What turns you off playing Boundless?


Incorrect. There are foods that give temporary protection. The skills are for permanent protection. The skills are not obligatory.


I like the prestige idea too relating to portals. Everyone should easily be able to get their prestige to a point were they can have 2-3 local portals and then perhaps the value needed could start to rise so only really big builds can create portal hubs.


I can certainly understand your points, and you are right we are not going to entirely agree on the availability of portals. My issue is creating artificial limits. . while you (and a number of others) might like the wonder/challenge of getting to a new world, my interest is being able to travel freely for the resources. Limiting portals to prestige just creates prestige vaults it does not create better settlements in my opinion. Prestige vaults were certainly common in the Old Universe for other reasons and I think this would make them more common in the new.


I’m also not a fan of the way portals are implemented right now. It’s true that connecting all these planets in a week is not an easy task (so it was really an awesome feat for them!) but I honestly believe it shouldn’t be possible.

Integrating prestige as a requirement for portals sounds cool initially because then portal hubs would only exist on worthy capitals in which they would be more justified. However, this will just force people to build big than they would wanted to and forced to use fancy blocks for their value. Soon, the aftermath of this will be apparent and we’ll see the worst version of ghost towns than we had before.

For me, a straight up higher requirements for maintaining/opening a portal could be a solution with a little tweak here and there. For example:

  1. First portal on home beacon would require less maintenance (encouraging personal use as what the dev wanted)
  2. Incremental requirements per new portals you open?

Well, I don’t really have a solid suggestions but just thought would share my opinion on those first two paragraphs :stuck_out_tongue:


I understand and can appreciate that food will give temporary buffs but to make the food I need the skill points spent on crafting those, so isn’t it kind of a toss up? Skills to craft food or skills to handle atmosphere? This does assume the player wants independence and not to have to buy something every time they visit a planet with a dangerous atmosphere. Personally, I would not like to spend coin to buy a temporary buff for every visit I need to make.


One can buy food to give a buff without spending any skill points. This creates a valuable avenue for player trade that I was not aware of, but I will be looking into now.

Does anyone know how long the buffs last?


How about if same planet portals only need about 1000 prestige on the beacon and next closest plant maybe 5-6k and then after that further jumps the prestige required starts to really climb.


Then you would need to take the atmospheric resistance skills.

I’m just pointing out that having the atmospheric resistance skills is not a hard requirement.

Some players may not have know that there was an alternative path.


I didn’t, and I was really excited to find out!

Does the bucket get consumed every time you use a bucket of water, or are buckets reusable?


True enough. . we are still learning a lot about atmospheres


(not picking on portal seekers I really love and appreciate what you have done). All this does is force PS to build prestige vaults around, under, or on top of the hubs. . I am not sure this accomplishes the goal. If I am the PS then I will figure out the most efficient portals per prestige amount (and they are very good at creating efficient builds and networks). Then I build multiple portal hubs on a planet instead of one. Link each of the portal hubs on the planet as well as the other portals. All you do is create more jumps. . really it is more portals not less. It might slow it down a little or create mountains of refined materials blotting the landscape, but they still exist. You punish the player building without regards to prestige that wants to have a few portals to places they mine or other builds. They now have to build with enough prestige regardless of the how it looks if they want to do this


Yeah I get your point, it would be nice if there was some sort of compromise that would allow independent players to be able to run a few local ones but still allow hubs to evolve but perhaps at not such a rapid pace so it feels like there’s always somewhere new to explore that’s not connected …at least not within a matter of hours or days.


I think this goes back to what I said before, I don’t believe portals should be the primary mode of transport, warps should be, so if a player has a number of different locations they like to resource in then warping back and fourth should be the go to method as opposed to permanent portals, but it goes without saying that warps would need to be a lot cheaper… if not free. I love portals but too much of a good thing can spoil it.


You bring up excellent counter points. Ultimately, any barrier to portal creation will be carefully dissected and overcome by dedicated players, particularly in organized groups with 100’s or hours per week amongst them spent in game.

Any obstacle that would prevent them from making comprehensive portal networks would probably complelty stop any casual player from being able to build and mainatin a portal at all.

I’m still hoping for an ‘overwhelmed by number of planets’ scenario where the universe is just too big (with too long jumps) to make and mainatin portals to everywhere at once, but we will see how it plays out. The most important thing is for a big influx of new players to enjoy their new experience when they join in September!


The portal abundance is easily fixed by preventing players from leaving the town the portal teleports to, so you can only visit the new world in walk a short distance in it, or put a timer on it, so you get teleported back after’ certain amount of time.

Want to permanently have access to the planet? You gotta warp there first and put a beacon, maybe.


I understand your point, but these players are dedicated and they will add members as the player base and planet numbers grow. They will be able to maintain a network as the universe gets bigger. Even if the PS cannot (which I think they can) or choose not to go to all 200 planets (yes please), another group will pick up where they end. You might have to use multiple networks but I think you will be able to get anywhere within a few days of the planets being spawned. If the jumps are too long then no one would be able to afford to warp their either.

Another point, the developers feel an individual should be able to maintain a few portals by themselves. So if I get a group of 30 players. . (assuming a few is 3), they should be able to maintain 90 portals. The game favors groups and it is easier for a group so they get efficiencies and can probably maintain more.


What about portals on the same world? In the old universe i built a series of mazes outside Pixelgate that used portals as their entrances and exits, they stayed on Solum, but with what your suggesting id have never been able to do such(it still was nigh impossible for me, alone). Although, i do like the idea i just feel it puts us solo players at a disadvantage, compared to you guild guys. I dont have a massive network of players building in my settlement(im not even a settlement yet with only 9000ish prestige), and im not looking to build a network of portals to make jumping around the universe easier. I just want to build my mazes and make it easier to navigate to them and to the next one.


Is this the " what turns you off to playing boundless thread?" This portal/warp convo should probably start up on a new thread. However, allow me to quicly add info that may just settle it. @james said a while back that there would literally be hundreds and hundreds of planets, so at that point, warp augments will be completely relevant as it is impractical to have that many portal networks and I imagine a lot of the exploration will be like the wild west, vast and untouched. Which also speaks to the “taboo colors.” I say leave them, many players love them, and as the universe expands, one does not have to visit these worlds.


Look I’m not against portals at all, I think they are fantastic mechanic and if seen them used in really ingenious ways, my favourite was a simple but clever one on the Therka Market, there was a Tavern type building just beside the plaza that had a portal on the wall that when you stepped through brought you to another room in another settlement but in the exact same style as the one on the plaza, so it felt like you never left the building but at the same time travelling to the other side of the planet, simple but brilliant. It’s just the extremely rapid massive networks springing up almost instantly linking almost every part of every planet I have an issue with.

I’m not in a guild, practically solo, just me and my wife playing a few hours in the evening but our settlement has already reached 40000 prestige and we’ve only put up three buildings and a bridge. Honestly I don’t see why anyone would struggle to get to the point where they can have a few portals, I certainly don’t think my idea is flawless but just throwing out ideas as I don’t think the current mechanic is right. There’s a huge difference between having two portals open and have thirty linked to thirty more etc…


I believe that’s the intention behind the higher level planet atmospheres