really put me down, and put into the perspective that everything I build and work for in this game will eventually sometime be wiped out because there will be that one time I forget to fuel beacon :cry:


Wait until the avalanche of 4chan troll griefers that launch will bring… /smh


You kinda set ourself up for that when you bluid roads and offer space in between for otyer people to build.

Take 100 people

At least one is going to be a psychopath. Not saying this was a psychopath, that is not my point but I hope you get the point cos I don’t feel like writing a 10 paragraph forum port :slight_smile:

There’s NOTHING to be one about such things.


Seriously, I can’t believe anyone still uses “OH HAI” to communicate anymore. I thought LOLSpeak was dead.


I was predicting Dental, but yeah, 4chan. Oh bother.


Well, at least you’re not bitter. :grin:

I’m concerned that we’re stretching the metaphor too far. I see properties put on sale for 200,000C or so, and I wonder why anyone would want to buy them. You can’t live in them. You can’t actually do anything in them. One day (real soon now, or so it’s been rumored) there will be Titans and other things to occupy our time in-game, but right now (crafting aside), all one can do with a property is look at it, and then later come back and look at it again. The biggest pastime in the game so far seems to be arguing about who can build what next to whom, and that’s starting to lose its charm–at least for me.


In all honesty, yeah I probably did set myself up for the issue - but herein lies the problem… people wont have enough plots to protect everything around an area they build in. Only by grinding, and killing off up some of my other builds, have I just managed to raise enough plots to cover most of the rest of the settlement.

This solution doesn’t exactly lend itself to allowing players to join the settlement if they’re not in my timezone, or around at the same time when I’m actually playing. And certainly doesn’t cater to those that are not even on the forums and have no idea how to request to build there.

I agree - and currently the game caters to those people more than it does protecting those that want to build something grand. All it takes is one of those ‘psychopaths’ to come along and ruin the enjoyment of the other 99 players.

Completely disagree here… currently there isn’t much that can be done, other than claiming all the land you can for future development… but who can do that when they’re just starting out though?! … who can say for sure, “yeah I definitely need this big an area… and I will never need to expand”.

You could pool your resources with other players, but then that doesn’t cater for the solo player that still wants to build something grand.

You could just rent a private server (although they’re not available yet)… but you can’t rely on people to want to dip into their pockets to fix a problem with the game (as much as I want to see as many private worlds and possible and a vast influx of funding so Boundless can continue to grow). Not everyone can afford to do that either.

I’m not bitter - I was understandably pissed off when it happened, as it’s far too easy for another player to be a complete ■■■■ towards you.

That’s one way to look at it. The other is that we’re highlighting an issue that will only get worse… most new players, upon 1.0 release, will be on public worlds (not including the dedicated players currently whom I know a lot of will go the renting route). If those public worlds turn into a toxic environment to build in because it’s too easy to troll peoples creations, then it’s not conducive that people will say… “hey, I’ll just rent my own world”. They won’t get that far - they’ll see the game as a toxic environment and keep away from it. This is one of the reasons why I’ve not let my daughter join Boundless yet.

There’s still nothing to stop any other player building a massive 10 plot wide by 10 plot high wall right next to my settlement, or completely covering the lake next to it with sand, or building in the 2 plot buffer between me and another settlement and join us together (something neither of us want). Unfortunately, the trolling possibilities are endless (I was going to say they are Boundless, but I don’t want to tarnish the name).


If something like this makes me not want to play (and I’ve been here a fair amount of time and have about 1100 hours invested in game and countless more on the forums), what will it do to a new player?!


This does bring up a good point and a question from me. I am not familiar with what is in store for crafting, but are we going to have a point where recipes will be put in to craft chairs, tables, etc. to make those buildings look lived in? You have a point, right now I really only use it to house my crafting machines and someplace to store my materials and items.


In all honesty, don’t forget about the griefing either. And we know it will happen. If I have an issue with “stretchious” and his build then come to the forums to vent about it. He may say, “Screw you wolvy!!” and decide to move some of his plots next to mine and build something hiedous causing me to either not play or want to move. Heck, that could happen if someone wants my land in order to expand their plots /build and I have a nice piece of land I am using.


I think quite the opposite is the case, compared to other Online-sandbox-Building games trolling possibilities are barely existent.

Assuming that the majority of new players aren’t little Sissies that are turned off by a bit of eyesore, I’d assume that public worlds will do fine with little to none moderation.


