What turns you off playing Boundless?


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as much as i like your response, his post was from over a year ago… if he was not happy about it (i haven’t seen him post anywhere else… than maybe he actually left already? :wink:


I have written these words long ago, but when I opened this thread, I found that it did not send out…


While I am presently enjoying the game I will eventually be quitting when the challenge runs out. To keep me an others in the game you need to develop Community, Challenge, and Competition (the 3 C’s).

Ongoing Challenge - You already are on your way with this with tiered planets. Make the richer and more unique planets ever more difficult to settle and eventually have lots of tiers with each tier settlement dependent upon resources from lower level tiered resources. Advanced technology crafting and building will need resources from higher level planets. Multidimensional beacons are a key part of this. Right now they only define plots but they can also be used for repel and attract certain creatures and other powers when fed various resources (use them to repelling spitters!)

Community Building - Provide settlements with various in-game governing structures and powers proportional to that. Governing structures can range from anarachic to dictatorial. Each type of government along with the quality of it leadership will attract different kinds of players. This will start to generate community pride. Only allow communities to have automated trade routes for certain resources (including between planets), some completely unique to community beacons. Since communities get income from taxes and power from membership they will invent in community building activities to bring people in to settle or trade. This can range from mini-games like treasure hunts, to classes, to art shows if players are allowed to take in-game screen-shots and put them on blocks.

Competition - I don’t mean PvP which in this game will mainly attract gankers but soft indirect competition of communities and their backers for land and resources. Think of the cultural pressure aura of Civilization 4 but with directional control as one dimension of a beacon. Use that to gain access to certain community resources which may block another community from gaining access. Community diplomacy will be required. Communities will need small branch villages to help them in this plan but they may be isolated by more powerful auras from others.


I agree and disagree with your points, you should create a new post detailing them further and fleshing them out as I think they could be quite good


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What turns you off playing Boundless?

UI - I’m confused of yours UI. It takes a long time to find what I need. I have to do a lot of steps to make somethings and scroling in this game is madnes.

Character - I play in first person wiev and if i use two hammers its hide a lot of my wiev. Colision system is vierd, mobs is like in big bubble.

Basic weapons - Where is mace, sword, spear, shield and armor ? Defens in this game is solve only with nubers and does not use any active abylities like dodge. Its a lazy resolution.

World - I need more reason to explore worlds, not only for materials.They will be in the game mysterious abandoned ruins ? (how do you post on the homepage) This game need more point of interest.

Trade - Economy is controlled only player. The first thing i can think of is to create an online auction like poe trade.

This is all for now and i apology for this creapy google translating.

One final question to me: you would recommend this game to yours friend ?

  • Still no or not yet


UI - They are working on it still

Character - i heavily agree (it is so annoying to dig around a wildstock if he decides to explore your mine…

Basic Weapons - I also think we need physical shields/armor/swords/etc but as weapons the slingbows are currently enough

World - they are working on dungeon instances and ruins and etc (at least that is what we have been told)

Trade - i heavily agree… Player run economy does not seem to work well at the moment… anyone can say the pice of a grapple is either 1coin or 50 thousand - and this will make the nubs not be able to do much (at the higher prices) – it has to be done correctly but an AH style trade would put a lot off IMHO

Final question - i would say that is entirely up to you… all we can do is give our very personal opinions about it… where some might say don’t bother until release i would say i enjoy this game… its worth it… if you want the benefits of baccking (perks) then do so before the time runs out

Only you can say if it is truely worth it to you or not :slight_smile:

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On the Weapons: At least they were talking lot about lances as melee weapons, which would be very versatile in crafting and usage, but sadly they don’t come for 1.0 (which is still a no go for me as well). On Shields: YES! We need some active defence … like a shield that you can hold up for blocking some or all of the damage. Definitly a need!

On the Worlds: True, they said they work on a cave system that makes some caves tiered so that they include more enemies but also loot. For real exploring: true, atm Exploring is just for aving a nice view or finding a good spot to build, but offers NO, NADA, NICHTS in loot or other ingame terms next to some XP, which is also really turning me off to celebrate my most favorite hobby in this game (in other games I’m allways the explorer, most extreme in Elite Dangerous where I left the civilisation for WEEKS ingame several times)

On the trading: I really like how trading works and with some time the economy will grow. Especially the fact that some material is more remote from on world to the other (not only in tiers, but also in distance to each player’s home base) prices will vary lots. I would like to have pages where people can offer some wares which are so special that they are worthy for some search (espeically wpns or tools with rare craftig mods), but overall I’m totally agains any kind of ingame AH, because that would ruin the game and would make all those wonderful shops (and even cities when you think about it) obsolete.

