What turns you off playing Boundless?


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You… i love you!


Arbitrarily one-shotted by a ridiculously overpowered cuttle again.
This time in a T3 town. No warning, no aggro.
Just: Matz, Dead.
Thank you for random xp penalty.


It’s not random, it’s a special bomb-mining-hunter cuttle sent by the devs…


I’m sure this was mentioned, but I’m going to have to say resources being locked down by other players, mainly GLEAM or the elusive Red Gleam. I dont believe it to be fair to anyone, especially with new players coming September 11th to be basically locked out of ever having certain resources because someone knows a way to cheat the system and plot it down. These people are going to keep farming as much as they can and sell it at sky high prices and new players will never be able to find them freely in the worlds. All resources, based on the planet they are found, should be in random locations and not just certain programmed areas. This would clean up the landlocked resources and still make available for everyone.


I believe that will be fixed asap - I don’t think how it is now is intended as gleam technically is a resource in a sense… atleast I would think so.


I don’t think this is an issue by any stretch of the imagination anymore. There’s not even any red gleam in the game any more afaik.


Japp, gleam is not that rare anymore like the red gleam flags in beta. No way all can be blocked :wink:


“You must have the portal epic skill to open a portal”

The restriction on skillpoints is getting a major nuisance to me now. Frakking allow unlimited skillpoints. I really see no point in forcing this restriction on players for some economy bullmanure. I want to have one char who can do everything well, and i don;t mind grinding up for it. Not having three alts which can do a little each.


When it rains, there’s these damp/cloud particles that spawns, even if you’re under ground, or in cover - it hinders visibility a ton, is extremely frustrating.

These right here >_<


Yeah, what has happened is a certain player base as made a monopoly of certain gleam and it will only ever be purchasable from coin. A resource should never be locked behind another player because the decided to lock it all up by abusing the plotter. Especially when we will have an influx of new players on release date and then they learn certain resources have been locked down with no way for them to obtain. Unless new planets come out but the more planets we have the less people would want to buy from other players.


where are you getting this information? there is a new universe out now and there isn’t any red gleam currently. there is light red (which is like lighter than pink), stark orange and hot magenta. those are the closest to red that we have right now.
they have taken our input and changed how much gleam exists. there will not be the same problems that we had with red gleam in the old universe.
You should probably make sure you have the correct information before plastering incorrect information everywhere.


If you have a look at the Boundless Web site you will see that it is something the Devs actually promote.
“Claim a source for loot or rare resources and citizens will flock from across the universe to trade with you.”


Light red, dark red, blood red, it doesnt matter what red it is. The fact of the matter is people are plotting over the natural spawn locations of gleam in general to monopolize the market. The proof is on the planets when look for these. This isn’t going to go well at launch when new players realize only the backers now have access to these because they were privelaged with entering the game first.


Yeah I hope that’s not the case. Not new player friendly if they want to grow their game. I’m not going to pay coin for a resource that should be natural and fairly obtained in the game.


If you plot a location you do know the area does not regenerate? So if I plot where Gleam is and then gather it, the Gleam does not respawn.

If you have specific locations where you think this is happening, then provide them so people can check them out.


A cool alternative may be if you can add a mod to a spanner or something through the centre forge that could allow you to change the color of any gleam you are able to collect


Problem here is that gleam regenerate with regen bombs.


Even when the area is plotted? I thought it would regen reserved and wild areas but not plotted areas?
Reason being is griefing if I throw a regen bomb at your build, it will regen? If true this is really bad.


Well the examples I’ve seen they have plotted the outside plots around the resource and put a building around them so only they can get inside to claim the resource which is on a unplotted piece.