And that is your prerogative to make those assumptions. However, I’m working with facts from what I and others have experienced from actually playing the game, not assumptions.

Out of curiousity - when would a “bit of eyesore” become a problem for you? Giant wall next to your build? Giant wall made of furnaces? Giant roof of furnaces blocking out the sun? 3 walls of furnaces surrounding your build? Let’s assume you like the look of furnaces… how about the lag that is associated with rendering that many of them?


Wow @Vastar pulling out insults. This must of really upset you. Did you have a bad experience with someone complaining about your build?


Hey, when looking into doors.
I sometimes forget to close the door to my “private room” in my “showcase home” is it possible to add the option Autoclose when offline?


Well, just to be clear–I agree with zoning laws in the real world, I was just hoping to avoid them in my game life, and I really, really, really despise HOAs and made sure to buy where there wasn’t one. (I don’t need someone else charging me extra money to live where I live, and I don’t need someone to tell me what color roof shingles to buy.) Okay, that’s out of the way. (So, I was expressing disappointment at a situation, not at @Stretchious for being upset–yeah, that inverted ziggurat would be ugly even in a town of inverted ziggurats.)

The problem doesn’t exactly have a solution in the real world (Google up “eyesore on I-4” for an example of how long something like this can go on), so it’s not clear how the tension between “freedom to create” vs “freedom to troll” can be resolved. It sort of devolves into line-drawing: what happened with @Stretchious was clearly intended to be annoying and in-the-face; building with brick in a community of all wooden huts might be an accident or an inevitability, depending on why one is building in that location (access to portals or resources) or what materials one has to hand. It comes down to intent, and intent is difficult to fathom sometimes. Exercises in line-drawing almost inevitably turn into arguments of the beard, no one can agree on anything, and people go away upset and maybe even leave the game.

Sometimes the costs of doing business in order to maintain “freedom” (whatever that means in context) are pretty high. Maybe town wardens need more ability to manage what gets built inside areas they’ve bounded. They could post eviction notices and then take down the build (and confiscate the goodies) after a predetermined interval has passed if the builder didn’t respond. I don’t think that would stop abuse in either direction (crap builds designed to annoy only for the duration of the eviction process, wardens declaring something unsuitable just to get materials)–and it would just complicate the code base.

So, to my way of thinking, it’s just the cost of doing business. I don’t know where else to go with it. (Okay, I rethought that. If “tenants” were required to lease space for coins, it might make the goobers think twice before trolling because it isn’t free anymore.)


I wish this whole issue was a problem with the game, but it’s not. It’s a problem with us as people. When given freedom and choice we often misuse it. We enjoy the drama and the pain we inflict on others often because we have been on the receiving end of that pain. It’s sad that we cannot as a whole choose to be kind. We should not have to ask the devs to diminish creative freedoms, basically child proofing the game because we can’t be trusted to not set the house on fire.

Using the games creative freedom as an excuse to terrorize and misbehave is immature. It’s like saying that because I have the ability to be mean to you then I should.

And then there are the people that will watch me be mean to you and when you complain, or ask for sympathy or justice they tell you you have no right to be angry. That you are weak that the game is at fault and that my malicious actions are not my responsibility, that even though I chose to be mean to you I am free and clear to do whatever I want. Because you the victim are at fault because you asked for it, you opened up your build to be vulnerable to other players in the hope of building a community and wanting to play with others to make something cool.

But we all have the ability to choose. We can choose to ruin someones day or we can choose to brighten someones day or we choose just not to be involved. The thing is it is our choice. We are responsible for the choices we make and build our reputation and legacy not just in a game, but in our lives.

So I choose to have fun and respect others. I choose to enjoy the diversity and creativity of other people. I choose to contribute to other people’s visions in a thoughtful way. I choose to try to look past insults to the hurt behind them.I choose to not judge others by a single poor choice. But I will judge you on a run of repeatedly destructive and disrespectful behavior. I am only human and patience only runs so deep.

Steps of soapbox

So yeah @brook-monroe I understand where you are coming from and I also don’t want to limit freedom


Coal generates smoke and also is way to expensive to look nice


We’re gonna bring back BEAUTIFUL CLEAN COAL


LOL!! Oh that eyesore. :rofl:


So thoughtful and beautifully said, and so correct. I choose not to set the house on fire either :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


this is where we need to set up some sort of guideline like list of etiquette and expected behaviour, as a guideline as to how to treat others and their builds.