What turns you off playing Boundless?


Your whole first paragraph is about the economy and making coin. Quite relevant if you ask me, but ok.


This is not the THREAD to discuss it. Keep on topic here.


Wth did I miss something? You posted in this THREAD with your fist paragraph pertaining to coin making and economy.


He means that he doesn’t think that there should be any further discussion in this thread and that it should solely be for people to voice their complaints.

EDIT: bad grammar D:


Hmm alright I can see that. So we should not add to the conversation when something new is added to the thread? (Not being an ass hat just an honest question)


Not here, This is for people to voice there personal opinion with Dev’s. They don’t want to sift through spam and people arguing, this isn’t the place to talk about each others opinion. Not trying to be an asshat, just not the place to discuss it at all. I only posted here because its not a discussion, only a collection of statements of how people feel.

I also have no desire to debate it, because people don’t see the big picture at all. As people actually stated in this thread, The community does not appeal to alot of players, because some people make it a personal vendetta to ■■■■ everyone else off.


I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with it, as long as each person is contributing their own meaningful opinion than it seems okay. I assume that @james is reading all of our thoughts and taking them into deep consideration even after a player responds and the original posters opinion changes.

Part of the challenge is the disconnect in player experience. For someone who is new to the forum they may have missed a lot of conversations that were talked about previously. So for someone to come in and voice their opinion most of us just want to help and clarify because they could potentially be a new player or if they are a veteran they may have tunnel vision and very stubborn on old ways that the game did things or other games do things. Obviously, @Lynxdragon knows his stuff, and @RedDemption was just trying to help.

To me, this is proof that we have a community that cares. Seriously, cultural difference become a big challenge with communities like this. One person may have the purest intentions and the other person may be rubbed off the wrong way. I agree that there needs to be a better degree of moderation in the future, but this forum is TAME compared to many others that I’ve been involved with.


@Cookviper try turning off the minimum frame rate limit. I think one of the devs answered someone with that problem by asking him to turn the frame rate lower limit off.


I was only trying to help, I’m sorry if whatever I did or said was triggering. By no means what I trying to “debate” anything, or make a personal vendetta towards you at all. I don’t even know where that came from. And by the way this thread looks by reading back is just people discussing back and forth


+1 to this; the game is pretty aggressive at lowering LOD if you dip below the targeted fps (I’d rather deal w/ fps dips, heh)


ALL hotels lie about their wifi


I have a 100 megs at home and the market kills me with bad connections.

The switching cost of alts

I never thought I would add my own comment here… but well, it is what it is…

This… this has turned me off…

Players that are seemingly out to ruin the game for others. It breaks my heart.

Settlement Zoning Requirements?

Because someone built a ziggurat in the center of town, or because it’s got that gap in it?

What puts me off is that we’re alien creatures on alien planets, and all we can seem to build is Switzerland, Arthurian castles, or Las Vegas. Inner Sheldon says that can’t be right.


Both. But primarily the first one… It’s a themed town… with simple requirements for building and being a part of the local community.

This is a definite two-fingers up to those requirements…

If that’s what puts you off, then start a settlement that isn’t those things… hopefully someone won’t come along a build a giant fugly Arthurian castle in the middle of it and ruin it for you.


It’s precisely because of this that I don’t start settlements.

Seriously, of all the things to bring into a game, apparently we’re opting for zoning laws–or freakin’ home owner’s associations. smh


Shake your head all you want - when I play, I do so because I want to be creative, I want to build things that I find inspiring - in doing so, I find like-minded people that want to do the same, that also want to be part of that creative process and build upon the same style and themes that I do.

When you get someone that doesn’t want to be part of that, but just wants to build to annoy or to upset the balance, that’s where I take issue.

So yeah, if you wanna call it zoning laws or a freakin’ home owners association, that’s entirely your prerogative - my highlight here is that I think more needs to be done to allow players to actually feel like they’re a part of the community of the settlement they’re building in - an actual citizen of that settlement … including any rules that settlement might want to impose… and not just a slap-dash of players who happen to build next to each other.


I think that blue prints will help a lot with this. Having the ability to outline the types of buildings someone can have will go a long way for themed towns! I am excited for blueprints and plan on creating many! People could buy versions of mine that would fit their town and use them as guides for players, or make them required! (not just mine, but ones that fit their build!)

And rightfully so…not all towns need to be themed! @Stretchious chose to make a themed town, so the town should be built with respect to that vision (as it was clearly stated).

If someone wants to build a settlement that is totally random, they can! Anyone of us can start a settlement without zoning laws :smiley: haha


We need more base colors that isn’t gleam. maybe more clay colors since we already got that going for us?? I haven’t seen a definite all black color the closes would be igneous.



Some people use coal blocks for black. But I second the call for more colors of blocks. Or, even cloth that can be put on a blocks surface to add color, like a banner or wall paper.