What turns you off playing Boundless?


I agree with Creegle. Let’s try to leave discussions off of this thread.

The thing that has really been turning me off lately (ok a couple things, but mainly) is that when I go to a high tier planet (or any planet for that matter) to collect a block and it takes nearly THIRTY hits, and all i get is a single resource that i can get from surface plants in abundance on home worlds…
EXTREMELY disappointing.
ok now i know i’m not fully ready to be on that planet and i have barely enough atmospheric protection to even be there and i get that. that’s fine, I accept it. but when i spend all that durability to get a special block from a faraway planet, I should be getting that special block after all that.

Now I understand the reason for the change, you don’t want someone placing and breaking the same block repeatedly to get xp or extra drops or whatever… but the change that was made punishes other players that are there for the block they broke not for the extra drops.

My suggestion:
Please revert back to the old way of breaking blocks with random extra drops affected by luck, except with a couple changes:
-Any blocks placed by a player do not drop any extra drops when broken, only the block itself
-Increase the amount of xp gained by harvesting said block (from natural (re)generation) by at least double
-Reduce the amount of xp gained by breaking any player placed block to 0 or 1 or maybe half of what it used to be.

This would help out a bit with XP gain for gatherers and miners and provide a bit of balance which is sorely needed. (don’t nerf the good stuff, boost the bad stuff!!)

The other thing that has been bothering me lately is the death penalty. I know it’s a really tough thing to balance but right now it’s not so bad for new players. it’s only a few hundred xp debt. For higher level players this is a MASSIVE blow.
my 2 characters i’ve been using are barely in their teens and they both spend more time in xp debt than not.
I die A LOT. and it’s mostly because I value stamina before health regen and I can’t stand that we have to choose between the two. I ALWAYS specced with both on all my characters before this change and I can’t get past this one. I didn’t at first like being locked out of shovels and axes if i chose hammer or vice versa (on that note, why not just give us the choice of 2? very frequently I need to have hammer skills and shovel skills but not axe skills. think of removing large areas of landscape, it’s hammers and shovels you need. I’d rather choose 2 out of 3. but anyways thats not my main point and I have (sortof) gotten over this)

But yeah this no longer seems like a casual game to me, it is definitely geared to the hardcore player that loves extreme difficulty and blasts through the game like nobody’s business and just getting to lv50 or diamond tools is end game…
not me at all. the beginning sucks and is the painful part. it takes me so long to level but when i fianlly get to level 50 and i can spec my character the way i want, THAT’S when i finally start to enjoy the game… when the road to that point gets longer and more grindy, that’s when i start to just spin my wheels and feels like I’m going nowhere (not being able to get rid of xp debt before I die again) :sweat:

Saying that, I am still in love with this game and is still by far the best i’ve played… heh. I almost feel bad for participating in threads like this but in the end it will only make this a better game!
Thank you devs for doing such an amazing job!


Your underestimating the games potential… I see something grandure.


I agree 100% agree with you. The game has not even fully launched and people are already arguing endgame. We are used to the old progression style and how it used to be, and we sometimes forget to look at what the game is. I’ve been on discord general chat every night I’ve played and have had people just angry that iron is too rare or this is too expensive or something else and they bring up Berlyn or Andoweem…but that universe does not exist, and for lack of a better comparison, Boundless is now a brand new game. Even veterans like us should put aside our preconceptions and enjoy the game as is for a couple months. It’s going to be hard getting to lvl 50, especially on multiple characters, but if taken a bit at a time and not all in a weekend, the grind is going to be there, but not too bad, and the time is going to be well worth it with all the totans and protectors and customizations that will be coming to players soon. Btw, loved your Safari in the old universe!


Can say for certain that the death debt xp penalty is really debilitating for me right now. I died due to a temporary loss of Internet followed by me crashing the moment I entered back onto Serpansarindi. I logged back in to find an Elite Cuttle had killed me. I’m now stuck with a death debt on a mining character that will take at least 30 minutes of gameplay to get out of. I’d personally prefer a 5 minute no xp timer than that, as I’m losing way more xp from this.

And no, I don’t have the death penalty reduction epic, as I find it to be a waste of points since I normally don’t die. Today has been the rare exception where I have died twice, one of which was due to a bug which I have already reported.


Planets I’ve been to since new ones arrived are totally ugly. I’m really not at all inspired to do anything. In the end chose a place beside my neighbor from Elop Portas, but man colors are depressing. I don’t know what was the goal, but it seems that point was just to make them more alienish. For example Vulpto was totally alien looking and still awesome.
One of the most appealing features that got me into Boundless is beautiful atmosphere, don’t see that happening for new players.
While before I enjoyed exploring planets, now I’m exploring with a thought “I hope I’ll find at least one beautiful place”, it’s gonna be a struggle playing like that.


Move to Boori - probably most beautiful world in the current universe.