On sugesting the game to others: I personally suggest it to all I know who love crafting games and freedom to just relax in a wonderful world, but still not to anyone who normaly plays “standard” MMOs, cuz for those the content is way to small … sad, but true :confused:


There is no specific ability, but you can and absolutely should try and dodge creature attacks. You can take skills to increase your movement speed, which helps a lot.

Your other points I mostly agree with, all I can tell you is that this dev team is hard working and very much in tune with the community, and they will be addressing lot of these things in post-release updates.


Community experience: In the trailers you are promised a lot more than you actually geht regarding ingame community. In the first you start in a wilderness with few people and then enter a city crowded with people (which I never saw): Chatting, crafting by using their hammer on the crafting bench (which you dont), trading stuff as a actual there vendor and having emotes to let it look like stuff is traded per hand (which doesn’t happen)… Having been promised these things and then seeing Moebius plaza and such like populated by not much more than tumbleweeds made me feel kinda let down.
The new trailer also shows a lot of citiziens working on some huge machine room which is another empty promise. You actually throw the mats in, tell them to craft and go away until in 2 hours when everything is through.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the community we have, but one should not promose booming cities brimming with people going after their jobs or chatting at the market when actually most of stuff happens over discord and actually you have no dependency on interaction with people on the spot. When you meet people ingame you maybe wave at them and most of those running over a market usually are just on their way between two destinations.

I would not know how to incentivize population of areas and interaction with the current state, because really, most buildings are just there to be pretty, but they have no inherent use beyond that, so no reason to often hang around town. If stuff was interactive, like watermills at rivers and stuff you need for grinding wheat or something, the buildings have a use and would thus be frequented. But as of now when you finished a project usually you go and move on to the next one. Which is great! I love the awesome buildings people do. But it is unrealistic to have them become social hotspots as promised in the trailers.

And maybe having to grind XP a lot more in the current state as single character than people who use alts to access different skillsets. After level 50 I need 200.000 XP per level flat for two skill points each which means 10.000.000 XP needed to get the second spec up and running, while those who alt from 1 to 50 need much less XP. I do not like having different characters with all the things spread out across them to do all the stuff. I am grateful you get the option to have three different skill sets on one character, but having to do level 50 101 times to get those feels punishing compared to using alts. I dislike alts so much that I will still take the extra grind if I have to, but would be happier if I would not need to.


I’ve expressed my dismay towards the current trailer and explained how I feel it damages the game by setting incorrect expectations while failing to promote the game’s strengths, and was shut down by other people on here and told the Launch Trailer was just fine and that I had no idea what I was talking about and some Square Enix Collective guy knew far more about marketing than me.

I think the current trailer might cause people to buy it, be angry the trailer doesn’t represent reality, and then flood the game with negative reviews.


and this is why i refunded when it was in transition back in late 15/early 16 the trailers did not reflect the entire truth :slight_smile:


Yes indeed, I still played because Boundless is awesome in its special way, but the first trailer shows you like nothing of what actually happens and all of what is purely made up in a pretend scene.
The newer one shows the variety of planets, shows the swing of a chisel, shows hunting which is nice and realistic… But also again lots of people actively working on machines via emotes which is bland bogus. But overall a lot closer to the truth :slight_smile:


To be fair hardly anyone is playing right now because of the impending reset and release of the new universe.
Let’s see how cities look like in a few weeks.

He’s talking about the 2016 trailer.
(Which also sets false expectations :grin:)
For me it was the 2015 trailer that led me to buy the game for a feature that my never come.


I was also talking of when I started playing beginning of this year, when everyone was still like “Release is far away, we get 6 months warning in advance at least.” There is not really a difference between now and back then, places built as public places still yawn at you with their emptyness, as pretty as they look on themselves, you do not have any reason to hang around town square or look over your shop as a vendor or work on machines to keep them running, so people don’t do it.

I agree the new trailer is much better, the machine room thing is still a pain, but overall it actually shows what you can expect in the game.


Over the last year I’ve seen a lot of people start the game, try it out and then wait for the reset.
It was constantly hanging over the game. I never built something big because of the reset.
Its just more extreme right now.


At first, it was constantly respawning in dark cave systems, then that was fixed with the warp bump, then it was the inability to generate enough cubits for a good plot, then i learned how to properly play the game. Last night, i got rubberbanded to death by a group of wildstock, and while my skills are so high that they couldnt damage me; giving THAT much knockback strength to an otherwise basic mob may be an issue. Now, only thing thats stopping me is waiting on the release in september, but that doesnt mean im not gonna log on tonight and play til my head hits the keyboard :wink:


Lol Wildstock can really eff ya in the ay, especially if you are slightly laggy


Ohhhh yeah lol. It was a solo meteorite challenge at that. Like they cant do ANYTHING to ne damage wise, but trying to hit that thing with 1725251 rubberbanded wildstock knocking you around is damn near impossible lol.