What turns you off playing Boundless?


In fairness to the other players that built on my doorstep I was lucky enough to have some empty plots that I was able to remove to create the necessary 3 plot gap to detach the prestige and they haven’t built into that space but at any point someone else could plot that space and reconnect us.


I’m not sure if that will make any difference because I think it takes into account reserved plots under and above your build that form the footprint of your build/plots.


Good luck with that Grey, Build something really hideous on that side, Put some art that says something really gross & disturbing maybe they will move if you build a bunch of giant you know what statues. :cheese:


Lol, that would probably just get me banned


Nah man just expressing yourself, how could you get banned for that? They already have plenty of stuff in the game that resembles certain things not to be named in this post in game that occurs naturally already. Just say its a Spaceship , Just say its an Alien invansion :rofl:


Lol :joy: … i got a feeling though there won’t be any mistaking what I build even if I do call it a space ship :rofl:


It’s just Minecraft with a texture pack. You need some unique stuff. Like some non voxel water chunks with sea of thieves water. Some amazing bosses and raids or something. Also a dash Dodge mechanic and some plantable barrel cannons you can shoot from one to the next. Just cool stuff. Dungeons with chests full of loot that’s just regular mats so you don’t always need to grind to obtain them. NPC blocks so I can place an NPC that doesn’t move but can be used in place of the request basket or just as a quest giver. Stuff like that you know. ;/ A gravity block to change the angle which you stick too so you can walk up walls or upside down on roofs. Just very unique COOL STUFF…


If it was brand new then after 4 deaths, it just takes 2-4 swings in mid air to destroy the tool. It doesn’t even need to make contact.

I hate that the entire inventory goes as well. Would be nice even though it’s not irl realistic, that only whats in hands is degraded. Or change the % each death deals to durability and balance the death skill to match. Without the death skill maxed out it’s pointless to joint community hunts.


The problem with only in hand tool/weapons take damage is that you can put it away when you move thru mobs,climb on high hills, or at lava lakes. Only put it in hand when you find something to mine and stand still.


I’ve been playing for about 3 days and I’m about to give up.

  • I can’t find the ores I need: I have so much iron a copper but where are the others?
  • A general frustration with crafting. Crafting is very complicated. The skills don’t list what you can make with each level. An in-game flow chart would be amazing.
  • The warping system is mind-boggling to me: I made the mistake of going through a portal and it took me hours to figure out how to get back and the sanctum kept telling me I needed some kind of warp skill. I am not sure why I am unable to teleport back to my “primary beacon” or something?

Everyone is friendly. People keep wanting to give me stuff, which iIappreciate, but I want to be self-sufficient.

Anyways, thanks.
Ubernoob :neutral_face:


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I’m campaigning to get this changed! Warping home should be a fixed cost and you can always warp home even if you have ended up on a world beyond your skills.

Did you try an atlas?


well, lets be clear here. Not being able to warp home because of skills is just a bug, you are “ALWAYS” supposed to be able to warp home, no matter what.

–edit: also dont see that it is a bug in the development version at least…


I think what turns me off playing is the unplayable connection issues I have when there is a lot of people on. For instance, I can’t join in on the hunts because I get reduced to nothing. It’s not my computer, (I have a high end gaming laptop and turning down graphics did nothing), it’s not my internet connection as I have also checked this many times. Couple of friends I talked to said it was probably because I live over the other side of the world aka NZ.

Edit: another problem I have is connecting (error:3 can’t get steam ticket). After a few tries it works but it’s random to when it does.


You very obviously have not played Minecraft.


Well, I strongly disagree. Havok is one of the nicest people here, and he does a great job of moderating the forums.


I can always warp home, no matter the distance :grinning:


Are we talking about when we return to Sanctum and then try to warp home using the other portal conduit regardless of how far away we are? If so then I can only warp as far as my skill points allow.


i don’t know if it helps but I have been fighting an unstable connection for months. a few days ago I lowered my draw distance and all has been well ever since.


I have tried that also and it doesn’t help. I think it’s just because the connection between me and the servers isn’t fast enough. I hope it gets better before the release though. Lots of players means I won’t be able to play. X.x…