What turns you off playing Boundless?


advice vs wildstock (and a good idea in meteors) - build a pillar to stand on top of, wildstock won’t be able to reach you :smiley: or use nearby trees or whatnot

Grapples are important tools for this, never leave home without one!


I did the pillar trick; but somehow they were able to charge me off of it by getting on top of the meteorite, and thanks to said rubberbanding; i couldnt get a solid lock on them. The grapple trick however, i didnt think of; so thanks for that piece of advice man!


Floating blocks. I can’t stand them.

That and the texture of the leaves on the ground- took my ages to relocate to somewhere that didn’t look like I had built on military camo fabric.


something is really starting to put me off…

The way the community is becoming… I know we cant all get on… and i know i myself have posted some very heavey (and troll-like threads/replies)

But if this is how the community is… how will it be in-game on launch?


I think there is a vocal minority making some waves only, the vast majority of people I talk to on discord are very friendly and happy.


It’s been this way since the dawn of time. In the beginning the community is small, tight knit, motivated and dedicated.

Once you open the floodgates to the masses the community changes. It’s like having a small club of friends that play the same game every Friday. Only now, instead of meeting in your basement next to the popcorn maker, you are meeting at a stadium full of people that have opinions on your game.

When you add lots of people to the community, it’s going to change. It will never be the same and change is inevitable. Embrace and adapt Barney :slight_smile:


There are some extra grinding elements that make playing a little bit boring and extra time consuming. Like the time needed to cook 1 piece of meat early game. Or the fact that we have to repair machines even the most basic ones as we use them.


The same mechanic that got removed because over 70 million people hated it in another more famous game… a.k.a starving to death… change it to starve until hurt to 5% health and is buffed by picking up a skill called iron stomach so you can have it up to 35%.


Normally I don’t have any qualms…but the colors on Lamblis are extremely intense on the surface and actually hurt my eyes. The contrast between the ash on the surface and the grass makes it look like I’m playing the game with those old 3D glasses on. Here’s what I mean:


How I though I will look like once character customization hits:

How I actually look now:

What happend to noble cat people? :weary:
What happend to these faces?
I’m don’t dare to ask about tails or ears …

No offense to the artists and of course I know it’s all work in progress …
But i was really heartbroken when I first saw the new models …
Especially the female ones (I want my purple pantheress back :sob:)
I was paralyzed and couldn’t play for hours … :sob:


Your people were consumed by the Waaagh



I thought I would be the only one, who got crazy. The colors burn my eyes, I cannot concentrate on surface, it is too intense. Maybe we can use settings to reduce such problems, while other players like to?

Until any changes, I will just dig underground to escape :smiley:


i would love that second picture then what i have now :smile:
i think clothes will solve alot but the some faces ayayay :smile:
and the feet are hahaha


Now this doesnt look too bad but I expected way more…


death by hunger i can def do without getting low life is not problem but the killing is to much for me :smile:


falling to your death seems to be a bit of a problem for you too moeb :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe he is being pushed???


A friend started a new character today, and was given the option to start on the same planet I was on… bitula.

I saw him show up near death, I don’t know how the cuttletrunks didn’t kill him. I thought he had somehow leveled and made a warp augment already, I didn’t know about the option to START on a rugged world. He ran off to try to do the tutorial before I could give him stuff, and he died repeatedly, from cuttles and starvation because when he respawns he is to far away, not familiar with the area yet, has no energy, no food, no healing and no money to warp to a new world…I know I wouldn’t like that.
It was hard to get him to log on again and Meetup so I could give him food. And did not find having to stand around a long time to heal very fun.
And I did not tell him he wasn’t going to get exp for a while now so leveling would be even slower.
Eventually we got him to a starter world.
You should warn people they WILL need a lot of help going to a non starter world.


I did my first meteor in the new world today. Level 1
It was not fun.
There must have been 16-20 critters. My memory is bad but I thought there used to be 6-8?
The beginning was only one or two at a time, that was fine.
Then there was a wave of 4 cuttles along with a couple wildstock, couple spitters and 1-2 hoppers thrown it. It became dark and hard to see them. I survived a bit frazzled but ok…I had to track down stragglers…one wildstock had fallen down a hole. I got it but fell down too.
It took awhile to get out of the hole, and the NOTFUN part was it was dark and someone turned off the orange light on the meteor! Trying to find it, I get a message I’d moved too far away so the meteor was ABANDONED!
This must be a new feature to make things even less fun!?!?!?


Meteors have an area and if you enter it while combating you get a “meteorite life”, which all other players get as well when entering the zone. If you die and don’t get revived (by other players or revive potion consumed before) you lose your “meteorite life”. If there is no player with a “meteorite life” at the meteor it gets dormant. If you don’t die but leave there is the timer to get back. That’s made to prevent them getting dormant instandly by accident (when dodging out of the area for example).

see here: Release 196: Meteorite Lives!