What turns you off playing Boundless?


Apologies, I did not realize what thread this is. I’ll spare my rebuttal for a stand alone post :slight_smile:


Too late! I read it already haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes I made same mistake of forgetting what this topic is.
Let people complain here.


^^This is true guys, same boat.

Game truly is turning into a second job for me though.


Maybe they can make some easy planets and hard planets for those with different amounts of time and patience.


I’m not off from playing :slight_smile:
When I get off and disconnect, it’s sometimes due to the fact I miss speaking with other french-speaking people and I couldn’t find them in the mass.


He always said “this is impossible / cannot / unachiveable”


I wish people would stop thinking compact coal is a basic oortian right, it is in fact a pretty darn late stage item now. (sorry I’m a coal lover too so I had to point that out first)

Other than that, you raise some valid points. Why is the tech tree so limiting? Why are some items so hard to find? Why are certain gems unique to certain planets and not attainable anywhere else (except on the market)?!

I think what might help a bit is to ask what you expected of boundless. It is a sandbox game yes, but it’s not exactly that one. In fact. It doesn’t try to be that one, and doesn’t want to be that one. Boundless is (as @boundmore said) an MMO, where I feel being part of the larger system is essential. I’m not saying being part of a community is essential (it isn’t) and you can get away with minimal or no outside contact. If you try this though it is going to be very hard, and that’s the point.

I think some games satisfy players with abilities (you can do everything). Some satisfy players by iteration (repeat this till you get it perfect). For me boundless aims to satisfy by allowing us to accomplish more than our own character(s) can do.

If one guy can mine, build, hunt, craft and explore like a boss, then there’s no real wonder in a group of people building a hunting outpost on a hilltop on a brutal world wuth a fully stocked shopping mall. I feel that our limits here are exactly what make the achievements here noteworthy.


So far the only thing I found a little offputting about the game is that I need to have more than a single character to do all the things, and this is not a game breaker it just means I find a group of people to make up for what I cannot do if I only want to play a single character.

For me this is not such a big deal, I like to wander around and break stuff with my hammer and I love building. So, at first, this was frustrating because even at current max level I cannot do all the things.

So I found a group of people that are awesome and can make up where I lack. Id rather trade some things I find for what I need than stop playing a game like this. It keeps getting better and I would avidly hate it, if it turned into another silly minecraft game.

So yeah, I wish eventually my one toon can do all the things, but whatever so long as friendly people keep playing itll turn out alright.


Well what makes me turn off playing Boundless is ever increasing rubber-band issues day by day. And it’s just got worse patches. It does not happen on different time zone servers, it actually happens in Eu based worlds as well. And it sometimes becomes so frustrating that, either i find myself stuck at the ground or thrown away at some distant corner.


And how you define an end-game item when the actual game is at early-access phase in the first place? Not to mention not all coals in the game has equal worth compared to each other. Soft coal is easy to get for instance therefore should be easy to compact it, rather than hard or medium coal;but requirement to compact actual all these kind of coals are same, therefore, since the game is no where near to be completed, who knows what will be the end-game fuel at all. I keep seeing that “this is an end-game” thing;but what about special blocks in the game which is actually in the data;but can’t obtainable right now, such as Rift,Dark Matter and Blink. Those can be end-game items as well and can leave gems as mid-tier resource while leaving metals at low-high tier.


@boundmore I have a MA in ethnology, a MSC in computer science and am a language teacher. I know how to survive in hostile environment since I’m a boyscout chieftain, and my hobbies are shooting sports, fencing and skydiving. I also manage to find time to play video games and am a musician. It’s not that hard to be able to do a lot of different things ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So… I want to be able to craft everything in Boundless AND be the most powerful hunter AND the most respectful administrator AND an explorer AND solo play.

Or I could just relax and let other people mine, explore, build, hunt, or whatever they want while I’m sitting in my rocky hut, monitoring some advanced machines and crafting fuel.


I’ve been having serious connection issues as well, even on Solum. (I live in US East) It doesn’t seem to matter what planet I’m on. It’s killed me twice recently.


Connection issues got me off yesterday. I didn’t want to die due to high latency.


I dont disagree with you, I am pretty good at a lot of random stuff, and having to specialize in certain things does drive me a little crazy and would like to be able to do anything in the game that I was willing to spend the time on. I am really not into having to have three toons do three different things.


All the games in which it’s mandatory to have three toons in order to enjoy all the facets of gameplay make me reluctant to play them. I’m the guy who prefer specializing into everything. But Boundless is not this kind of game, it’s about collaborating, so I don’t mind having only one toon not able to do all sort of things.
There is then only one problem: find people to complete my skills. At the moment, there is not a lot of people in the wild.


Yeah, I feel this. Until I ran into rumple and amandapan it was a bit of a one girl show with me doing everything myself. :smiley:


As I said I’m a coal lover, one of my first posts after the update was ecactly what you said, remove the power requirement from soft compacting to at leasr give us some access, agreed!

Secondly, I think you may be misunderstanding what end-game means. It doesn’t mean “in the release version”, it means that currently, at this stage in early access, you need to be very well established before it becomes viable


Impossible was what we called today’s improbable. Never give up on ingenuity. I have a feeling that solutions could be brought up with enough effort.


He always said - meaning “We don’t have enough time and energy to do it, we are too busy.”
(We won’t do it. To said least, it is impossible before the game is released.)


Since the patch 188 i think the game is almost impossible to play.
I need to completely rethink the way i was going to, because i spend 2 weeks and all my gols for 1000 core power for my compactor.
Now i also need a ruby spanner because it rejects every other one, wich is really hard to make.
On top of that a regular hammer wont break ruby blocks, so i am forced to go through the hammer tiers to be able to mine the stuff to create the hammer that will mine ruby.
Now that Eldwin and Lietty have left Serenity Valley, i have 2 portals to fuel, wich means i have to go on the great hunt every time it is organized (wich is NOT a game mechanic, but sheer enhousiasm of players).
Patch 180 was just perfect in game difficulty, but now the game forces you to only play Boundless and do nothing else with your free time, thats just too much.

In short, make the game playable for a solo player that plays 2 hours a day, make him/her able to create a specialized shop (EA players would have to choose between hammers,axes or spanners, bows) and earn the money to buy other stuff.

Crafting with power and spark is cool, but waay to hard, this has caused a huge imbalance in economy, because the ones who could craft a few are now rich, and the rest of us are basicly srewed.
This should be doable for a solo player too, having to buy some recourses, but able to create them yourself too.

At this point i notice lots of peoples portals closing, and lots of shops not selling because of upcomming changes.
Wich is a downward spiral because shops are the only incentive in the game, EVERYTHING you do you do to create a shop and stock it.

I really love this game, its the only minecraft sort of game, that makes you able to create something USEFULL (shops) to use for other players, and not only craft houses and art.
The great hunt (a player initiative) is soo awesome it needs some TLC from the devs.
Myself can not think of another thing what would cause me to go to someones build, accept for more shop mechanics.
It would be awesome if you would have to select a job in the game (or 2) so 1 player can craft clothes, and another can craft cool(er) blocks, while someone else can craft potions or food.
Still making it able to craft almost evrerything yourself (up to gem tools, clothes ect)
EDIT: Another post posted in this forum (below) with some ideas (instead of just saying what i dont like :slight_smile:)


I gave away my stuff and am letting my portals/beacons die. I’m going to revisit it after the next wipe and see how things have/have not improved.