What turns you off playing Boundless?


what a really big turn off for me is the coin system. the way to generate “raw coin” is by completing feasts i dont even pay attention to (random pop ups) or generate traffic in your town. the income feels wrong to me.

for me as a player i dont want to be rewarded by random pop ups for breaking 100 blocks or crafting 10 axes( it feels like:“oh ok, i take that”).it doesn´t feel rewarding. i want to find/generate coin myself. i want to mine the coin, sell items or kill mobs.

to make the quest system more attractive i would make it more active for the player to have a better overview what is happening. for example crafting a new item like the dashboard where players can interact with it and choose what quest they want to track. maybe also introducing group quests. (like clearing 20 meteoroids) this way it becomes ACTIVE quests.

I dont know where the game is heading. there are no long term goals from the devs that i could find. Boundless has a little bit of everything (fighting, trading, crafting…) but nothing i can dedicate my time to, to become the ultimate fighter,trader,crafter etc… because everyone can become on the same level in 1-2 weeks.
there could be more variety for each section to make it a CHALLENGE to achieve so each player has an IDENTITY like" x player crafts the best hammers", " y player can tank mobs for ages" , " z player is the coinmaker"
right now i play the game for 2 weeks and i feel like i´ve done and seen everything.

What i really like is the building. It generates more prestige the higher tier your blocks are. you have a prestige ranking between towns and players inside towns. it makes me want continue to contribute to the town. the town with the most prestige is declared as the capital of the planet and becomes globaly visable.

At the moment it feels like they just finished the foundation of each part and din´t add enough content to each of it yet.

maybe Boundless is designed to be super casual and focused around social building.
i wish the devs would make some sort of devtalk or trailer of what are the long term goals are.


Once larger shops are established, hunting will start to effectiy be a coin generator (sell your loot!)

It’s going to be rough for a while until the economy starts to stabilize though


The portal network will also help. This allows people to reach stores and not to hoard coin for warp costs. They will be able to buy and stores will need resources which you can sell to them. Or you can set up your own store and sell items yourself.


It is already a bit of a coin generator :wink:

I’m buying bones, volatile blood and thermal sacs.


There is no couterplay against exotic cuttletrunks. If their numbers are higher you just die.
Thats lame and frustrating.


What world are you experiencing this on?

How many skill points have you invested in Power, Slingbow Mastery, Slingbow Epics?

How much have you Forged your gear?

What Slingbow were you using?


the brightness (contrast???)

Of some of the planets (Gorvi/Lamblis etc) are just too colorful to stay for longer than a few minutes… can we have some of the VFX options back plz?
(not only does it heavilly put me off progressing… but it gives me headaches as well)

i know nothing about it can be done today but it should be on the list


This game is amazing. It continues to challenge me even though ive mastered it. No matter what you can accomplish, you can accomplish more. The replay value of this game is amazing. Now there is one competing game out there that i have personally put over 1000 hours into, but it cant compare with your brand, and I will tell you why. The competing product that has incredible potential is called creativerse. Ive played all sandbox games and the both of you have what it takes. But, this game pushes the boredom level to zero for 1 factor. That factor is, leveling. Some people over play games like i do, and no matter the level, you get bored of it. But one factor that I have found to be extremely rewarding, refreshing and a renewable energy source is when I level up, get cubits, be able to build more, and have rewards through coin and experience. This game blows creativerse out of the water. GO DEVS!! my name is ArmaGODdon , alias is ArmaGODdess. I am on TILL right now as the capital, and building a city. Come join. :slight_smile: Thanks DEVS


Oh, just one thing… please hurry with the level 3, and 4 teir planet volitle protection kill bug. OMG so anoying. But i persist and carry on. One idea that may have your product over others in the future that may be inventive… perhaps incorperate your woods and rocks and ingredients into the mixer and come out with packs that have more colour or block types. from experience this gets people motivated to build with new and exiting colours and designs of block concepts. :slight_smile:


You know what I’ve found a little, erm, demoralising. The extensive portal network set up within a few days.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s bloody fantastic work. But…I can’t explain it, but I can try…it makes the universe almost feel small. Like the exploration has gone already. ‘Everyone’ has already been everywhere, or can be everywhere.
Completed atlas’ in 3 days I think it was. Madness.

Also, the environmental armour thing. It’s a neat idea. But people are building on those planets, and only those that have the armour can go there. What missed sights others may never see for themselves. And of course those points for those armours…people need for their gathering/mining/hunting/building specs…so only really explorers really sink a good number of points in to them, AND then there’s more than one protection type. I’m sure that could’ve just been amalgamated in to one skill of 1-5 pts. So we end up with explorers who can visit these places…which will have been explored already.

Seems like most of my complaints are aimed at lack of ‘exploration’. Which has pretty much been something I’ve be on about since my day one. In Minecraft, I just love wandering. My poor server admin would curse me for making the backups take so long because of the number of chunks I’d create in an evening :stuck_out_tongue: or the lag I caused people by hoping dimensions and loading up even more chunks!

My personal little want-list would be:
Other random events. Maybe ‘dungeon’ portals open up randomly (like meteors dropping).
A skill to lower warp costs. I’d happily sink 5 points in to that epic.
Atmospheric armours being 1 skill. Again, even if this was just a single 5 point epic.
A reason to explore. The events would be one. Atlas’ aren’t any more. And the number of portal networks will reduce the want for going out and harvesting 100 of that ‘rare’ stone colour, because every numpty can be there within 5 hubs, and mine away for exactly what they need.

That’s all for now :stuck_out_tongue:


On several T4 Worlds, Till, Circarpous, etc.

