What turns you off playing Boundless?


Not only you



This is a very serious problem, please replace some world’s color combinations as soon as possible!
There is very very taboo things that use bright red/blue/cyan and high contrast color combinations in video games!


yes it is… to be very honest… it fells like yep i can do everything now… Now what???

I even bothered to craft my Augment and then thought… well what was the point of those 3 hours???

Takes the challenge out of it… but hopefully when more and more planets are added there will be too many for one group to network :wink:

as the devs said… we do not acutally WANT one single group to be able to network it all because it takes the enjoyment of it away from everyone else (not a direct quote)

TBH i have created a load of new charcters (in the hopes of going back to my old solitary explorations… but since the new universe i find myself always slipping back with friends gasp! lol but… my point is…

If i COULD cut myself off like i did before then i could litterally do it all on my own again…

I guess we will see what happens on release


The ultimate goal of this game online server is to form a virtual “society” and autonomy by players.
(I think :thinking: )


i know this… but then again the devs also said (quoted above) but then also its your current job to establish the new universe i mean… CAN we have it both ways???

A noob called Joe starts the game on release… and once he asks hey whats all those purple things on my compass? would he even bother to craft an Augment?

Can we have it both ways? (Augments are just a throw-away craft because of this - but then how would anyopne ever get to a new planet if Augments were removed?.. As i say CAN we have it both ways… the challenge of getting yourself off a planet AND the optioin to use a portal?)


@Zina Obviously you didn’t get the point of my post and spend more time writing a long patronizing post instead of reading mine.

To recap just for you:

  1. I can 2-shot everyting on the planet and they do neglectable damage to me, I solo meteors on a t3 with this skill set.
  2. Except 1 mob that 2-shots me and that I do neglectable damage to. (That looks like a normal mob.)
  3. There is no counterplay or escape. Once you are in combat you are dead.

So, there is obviously a massive difficulty discrepancy going on that I’m pointing out here.
If this is difficulty spike is intentional please mark the mob as such, make it big and glowing or something. Something that tells me as a player without a doubt: ■■■■ goes real.

And btw:
A disclaimer doesn’t neutralize your actions, you can’t say I don’t mean to be disrespectful and then be deliberately disrespectful and everything is ok. Your are still being disrespectful.


I will disagree. . no one is forced to use a portal network. You can use warp augments the entire time you play the game. People are free to explore the planets and in fact I would argue more free to explore since at least they do not run out of coin getting there. I went to a t2 planet yesterday to look for a good spot to do a build. In two hours (other than at the portal hub), I ran into only 2 other players and maybe 4 builds. There were entire regions that no one seems to have touched. There is plenty to see and do for those that still want to explore.

That being said exploring is just one role out of many. I am not an explorer, other than locating resources I need and places to build, I have no interest in just looking around and mapping a planet. My choice I know. I am more interested in building and was very glad to see the portal network come online. For myself and some others I play with the coin situation was getting pretty low. We would have been trapped very shortly on a world without many of the resources we need to advance. That is the kind of thing that will stop players from playing and I think lead to bad reviews.


No, he really doesn’t have to, because Augment is only a necessary means of early starge travel to other planet, but a stable portal will responsible for replacing it.
I think, you must don’t like to spend 260 or more coins each back and forth the planets.


i see the point but… why is it even a thing get yourself off the planet and feel epic? who would now when there is a portal only 10 mins walk away? thats all myself and @Jyanin are saying (although i cannot speak for @Jyanin considering i am not them)


Let me make the same point in different words.

I am not sure what levels we are suppose to be for different planets. It seems to me having little skills picked for survival and a low end bow for example, might not be enough to take on a tier 4 planets mobs. Even if some of those mobs are easy. I also wonder if having no defense is enough for a tier four planet.I wander what the dev’s idea of progression is for the different tiers.

I makes me think of silly examples of what I could compare that type of set up, if it were myself, I would feel like a baby in a dangerous world without the right gear.

I’m not saying you as a person are a baby or an idiot or silly. My comparison is for the set up itself is like having no armor on a terrible planet, that just happens to have some mobs that are easy. You simply had just shared an perfect example of the possibility of maybe needing more skills to survive. I don’t think the cuttles need to be nerfed, and are suppose to be harder on that planet.

