What turns you off playing Boundless?


Can we please stop this discussion and arguing over what is and is not P2W. Many of us have a different definition and your definition NOT the only one in existence. I’m a bit tired being told by everyone mine (and others) definition is wrong when many of us see it different.


can we stop supposing everyone is arguing when all i am doing is explaining thing for some who do not understand… another thread that i have to mute @Steggs101


The issue is you saying that your definition is correct and others are wrong.

If that would be stopped more than likely the other parts of the problem would stop. You are allowed to not agree with a persons view but you don’t need to tell them they are wrong or your answer is the way it really is.


I must say I’m very disappointed with this change as well. I really loved my cave-based mining - strip-mining is no substitute :frowning:


Let me third that. I’d like to see some gems in caves too.


I can fourth that :wink:

if it is like that than it’s less fun. It was so interesting going through Vulpto caves and catching a ruby here and there, and you really had to look all around you up, down, all sides.


'Twas my favorite type of mining/exploring as well.
Strip mining is tedious when done too often, and even though I don’t mind that happening every now and then, I’d like to see some more mix between strip and cave mining. So, if more resources are allowed to spawn on cave surfaces, it’s always more fun.


one thing makes me absolutely mad about boundless … GLASS!

I am a huge fan of what you guys have done with the underwater atmosphere. I like building on the water. My whole city build is on water. (Storis II New Oortia portal just off the ps hub. go check it out!) I was planning on making an aquarium but was majorly saddened after clearing out a 1x2x2 UNDERWATER which is no easy task, only to find when placing glass i do not get to see through it to and underwater view but instead a really depressing water animation…WHERE IS THE GLASS THAT IS TRULY SEE THROUGH? please if you can make this happen for water it would be SO INCREDIBLE!


Simple, strip mining is no fun at all, especially when you have to do it alot. I always wanted to become a builder/miner, now I am seriously thinking about switching to hunter/builder. Mining is very boring now unfortunately and you spend many many hours and leave with 0 or 2-5 gems even when you are on the white spots of atlases


I will also agree, with the others, mining is nerffed, boring, becoming a waste of time. The availability of resources is making it extremely frustrating to me. I willing to put in hours to mine, I understand how it works and with the tools I have, it might take longer right now. But I am one hit for rock with iron and finding very little for my efforts. I want to build. I am in the game to build. If I cannot gather the resources I need to build why play? Sure I get the rock, but not the metals for tools, or for decorative metals, or enough coal for spark or furnaces. I will say the exception to all this is copper. I am ignoring copper when I find it, I have enough and do not need to waste tool durability mining it any longer. If I am having no issues finding copper on every planet from t1 - t4 why must everything else be so difficult? I mine all day in order to craft enough items to mine the next day. Switching to a hunter is not an option for me. If I want to kill things I have plenty of other gaming options.


After putting 200 hours in pre-release, I quit a few months ago. I came back for the re-opening, have spent 20 or so hours in it, and am gone again.

Main points:

  • The skill costs are still broken AF. It’s clear the designers have a completely different vision for this than I do.
  • Mining, see above posts.
  • Perhaps the worst, though, is when I logged in yesterday and it suddenly feels like a freemium PTW iPad game.

James & company, good luck with your money grab. You guys have worked hard on it, and I hope it meets your expectations.

To all my Aquatopia homies, sorry it didn’t work out.



Bomb-Mining, guys.

It’s hella fun.

1 Bag of Gold Bombs equals:

87 copper
462 iron
138 gold
0 silver (i guess t5 blast planets just have no silver a that altitude)
169 soft coal
435 med coal
190 hard coal
78 diamonds
and one full level up (65k exp)


And this is the information we need.
On a t5 right?


Key is to find a balance in damage that the rocks break but the resources stay.
Forging the Bombs also helps.


ok thanks for the information


Gems are in caves. Maybe there just aren’t enough caves, but I’ve found many diamonds in the walls of caves.
@Kirinvar I got nothing near that when I went bomb mining… how many bombs are you using to break the rocks, and what level are you mining at?


Could you share your build with us please?


I was actually going to make a support thread about this. Please devs look into this feature. I also have an underwater aquarium and the entire build is pointless now that I realize I can’t see out of the glass into the river channel. I tried to brighten the whole thing up with gleam but you still can’t see someone swimming just on the other side of the glass. I imagine this is not an easy fix but I do hope it will get some attention.


3 bombs, the level depends on the gems you are mining, try forging the bombs for extra effects like increased range

max power, +5 all attributes, power epic, 1 point bomb mastery


I mean diamonds specifically, because of your example