Will look :slight_smile:
I remember starting on Therka, I was blown away, good ol’ days :joy:


I really miss Andoweem, it was imo the most scenic of all the beta planets.

Unfortunately, it didn’t see much settlement activity and was mostly used as a place to mine out coal and diamonds en masse.


Nooo, move to Biitula, thats a beautiful planet!
I live in the capital, we could be neighbors :wink:
We have portals to Auqatopia and the local PS hub.


Floating Tree’s !

All those floating tree, uuuugh - It really gets to me, everytime I see one, I want to go and chop it all down even though I got no axe, or not what Intended to do in the first place - I really wish for a solution to this ! :sweat_smile:


I’m not really BOARD so much as my time is/was limited for a while do to them dern real life responsibilities. However things might be stabilizing soon and I would most likely be available on the weekend.

Essentially my time is just limited, and in order to compete for my time with the handful of games I still play Boundless needs to offer greater appeal then them.

One thing that has led me to not be as involved as I could be is that there is/was no readily accessible source of solid intel on the game-world itself. When I am interested in something, I obsessively study it in meticulous detail in order to become a Master. PvP in Runescape, Army comps in TW, history, combat techniques, everything.

How do I have the time? My work allows me to study in the background as I perform my tasks. How this typically occurs is with audio forms, such as YouTube videos and earbuds. If there were more Staff or Community made guides, tips, lores ect available it would definitely help me and possibly others to become more interested in the game. Also a ‘wikia’ like resource, although please not wikia the ads are out of control. Youtube as well actually, but they have a semi-monopoly.

While I do not mind trial and error learning, because my time is limited I don’t want to spend what little time I have more gaming fumbling around and derping off. When I was younger, I was ok with spending a few hundred hours as a novice, apprentice, ect. Now I like to be informed and prepared ahead of time, or, jump onto similar platforms such as Total War games. Hence, when I join a new game I would like to be able to get into it without wasting time.


what’s puttig me off now is the way the forum is becoming (i am no better when i respond to agro with agro)

and i know i can keep the foum and game seperate qquite easily… but when it comes to specific posts (like recently) it kind of makes people think if the community is like this what is the game going to be like O.o


Suggestion for floating tree issue that won’t break resource gathering: It falls over, but does not turn into logs. You just need to cut it on the ground.


Buying cubits for real money ? Why ? Everyone agrees with this system when i can buy place in game for real money ???
Game cost 40 USD/EUR (its a lot) and you have Gleam club. And still not enough. Realy ???

You not ready with this system on steam community. I expect post madness on steam forum.

one more thing - Mobs in game is very hyperactive, they can not stop move and if they are close to the block it is difficult to hit them. I kill almost 400 mobs and it starts me disturbing.


Having my work delete or coming to a point where I know I need to do a lot of grind and I am not ready for it.


Honestly? Strip-mining!

I feel it’s repetitive and boring. I loved the cave exploring before the 1.0 world, now it seems impossible to find gems(ruby and diamond) or titanium without strip-mining.
I don’t really mind searching for stuff and collecting them, but this… this is mindless grinding in my opinion.
This is not fun, not at all.

I don’t care if the luck stays the same (2 gem, titanium ore/block) but gems should be findable in caves.
Currently there’s is no reason to go into a cave in elemental worlds.
This kills one of the main aspect of the game, exploration.

No gems, no glowing mushrooms, no reason for a high level player.


i get it ofc… the P2W heavy games at the moment and the fears of it and etc…

Its a personal opinion at the end of the day… and there should e very clear info that this game is NOT in any way pay to win (REGARDLESS of what the wiki says on P2W!!!)

pay to win (to me) has always only meant

  • can you buy XP boosts you cant earn in game? (if yes P2w)
  • can you buy epic sword of XYZ stats? (not available in base game) if its yes its p2w
  • can you BUY extra skill POINTS? is yes p2w


this game is NOT pay to win ebcause you can earn EVERYTHING (appart from the Gleam CLub perks) in the BASE game

EDIT - my caps are for explaining and exerting a fact NOT shouting

It has been confirmed here

That we are getting higher planets soon and thats the reason they are in short supply and its beeing further looked in to

read Stegg’s reply


I did not say the game is P2W, i ask if people agree with someone can buy plots on whole planets.


If someone had enough money they can plot an entire planet. I think I read a planet is over 1 million plots so it would take a lot of time and money. If someone does the developers are monitoring space plotted and can add planets at will. So the size of the universe can be expanded due to an increase in the number of players or a certain percentage of the land being plotted. So I really do not care if someone plots an entire planet. .there are always more planets if this happens.

It will eventually be cheaper to just rent a planet if you want one for yourself. But that is not an option yet.


i appologize… i tend to try to read in the lines more than anything these days due to reasons (on the forum)

I am sorry i missundertood you and if you thought i was having a go in any way