What turns you off playing Boundless?


Of course you can grapple to the top of the building and go over or dig under the plots.


Please share locations of these plotted gleam sanctuaries? I can’t see anyone having enough plots to monopolise all of any gleam, the spawns are pretty generous on the new worlds. If you can give locations or types of gleam you can’t find, I’ll either offer you locations you CAN find that gleam or join you in proclaiming monopoly.

Please note also that if a certain person spends x billion dollars on plots to take an entire gleam off the market, people usually don’t like that kind of thing and we probably would agree with you, label that gleam as hogged and refuse to trade with the owner on principle, making this a very expensive introduction to free markets for such a person.

Edit: note that plotting “the closest gleam field to X gate” is not the same, it’s called strategic. If this is the case, one can argue plotting a distant field, building a private portal and doing the same


If one day I turn off, I will say:
I’m turn off now.
This game has no real unique things, it’s no much different from other imitation Minecraft games.
Minecraft with mod and server plug-in, can 100% replace “Boundless” - and Minecraft is cheaper.

The feeling this game gives me now is - repetition, many repetition, endless repetition.


They can plot the top and bottom too. Fully sealing takes only 6 plots if they’re willing to refuel 6 beacons. And 384 solid blocks to seal off access (8x8 for each surface). I’m not sure but they might even be able to prevent Sanctum-bump access by hollowing out the bottom plot.

I’m not sure but I think maybe you can report this when you see it?


You are right they can do that. . seems like a lot of effort for a resource that is spread all over a planet.

You can report it, but I doubt the developers would think it is griefing. And GreyArt247 is right the website kind of says this is ok.


Thx for your opinion. I don’t share it, but it’s yur opinion which is not to citicise. So have fun with MC then :wink:


What turns me off playing boundless?? Power coils! everything to do with power coils! Hey use your well earned gems to make a shiny power coil and craft better items… oooh did I mention it’ll only give you 100 power so go craft four more… congratulations after all that grind you can now make a shop sign :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

just a reminder that not everything has to be a pain in the ass to do… just saying

Edit: have to be honest, the Boundless I started playing back in December last year was sooo much more fun than this current iteration. We have a much nicer UI now but it seems gameplay was sacrificed to achieve it.


Yeah I agree, I don’t think it will be a problem. I just wanted to highlight that it’s not as hard as you might think to pull off.


Personally, I don’t mind the coil system… its the lack of mats thats made it annoying for me. Seriously! Hunting for gems is now even more of a chore than ever before! Its intensely frustrating! I now want to do anything but mining and exploring! Its that much of a pain! I can find Shadow Orbs easier than gems! But not Shimmering Orbs… you know, those things we need for a silly number of recipes? Super hard to find! I can only think that the regen system is broken or something!

I don’t mind working for something… but grinding can only be taken so far before I lose interest. Hell, I spent 3 hours today searching various spots for diamonds in places there should be a ton of them! Came up with zero! None! Its ridiculous!

Edit: Its not just gems either. Saltpetre, shimmering orbs, elemental fragments, and others. Seriously. Its all a pain and doesn’t feel like an accomplishment. Feels more like we’re on starvation rations.


Lots to do about resource scarcity and regeneration imbalances. Keep the input coming, the devs do listen! Just keep in mind that it’s a matter of getting the perfect balance with the surge of new players we have had lately. Numbers can be changed easily enough!


I don’t think the problem with shimmering orbs is related to regeneration. I’ve founds the mushrooms all over Bese, even right by the Portal seekers hub.

The problem is that these mushrooms spawn infrequently.

They don’t seem to spawn at all in a number of biomes on Bese, such as glacier, mushroom forest (ironic) the pink hilltops (the purple ones are pretty good, but hard to get to). I find them most frequently around the steep ponds, along the ridges in the purple grass, and in the forests of columns of leaves.

But even among these places, only a handful of the mushrooms will spawn, I’ve never seen more than 3 in a single biome, and 0-1 is vastly more likely than 2. The other varieties of mushrooms all spawn much more frequently in a few favored biomes, making it possible to farm them much more reliably (e.g. the shadow orbss are abundant on the glacier).

I have seen no indication that resource regeneration is related to the problems finding these mushrooms. I’m confident that I travel to remote places where few, it any players have been in 12-24 hours. I am very confident that these mushrooms never spawn in enough quantity/density to make them farm able in the first place.

So I guess I’m asking the devs to change a different algorithm.


When having a massive cave system under your plots, mobs will spawn underneath and drive you insane with their constant noises :frowning:

  1. You would need tens of thousands of plots to accomplish that - it is quite simply impossible. Also, claiming a block prevents resources on it from regenerating so you would have to claim all of the blocks around it but not it (which translates into hundreds of thousands of plots per planet).
  2. As more players join we also get more planets that will share colors which will make it even more impossible.
  3. If there is even one unclaimed block of a specific gleam color you can infinitely mine it with regeneration bombs.


Out of curiousity, what is this regen bomb and how do you make one? if thats the case then im fine with just using that on a spot like a sheep lol


Take a bomb and forge it with a special boon to get a regen bomb. It restores all blocks in its area of effect to their default state, including gleam.



Does this only count for natural resources or would it work for say Ore and Gem blocks?


It works for blocks, not for resources. No ore / gems / fossils / tech regenerate when using a regen bomb.


Gotcha, thanks!


Bad neighbors are a major turn-off for me.

I’ve spoken to neighbors many times, usually about maintaining roads or keeping builds from going out of control. Everyone had been super friendly and helpful, including when I was basically asking them to build a road to my front door.

Until today. I had a bridge I used to get out of Aquatopia to gather wood and soil a couple islands away. For some reason my neighbor decided this was an affront to him, so he claimed plots on the far side of my bridge to build a wall of sand blocking my bridge. We have a discord, so I asked him why he would do that, as well as tearing down my neighbor’s bridge.

Long story short, he claimed that he was here first, before the Aquatopia embassy was there (not true, my bridge predates his claim, and is far from the oldest part of the embassy), and that he never intended to be part of the town. When I asked why he had joined the aquatopia discord if he didn’t want to be part of the town, he stopped responding.

His build is a blank, featureless, grey rock box. Apparently even walking too close to it is a grave offense, and all roads around it are forbidden-- even if they were there before his ugly box.

I know neighbors can be a lot worse, but this one really diminishes my desire to play the game, and saps my enjoyment.


I started a build in a lovely forest near but far enough (or so I thought) from a settlement called the whispering grove.
Came back one day to find the main part of my build surrounded by plots from my neighbour. I’d obviously ruffled some feathers.
I thought I was far enough away but they were there first and I should have asked if they planned to expand. So I dissembled all of my build and plots and moved on. Because big bloody planet.