What turns you off playing Boundless?


I’m assuming you are talking about on tier 2 or 3 planet? I am on Berlyn (tier 1) I invested skill points and upgraded my vitality 3 times and was well off. It wasn’t until I ran into a meteor when I died the first time after many many hours. I’m sure the game is designed the way it is on purpose. You just have to invest skill points appropriately. I would say start off on a tier 1 planet get to a decent level set up on a tier 2 get stronger than move in to a tier 3. What fun would it be if there wasn’t a challenge. I agree the game does need done balance and that balance will be found. Just don’t rush every decision, there is always a way of doing things that doesn’t result in death in this game.


I really feel like the game could do with more highly graphic nudity but that might be because its 1.30am on a Sunday morning and I’m hammered drunk. worth thinking about though :+1:


MONSTER AGGRO. If I run for like 10 minutes straight the monster needs to go away!!!


LMFAO, right? I still remember when a player ran by my giant head for a house, with tongue sticking out and saying, “OMG there is something wrong with the person that built this place” lol. Its the head of one of our characters…


New player here. I really like the game so far, but there are a few points that will become a problem…
-> Grind: The game in the current state is way too much grind to play it casually. combined with the high death penalty i spend a lot of time just grinding to replace my iron tools…

-> Economy: It is really hard for new players to get anywhere with just the income of achievements. It is very hard to get a foot into the door in general, the markets are dominated by players with a lot more cash. Remove the costs to portal to your home please.

-> Aggro/chase range: It really feels like you are on the menu 24/7. Not in a thrilling way.

-> Beacon System: It needs better control (which settlement to join, better permisssion system, etc)


Thanks for the tip slane but I don’t have a problem with mob aggroes at this point. I was just speaking from a new player’s perspective about the death penalty. When you are new, you got your first iron tool, the feeling of achievement is undeniable there. Then you die either thru a fall, lava, or spitter attack. 25% dmg to all the tools you just worked so hard for. 3 more deaths, and the tools are just about at the end of its life. The thought of having to go through that grind again to get the iron tools becomes a very daunting prospect. So, from that perspective, the initial thought of a very reasonable death penalty of 25% becomes compounded with the grind to get those iron tools, and the current death revival effects. Not to mention, after revival, you could get attacked again in that weakened state to die more times again. So, your brand new hard to get iron tools become dust very quickly. So, now the new player suffers from 3 different death penalties >>

  1. 25% dmg to all tools in your inventory.
  2. Grind to get new tools.
  3. Possibility of dying again after revival due to the new death revival penalty effects.

Possibly none of them by their choice of trying to tackle a mob that is tougher than them, but via in game mechanics.

On the other hand if all you had was just stone/wood tools, then the death penalty isn’t so bad. It will just take a little time to replace those tools.


I know your pain now! I didn’t have high enough resistances and for some reason meteors got a bit more difficult. My poor durability D:. It sucks taking all that time to make a silver weapon only to lose a ton of durability from dying twice. 50% that’s a bit harsh…


It’s a bit less than 50. It takes 25 % of current durability so four deaths don’t destroy the tool. Actually death penalty doesn’t destroy tools. Always some tiny bit left.


I haven’t gone through this entire topic but I did read a few things, and a lot of suggestions are pretty good.

I think some form of PvP would be nice, like a “toggle-on” option if you want to partake in PvP, and maybe it can only be turned on and off in certain areas to prevent people getting camped or something. However, I do realize there is NO pvp right now, and that’s not a problem to me at all. It doesn’t necessarily turn myself away from Boundless, but I have tried convincing a few friends to get it that are disappointed with no PvP.

Something I’d like to personally see are some quality of life things to add on to individual’s homes. Right now it seems Settlements and Guilds have all the fancy shmancy stuff, while the individuals don’t have furnishings or farmland to impress people with or role play a loner with, yknow? I think some more “ceiling stuff” and some furniture (Even just basic tables, chairs, etc) would be nice. (Maybe some more Melee weapons :slight_smile: )
-Also water, lava source blocks. I understand you don’t want griefers, so I can wait for a plan to tackle that first.

When i first entered the world at looked at the world, the skill system and item options i thouth: “holy bloody donut on a pogo stick, this is awsome” [edited] Why restrict building in a building mmo game? I found it really hard to understand this. You want people to come and build? Offer some variations from early/mid levels. Leveling to the point that you can use different mats and decorations isn’t hard and keeps you going but that’s not a really good selling point. “Hey, you want to make a specific build? Well you need to invest a lot of time unlocking the things you need, then grind the materials. Oh wait, you need certain machines to do that. You will need to unlock those too. Etc”

I agree with this to an extent. It does seem weird to encourage building, but have most things restricted behind both machines, and skill locks, and also skill locking those machines and recipes both separately. I also agree with his point of the resources making weird requirement jumps, like stone and rocks, decorate stone and rocks. It just seems like a strange way to say “Hey, we really want you to play our game for what it’s worth, for what’s in it, but what we have is building locked behind freshly implemented survival gameplay.” Just some tuning, in my opinion. I understand it’s hard to “Just tune” options in an MMO game and keep them balanced, but I feel like it’s so close and just missing one or two gap closing gameplay aspects.