1 vit, 5 power, 5 all attributes, power epic, No slingbow skills. No Forged Gear. Iron Slingbow.

My point is:
I am a lv 25 miner and gatherer not a hunter, but i can handle the normal mobs on these planets with 3-4 shots. No real threat.
But exotic Cuttles, the ones with 5+ armor and several buffs, they are so much more powerful that my only chances are to avoid them, (most if the time i recognize them too late, because normal cuttles are no thread to me), or to dig fast enough into a wall, log out and hope they despawn.
Fighting and running away just kills me super fast.
And these spawn normally, not from meteors.

To recap: They are a huge difficulty spike compared to normal mobs in the same era.
They are not recognizable enought for the difficulty spike that they are.
Once you are in combat with them, there is no espace, just dying. You can’t outrange them, because they move faster, you dodge because they shoot homing projectiles. You don’t have any active skills to take you out of combat. No counterplay, unless you count logging out of the game fast enough.


Its an odd complaint to want something someone eles has. So why by the taco if you really wanted the burger. Everyones levels are equally distributed with experience… the more you play the more experience you get, the more points you get the more you get to put into skill trees… now if you see someone exploring other planets and building on them and your jelous… why are you spending 5 points … 2/ and half levels of points into hunting? HUH? put your 5 points into an atmospher protection and stop complainin and go visit other worlds.

Everyone has an equal oportunity for points for hunting, exploration, farming and ect… dont complain someone is doing something that you have not done, just go do it. :slight_smile:


I think his point was that it seems too easy - that it would feel better if higher tier worlds remained relatively untouched for a bit longer and portals weren’t popping up within few days

dont think he meant his pace vs others pace - more the general progression speed

and I agree with him; playing solo I landed on tier 4 and would have gone farther if not coins bottleneck and enormous chunk of my time spent on building; it just feels too easy


I agree, we are only a week into the live launch and the totem warp augment is almost obsolete.The game hasn’t even hit the PS yet. I do agree the networks are really impressive but I personally feel they take away what is one of the main appeals of a game like this… exploration.


The lack of uniques and end game content. It’s why I quit the first time. You have the code for the items, you have the graphics for them, yet you lack the boss, pvp, raids, dungeons to have a point to create those items. Long story short, you need end game content.


Indeed. With my gatherer I carry around stones - if I see an elite cuttletrunk on any T4 I immediately wall up and teleport to a safe location. There is no point in trying to fight these things - everything else I can survive though.


Disclaimer: I do not to mean to sound rude. I explain things differently than some, and can come off as rude. I try to cut the tape and just make a point to think about.

This brings to mind a question. Should a level 25 be on a t4 planet? I keep feeling like with the vast experience we all have, playing this game for thousands of hours are biting off more than we are suppose to , and are irritated that we’re dying, while at the same time absolutely blowing through our progression to get lvl 50 with all lvl 50 perks and skills. Because it’s what we are use to.

Right away I jumped to a t2 planet and died ALOT, and was getting mad. But Like all my playmates here, we are in a race to be capital and build cities, and pushing ourselves. I went to the t2 planet thinking I had to If I wanted good resources. It’s old habbits. I have to remember it is still a casual building game and we need to remember our limits. There finally is a skill tree that matters, like we asked for. It needed more purpose. Now your choices matter.

I in no way mean disrespect to Kirinvar in any way. great player. just for comparison purposes:

@Kirinvar Your skill sets are like a baby thrown into Africa wilderness without a diaper or a binky. Your not yet 50, and only half the skills you need to be on that planet. Also a poor gun with no defense. I can honestly say you definitely should not be on that planet. Just because you found a portal there doesn’t mean anything. And just because you can kill some of the animals, doesn’t mean you should be there. In fact I wonder if it’s a bug that the other wildlife is no problem for a player of your skill sets. I get Stout wildstocks on a t2 planet.

Just because our objectives say we need certain things to accomplish it, doesn’t mean NOW while your too low to even do it. It’s aimed for us to stay and gain more levels and skills points at your current location, so you do not go off prematurely. Which leads to my next point below.

I think having the reminder also in the objective something like, “Make sure you’re of adequate lvl and skill to take on the next part of this objective.” That way we can see right there that we need to level more. Otherwise, there we stand in front of a portal telling us it’s dangerous in here, but whats going through our mind is, “the objective say’s I need to, so I better try.” and then we die.


You misunderstood, don’t worry about it :slight_smile:


I think a part of the issue with the progression to planets is that you need iron to move to the planet that has a majority of iron (for example), and even if you’re just aiming to be a crafter/builder, you may still need to go these places to gather more advanced things…because people more often would rather go spend a little time gathering materials than trying to find shops/trade with others…especially without a mass amount of coin floating about yet.
This may fix itself with time as the markets grow. But solo’ers will throw a spanner in to the works a little.


the iron is an issue for some as far as the order of objectives. James mentioned somewhere they are aware of the starter objectives and will make some changes here and there from our feedback.

Keep in mind not one skill set/character can do it all. You will need a gatherer to have some defenses, to be able to hit other planets. It doesn’t matter if you choose more skill sets over characters. But your crafter/builder will never have enough points to master both, let alone a 3rd role of gathering in hard planets. Especially from low levels starting the game.

Boundless finally has a progression, and a grind to reach goals. Without them there is boredom.

For me I have found that if you remember the materials needed to complete your objectives, stock up on those, then make an alt, and in 6 minutes be level 5 or 6, and soon after hit level 10, give him/her gathering skills and bow power, it will be much more survivable than your crafter builder.

It seems the fastest way to get your resources safely so far. It obviously does go against players who only want one character.