I apologize for wording it in a way that may have made you personally picked on. I could have written it better. The disclaimer was meant to be more of , “What i’m about to say isn’t a reflection of any persons, but more of an example of skill points needed or missing” Not to excuse myself to deliberately be mean. I do enjoy all the input you post in the various threads.


its called Fake DIfficulty*

As you even linked above lol (forgot it was you)

One mob (think i knwow the one you mean) a cuttletrunk with a blue health and at east 6 shields? you need a group for them :wink:


You can FEEL EPIC in “hunting/building/exploring”, not just “go to other planet”


your missing the point…

which is feats like this

Unless passing through a portal also counts now?


What you are describing is happening on t5 planets to me, i have to avoid everything there.
But its feels differently because everything is stronger then me, and thats ok.
It has the proper “I shouldn’t be here, but I’m trying anyway because i want titanium.”-Feeling.

Exotic cuttles on t4 are just arbitrary deaths on an otherwise manageable planet.

Just thought: progression-wise we will have 8 planet levels and 50 player levels.
I can only guess, but that sounds like it should be ok to be on a level 4 planet as a level 25 player.


Lets say level 25 is correct for a level 4. Is there a skill mix (using 50 skill points) where you can still mine/gather and be safe from mobs and atmosphere?

When the level 8 planets are introduced, my concern is that you will have to have maxed all the hunter/survival skills and not have enough points for mining/gathering. I want to mine/gather, will I be able to do that effectively even as a level 50 or by spending all my skillpoints to survive atmosphere and mobs will it take 20 hits to get one rock?


Don’t get me wrong im not saying there should never be any portal networks I just think they are too large too fast. I feel warps should be the main mode of transpot (and should also be a lot cheaper) I wrote about this a good while back but basically I think there should be a much harder limit on the amount of portals a settlement can have based on Prestige increasing incrementally. Every settlement should have a portal by 10000 prestige, but for example say 20000 for a second then 40000 for a third etc… that way everyones settlement can be linked but to have a full network is reserved for the truly mega cities, Im talking into the millions of prestige to have any portal networks the size of what we already have after just a week, and pre 1.0 there were plenty of capitals with this kind of prestige so its certainly possible. In time there will be a lot of networks but also a lot of time and community effort will have been put in to achieve them, and not just community effort in throwing up portals but in build a city worthy of them. Obviously this is all just my own opinion and not everyone would agree. I think going to a planet for the first time should really be an event in itself, gathering the equipment needed and heading off into the unkown is a lot of fun but its discouraging to get there to instantly find a portal network hub leading to damn near every other planet already, my wife was playing last night and she visited damn near every planet in under a half an hour! at such an early time in the game I don’t think that should be so easy to do.

And just one more time, I don’t mean to insult the portal seekers or anyone else building networks, they really are impressive I just feel the mechanics that allow you to do so aren’t right.


If you want to mine at maximun efficiency at level 25 on a t5 planet, there is no room for hunting or survival skills.
Except atmospheric protection which is obligatory.
I still want to take the Durabilty Epic before i skill something else. I’ll be 27 then.

But after that, i will have 46 skill points to spend on fighting and building.


I was initially putting my points into crafting, power and slingbow damage, once I got enough iron to make a slingbow and hammer I visited the next tier planet thinking it would just have some slightly more aggressive spitters and a few more resources. I soon found it was covered in packs of stout spitters and after dying a few times despite my best efforts to avoid them I soon realised I need armour. I then concentrated all my next few levels into putting my points into armour which in turn has now allowed me to tackle the rugged metal planet without dying every few minutes.
Eventually I will probably create an alt to do the crafting and respec my current character to be as strong as possible to tackle the harsher world’s. I wasn’t initially intending to create a predominantly hunter character but I can see that that’s what’s needed and as such have had to adapt if I want to progress. Admittedly I could just create a crafter/builder and stay on the lower tier planet and over time buy what I can’t get myself but to me that wouldn’t be much fun.


I think the devs have plans to add more planets pretty rapidly. They may have a strategy to let portal networks cover these pre-release worlds pretty easily, but then double the number of planets on release, with more to follow about a month after that as well.

At some point the number of planets could overwhelm the networks and leave some planets off due to lack of traffic.

I like your ideas for limiting the portal networks to the prestige of the settlement they are in. There would be some problems to sort out, but the idea that the portals should be associated with real settlements instead of platforms in empty wilderness is an interesting one. Right now a lot of these hubs feel like train stations on the transcontinental railroad: Great building opportunities for anyone interested in stepping up to them, which is its own sort of excitement.


I personally hope that is true but worry that if players were able to go from literally nothing (no resources,skills) to having full networks and hubs all over the place in under a week then now that they have all the resources available that they will be able to link up any new planets within hours. hopefully I am wrong and planets will be added in the dozens at a time and none of this will be an issue but Im doubtful.