I also think warp conduits cost a lot, but not at the same time. I have had quite the fluctuation of money. I would say it’s because levelling up just by playing gives you coin, and since I was buying some items from Settlements and shops, I would run out, and then randomly gain some. But in order to get to those shops and back without taking 10 minutes walking, I’d have to spend at least 200 coin. And with how the prices are in selling things to vendors, it’s a little difficult to earn that back without levelling up or questing. I found myself on a few occasions browsing stores from different cities that were buying basic items like beans, flint, etc, just to earn some gold to portal. ((EDIT)):: I’m currently reading over some topics about players being aggro’d onto by enemies and not being able to get away, and dying repeatedly. I only had this problem for a few minutes with those basic spitter and Wildstock. The Spitters definitely hit hard but you can dodge their attacks, just make sure you guys get a sling! Tools like the axe and hammer don’t seem to do much damage. As for the Wildstock, you can very easily dig a ditch 3 wide and 2 deep, and they will charge right into the hole. Then you can just shoot them from above :slight_smile: I personally haven’t had a problem with any difficulty in the sense that the game was too hard, or death penalties are too harsh (Ill admit it is a little rough dying, but its better than losing your items all together) or even acquiring items for basic tools. All I did was buy one Iron hammer for what, I wanna say 175 coin? And I was able to mine enough iron and copper to the point where I haven’t even used it all yet. As for getting sack cloth and fibrous leaves, I do admit it is tedious smacking tree leaves all day. But, I (On accident I’ll admit) happened to start near a desert biome, where Yucca plants are around fairly often. I also put a Fibrous Leaf into one of my Atlas’s to find the Yucca Plants easier. I think new players aren’t really grasping how to play the game differently from other Survival games, like Rust, Ark, or Minecraft even. I have LOTS of custom marked locations, where I found useful resources like Fibrous Plants, Tall Rocks for Opal, even bases that seem abandoned so I can fuel up their beacon for them and loot their stuff :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:.

I personally love the game a lot right now, I bought it a few days ago and have about 40 hours into it. I love the way the game tries getting you to interact with players and how all the communities and portal seeker gateways are player created. I love being able to see outlines and bumps on other planets close to the surface of yours of player created cities, it’s actually amazing. I would hate the devs to make the game easier, in the sense of reducing the penalties for death or making these basic tools (Even though they’re basic, they are still very nice to use, so I consider them a little more than basic tools) easier to craft and hold onto. Maybe to curve the gap between the higher level and lower level players, there could be a “beginner planet” where you stay until you are level (Insert here) and then warp off that planet for a reduced cost, as your first time warping off a planet. It could encourage more lower level players to base together, and grasp the game at a faster rate. I managed to play for 20 minutes before finding a player that had also played for only 20 minutes, and we have based/helped each other out since. Or, simply, add more items with other block requirements :smile: Very excited for future updates, and surprisingly enough, my first world/character wipes now that I’m “knowledgable” :wink:


The crafting isn’t intuitive, and if I think about it to much I get a head ache.
1 as a high-mid lvled character I don’t even want to think about starting from zero.
2 the crafting should be Fun and self explanatory
3 the bulk a mass craft recipes need to be reworked so people can make stuff
Common(rocks)->uncommon(flint)->standard(copper)-> rare(titanium)-> legendary(shadow orb)
For the bulk and mass crafts for food, tool, weapons, the higher tiered ingredients shouldn’t increase much, and the quantity should be higher.
4 furnaces should have recipes
5 power coils should make sense, basic give 100, advanced gives 300, lowest recipes required 1000, would make more sense when building if it attached to spark/power cord, or a description comment of how it should be used.
6 Hunt,mine,woodcut for an hour each and see what can you craft with it, at the different tool levels. Stone, copper, iron, silver, gold, titanium, gem. Most players skip gold and titanium. At different luck levels…
7 a question I asked myself that hurts my head, what is the difference between spark and power, power just seems over complicated for no fuel. Wouldn’t a recipe like 4 workbench + “4 advanced power coil supplies amount” = “advanced powered workbench” or “gem name factory”


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I build my beacons to prestige in less then an hour so its really easy to do for sure.


Right cause if you die with 2 uses left when you return youll have 1! :rofl:


I see so many players in this post saying things are too difficult but 188 made everything better. I will admit some things may be a bit to high & I Myself have always had a problem with there not being anything larger then a mass craft cause I get so many resources I feel I could get way more if there was even a larger craft & maybe one even larger after that like a Mega Craft or something like that. ( All off topic btw ) The Point that I’m trying to make before I go way left field somewhere is that in my opinion I like the increased difficulty to the crafting of items it has been a nice change for me. However for those that don’t have a ton of time to drain into a game like I do because not everyone plays video games for a living. I can see how that would begin to be a problem. So for those players I feel bad but on the other hand atleast the game isn’t super easy anymore :grin:


How high prestige are you talking for an hours building?


Over 10,000 That’s all it takes. If you look at my brewery on Nasharil, I built that up in less then an hour to 10,000 prestige. Its actually really easy as long as you already know what your going to build and put in it once its done & have all your blocks ready. Adding Machines, Shop stands Stuff like that all adds prestige as well so…yeah. Hell I just built xDEGT Infinity to 10,000 in less then 30 minutes & it was all floor for the most part.


Oh sure, getting to 10,000 isn’t a problem … I was talking more about a players prestige being merged with someone else’s when they don’t want to be part of another’s build. I got into a situation where my build was at 50,000 … a couple of players then built on my doorstep and started to build a castle, within a week or so it was at 70,000, my place then got named as part of their build, I added some more to mine to 75,000 and next thing they redoubled their efforts and before long they where at 250,000 … due to the completely different build styles and materials I soon realised there was no point in trying to even try to out prestige them. It’s not a game breaker but it is really annoying when you go out of your way to be an independent build and have no way opting out of someone else’s that consumes yours.


That seems very broken in my opinion. I would be hot if savage built crossroads closer to my brewery and swallowed it. I would literally destroy it and start over somewhere else which would be extremely annoying. Once your a settlement no other settlement should be able to swallow your build that’s just down right wrong.


Totally agree with you


Ima just start building everything way up in the sky :sweat_smile: